Dates, internship, friends, pig roast, Mother’s Day, walk


I went to a new smoothie place and got this amazing smoothie bowl with mango, pineapple, coconut, granola, turmeric, blueberries, lime juice, I think that’s it. It was really good.

We had an evening drink date at Prost and they got a new Summer cocktail, blackberry.

Jack was too tired to jump up and eat his treats, so I had to hand feed him.

Hannah started her Drury Inn internship, this is not her uniform, maybe I will get a pic of her in it eventually.

I took my friend Ann to Sherpa House for her bday, haven’t been there in a while and it was good.

I got 6 different boxes of this new cereal and tried the Fruit Loop one, it tasted just like them, but no sugar and fewer carbs.

Walked around the Paris street market.

Stopped for decaf coffee.

Then to Prost for the pig roast, look at that thing! It was so moist and good, didn’t even need sauce (though I added some.)

Since it was Kentucky Derby day we had to go to EG to get a mint julep, Bethany joined us there.

Mother’s Day! Joel moved to his house in Kansas, but everyone else was home for dinner at Tupelo Honey. I took Hannah to work then made an egg waffle stuffed with brussel sprouts, James mowed, I went to church, then the grocery store, then came home for a rest. We went to the park, then back home to wait on Hannah. Dinner was good, I got the spicy fried chicken with grits.

My mint kingdom.

A short walk and snack at Lair O’ the Bear with James and Jack.

I’m making fried tilapia, elote corn and salad for dinner tonight. Tomorrow I’m going to hike somewhere with Jack, not sure where yet.

Into May


When I cleaned up the house, garage and porch I started looking for flowers for the front. We have 2 chairs and a small table on the front porch and it’s nice to sit out there in the evening (when it’s warm.) I got some new plants for the side of the porch, hung up the hummingbird feeder, got a hanging plant for the front and some flowers in the front pot. I’m thinking about getting an outdoor rug because Jack has the annoying habit of licking the cement when we’re out there and that would cover a bit of it.

We went to the Farmer’s market for the first time this season and wandered around. We bought some pierogies and toffee and James BBQ’d for lunch. It’s also that time of year, as long as it’s not raining on Sunday he’ll BBQ random stuff and we’ll put potatoes and corn on after to cook for dinner.

When I’m out doing Shipt I like to take breaks to walk, if I can do them in between orders. Jack likes it too. We went on the Lee gulch trail and it was cold, but nice views were had.

Tuesday after delivering some balloons I took Jack to the Springs to hike the Siamese twins trail at Garden of the gods. It’s not a very long trail, but it does start with an incline and at the end you scramble up the rocks to the hole in the rocks. Jack rested for a little bit and on the way down he saw a lizard. It was very quiet, cool, just a bit of wind, gorgeous sky, perfect hike.



My dog.

Hannah’s rats.

New Nina and Frida shirts.

Buds starting to bloom.

Date drinks.

Grace got baptized.

Easter dinner.


Hannah started her internship at Drury Inn.

Quinn turned 1 and Grace made his cakes.

Babysat Quinn for a day.

Jack takes a roll in the grass.

Baby owls.

Golden currant.

Wild plum.

Wild cherry tree.

Pear tree.

Showy crabapple.

Pups on the patio at Woodie Fisher.

Got my haircut.

Coffee shop dog.

Walking at Star K ranch and the Colorado Freedom Memorial.

deKoevend park.

Art night at Littleton musuem.

Giacometti art class I taught for the HS group.

Chokecherry tree.

Lunch at Prost.

Walk at Audubon trail.

Brunch at Fellow Traveler.

Pre-30th anniversary cruise


Miami, our favorite hotel in Brickell.

Our fav Cuban place that was around the corner went out of business, BUT we found the same restaurant in the Art deco district by the beach and it was great.

Our hotel put in a Galaga machine!

Heading to the ship the next morning.

But first, we had to pass a Covid test (3rd one this week) and….we did!

Sail away.

Our room.

At sea day, we did A LOT!

Belize, far fewer passengers on the ship meant plenty of seats by the pool.

Happy Valentines day, in Cozumel.

At sea day, we spent a lot of time chilling, reading on the balcony and eating/drinking.

Back in Miami, lunch, then home.

Good, better, best


It took a long time, but I did get better, then back to good, then better and finally – back to normal (for me.)

Took Hannah to get a haircut, Jack is always so good when he’s anywhere (that doesn’t have food.)

Started walking daily with Jack in tow.

Got a stack of books to read, had a pink squirrel at Englewood Grand and went to Sherpa House to eat lunch.

Drove to Breck for the final days of the Snow sculpture fest, there were fewer entries this year – but some really good ones.

More walks.

Jack being goofy.

Awesome conversation, food and drinks with my friend Sam at a new vegetarian restaurant.

More walking.

The Arctic tundra of the dog park.

Driving to the Springs to check on the Whataburger progress and eat lunch.

Random stuff.

And now – 1 day between us and our 30th anniversary cruise. We are so ready for mojitos, good food (I didn’t have to plan or cook), swimming, music, shows, towel folding, the beach, etc.



So we came back from Galveston and Bethany was sick the whole way, she got my Mom and Tony sick, James was sick, I was good until the 8th then I came down with the flu and pneumonia, or maybe the opposite, but my oxygen went down fast due to my heart failure, so I ended up on oxygen and we made a trip out to Pagosa Springs for an IV treatment that seemed to help for a bit. Everyone is on the mend now, maybe. Anyway…

Doritos nachos at Cochino are my new favorite.

Also the loco chips, wish they were warm, but they were still good.


Jazz at Englewood Grand.

Hot Pot Bethany turns 23.

Date night at the movies, our fav film.

December highlights


Let’s see –

Jack sat, Jack saw Santa, multiple times, Jack really wanted a Nerf ball gun launcher for Christmas (spoilers, alert – he got it.)

Saw Ballet folklorico.

Made it to Wide Open and the burnt ends were so, so good.

Went to the Hanukkah lighting at LM’s and the latkes were interesting….

Saw A Christmas Carol for the first time at live theater and it was really great, Marley freaked us out when he popped out of the floor, 10/10 would see that again!

Jack visited some Christmas trees.

Went to a Winterfest at Ironton and they just get better and better.

Had High Holiday tea with the girls, a tradition.

Went on a date night at the Exchange.

Quinn sat while Ann and her hubby went on a Polar express ride.

Went to Girls Night Out at the Emporium.

No make up/make up.


Stopped by Englewood Grand.

Had a fire pit lunch with James and Jack.

Hannah chilled.

Went to a casino and played for a bit during a windstorm that kept knocking out the power, still we walked out with more than we came in with.

Had the annual Elf party, but at the library.

Watched Quinn for a bit so Ann could put up her tree.

Jack saw another tree and we looked at the Parker Christmas stuff.

Looked at Belmar stuff too after a brunch there.

Got a Winter bottle of cocktails from EG to take to Galveston.

Ate at Cochino.

Drove to Galveston, Jack did not like the big van, boo-hoo.

Got fruitcake.

Made it!