Advent day 11.

School, driving practice, laundry, oh yeah, my portable oxygen that was ordered 10/25 arrived. The driver was shaking his head, he couldn’t figure out why it had taken so long. Yeah, me neither.

Grace has been playing around with watercolors, I can’t wait to see more!

Today’s sleepy Jack pic.



Advent day 10.

It was nice only having 1 set of shirt, leotard, bloomers and skirt to iron.

Here’s the video from rehearsal (they were wearing green tunics and gold leaf sparklers in their hair. They had to use about 100 bobby pins to keep it in her hair!)

Click here for video.

The sunset was amazing.




Advent day 9 –

Bethany and James went out for coffee while Jack and I slept. Grace made pancakes in the dorm while James and I had bagels. The n we packed up Jack to go get the girls.

Bethany took us to her favorite night star watching spot.

Then we went to look around the antique shops on Main st.

Stopped for lunch at Sonic, then we dropped Bethany off and headed home. We stopped in Frisco for the last day of Wassail days (and so Jack could walk around.)

We got home about 7, made dinner, watched some TV and went to bed.

Dinners this week are on the fly – pineapple chicken wraps, pot roast, junk food (Christmas party), roasted chicken and root veggies, pork chops with couscous and salad, TNO @ Whole Foods (girls going out.)

Our week – school, worship dance recital, driving practice, Fox theater show, CU teen cafe, youth Christmas party, DAM teen tour, Cardiologist, HS skate, Bethany home on break, Olde Golden parade, LM Gingerbread houses, TNO, church.

Grand Junction


Advent day 8 –

We got a late start to GJ, the views were nice along the way.

I went to the mall and dinner with the girls while James and Jack stayed at the hotel.

I made Jack a little nest on the other bed with pillows surrounding his blanket, rectified Goodnight Moon twice and he went to sleep. The girls were snacking, watching TV and sleeping in Bethany’s dorm.

Date night


Advent day 7 –

Not much going on today. Hannah and Grace did school and Hannah cleaned her room. I delivered some DCPA tickets for a show this month. We went to Goodwill and then chilled at home.

I’m looking forward to my date tonight, Christmas piano at Phil’s and the weekend in Grand Junction.

TDO and Constellation celebration


Advent day 6 –

I directed school, then I went to Castle Rock for a Teacher’s Day Out. As usual, I was alone, I tried out a cafe that hires adults with disabilities, the food was very good and I love their mission.

After lunch, I wandered the store and ended up buying some honey, lavender soap and 2 posters. Everything was decorated up for Christmas, so cheery.

When I got back to the house I had a little time to rest before we picked up a friend and headed over to the Eastbridge Christmas celebration. There was apple cider, cocoa, cookie decorating, s’mores, Santa, ice cream, ornament decorating and carriage rides.