Park day


We took Jack with us to Wash park.

He wanted to get into the water so bad, but he still needs two more puppy shots to protect him from things like dirty water….so he didn’t go in.

We caught some crawfish and damselflies. Some came home to hatch.

We dropped by Sweet Cooie’s and the plant store after the park.

On the way to drop the pots at Habitat Jack got a short nap.

Then it was over to RiverWatch to drop samples and show off Jack. Then, another nap.

Now I’m heading to RiNo to do a library craft with James.


Kindness Krewe


Mr. Squirrel came by to introduce himself to Jack; Jack was not impressed. Video here. 

We painted pots for Habitat homeowners, one other family showed up – cute!

Jack was not happy about being home alone. After Grace’s eye exam I made it up to him by taking him outside to play with sticks and chase water from the hose.

New books to read.

The girls wanted to go swimming in the lazy river, so I took them and read a book.

Greatest Showman co-op


Getting tired of Jack pics yet? Too bad.

Today was the Greatest Showman co-op, just a chance to watch the movie in sing-along mode and not have to worry about making noise.

Of course we served popcorn, circus animal cookies and Barnum’s animal crackers.

We ran some errands, then chilled at home before taking Hannah to church. She brought Jack to show him off, then I took him for a puppuccino.

Agricultural center field trip


But first, Jack.

The first thing to greet us at the farm –

We ate lunch, then started the tour. This farm and 200 acres was homesteaded over 150 years ago by George McIntosh. He came here from Iowa with four oxen and a cart. He grew hay, doesn’t seem like that would get you rich, but the miners up in Boulder needed hay for their horses, so Mr. McIntosh was comfortable. He also ran a cattle operation and a farmer now leases the field to let his cattle roam in the summer. The land and buildings were donated to Boulder county open space to preserve the farm in 1991 and it opened in 2001. There are new bathroom facilities, the old barn and silo, milking barn, animal pens, Sears catalog house and the lake, which is named after McIntosh.

The lake is really a reservoir providing farmers in the area with water for their crops from the St. Vrain river. Water is very important here, it’s dry, but in this particular area it was needed even more because of the most important crop – sugar beets. We walked and talked about farm life, seeing old farm tools, talking about corn silage for the cows, seeing the animals and walking through the barn.

We woke the pigs up, they were loving the ear scratching from the kids.

My favorite things inside the house were these interesting light fixtures and the kitchen baking/pantry piece.

Back at home we chilled for a bit, had dinner and took a drive. We took Jack to LM’s for the first (and certainly not the last) time. Everyone thought he was adorable.



What a weekend! It was so nice to wake up in Grand Junction. We went to breakfast with Bethany (she was staying just down the road.) Joel raided the DFAC….

Then we headed to Delta to pick up Captain Jack. He’s a 13 week old Jack Russell shorty with a broken coat.

Yes, he’s adorable. Meeting him.

He quickly settled into the car for the ride back to the hotel to get Bethany’s car.

We let him out for a stretch, then James drove Bethany’s car home so she could pet Jack. Hannah read to him.

We stopped in Vail at a cute park to let him run around for a bit.

Finally got home and stayed in with Little Holly’s for dinner.

We put him in his crate at bedtime, of course he didn’t like it. He whined and barked, Bethany ended up sleeping next to the cage for 2 hours then Jack slept on James (on the couch) for the rest of the night.


Happy Father’s day to my Schnooke.

Jack says stairs are hard.

Also he found the perfect spot on the couch.

We went to church, then came home and got Jack to take him to the Farmer’s market. He has a nice pile of sticks outside.

Hercule says look at me!

Jack got lots of pets at the market and some dog treats.

We picked up pizza and took it to Fly’n B park for lunch. Jack sat by the table eating treats. The weather was perfect, cloudy, cool and a breeze. After lunch we took Jack to Starbucks for his first puppuccino – the girls have a bucket list of items for him to experience.

We left him at home and went shopping at Wal-mart, then back home to watch Sherlock Holmes Hound of the Baskervilles. James opened his presents, a mini-grill (just right for planting a plant in) and pictures with a hanging system for work. It started to rain, but that didn’t stop James, Grace and I from going to City Park Jazz to eat food truck dinner and listen to jazz.

Back at home we watched Unfortunate Events. We moved the crate into our room and though Jack still protested at bedtime, it only lasted about 5 minutes. I took him out about 2am, then back to the crate. He slept until 4am, then I took him downstairs and he slept on the couch (I took him out again and he was playing, so I thought it was better to put him on the couch to sleep for a few more hours.) So, a better sleep than last night, but still not a great sleep. I have forgotten how much work puppies are, good thing he’s cute.

Coming home, Creativity club, puppy (almost)


We wake up early when we camp, I think it’s because the sun is intrusive. But, then the tent warms up and we usually fall back asleep for a bit. The girls slept for a bit longer while I sat on my rock and read.

We had honey buns for breakfast and stopped at Brown dog coffee to get some drinks. One of their bumper stickers is ‘Friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee.’

We got home, cleaned up and did laundry. James and I went out after dinner and I had a very nice sleep with no kids tossing and turning.

No one but us showed up for Creativity club Friday morning, so we worked on some things.

We got some stuff at the store, got Hannah’s hair cut, got James’ Father’s day present wrapped and bought some more puppy stuff.

No pics until tomorrow. We were going to drive out there tomorrow morning, but 10 hours of driving in one day sounded awful, so we’re leaving tonight and staying in Grand Junction (the puppy pickup is about an hour from there.) Can’t wait till tomorrow!



We headed out in the morning to Breckenridge. We rode the gondola for the first time and had lunch at the top of Peak 8. There was a smell of smoke in the air from the Silverthorne fire, but the air didn’t look smokey.

We rode the shuttle around Breck, then got back in the car and headed to Hoosier pass.

Collegiate peaks.

Tent up at Turtle rock.

My reading spot.

Driving through the tunnel, just because.

Arkansas river.

Dinner at River run grill, no campfires due to fire restrictions.