Fun Friday


After school we went to the Arvada center to check out the Pop art exhibit. Upstairs there was repetition art from Phil Bender and across the hall wooden art and other mediums by Sean O’ Meallie. This is ‘Rollin’ pins’.

This is ‘Chinese Checker Board Boxes’ and (‘Monopoly Boards’ is on the back wall.)

The girls were amazed that this one is considered art – ‘Gum Painting #2’ (which means that there was also a #1.)

I thought ‘Balloon Man Running’ was cute and very intricate seeing that it is a wood piece.

We met up with some friends and went through the main gallery to see famous and contemporary art pieces. We knew this artist right away (Kym Bloom), we’ve seen her Chiclet art in a gallery on Santa Fe, she usually works smaller pieces with bigger Chiclets, but we liked these.

The girls were fascinated by the works of Scott Blake, he used barcodes to create the art, then hooked up a scanner to a screen or projector. You could scan the codes on Marilyn’s face and see clips from movies she was in.

The Warhol art was even cooler, scan a code and it highlighted a can of soup that was virtually poured into a bowl – very cool.

What is Pop art? Something repeated, something simple, something colorful, like these umbrellas by Margaret Kasahara.

Something recognizable, repeated or layered onto like the Sinclair sign (Craig Cleveland) or the Cream of Wheat guy (Floyd Tunson.)

This piece was neat, ‘Comic Relief-HA’ by Roland Bernier.

We decided to go out for dinner, La Sandia, where I had a colorful and tasty fish dish. I did my evening workout at the gym and we got to bed early since we had to be in Boulder by 9 tomorrow.

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