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I was busy this morning cleaning out the art cabinet, the craft spot in the pantry and 4 drawers in the kitchen. I’ll tackle the school room on Thursday. I took the girls to the chutes in Golden, 300 CFS and 58 degrees, just right! Grace found a bag with keys in it and we put it with our stuff, later a girl floated down and asked if anyone has found keys! They were the keys to her grandparent’s car and she was so happy that we found them. It’s the first time that we’ve ever found something and had it go back to the person that lost it. We also found men’s sandals and a ring (but Grace couldn’t get to the ring, so it’s still there.)

Hannah kept doing a hair flip, here it is in slo-mo.

Swimming (and tubing.)


We warmed up with the heater on and some Starbucks drinks on the way home.


NBTS – School year 2017-18 – Curriculum


I don’t know if there is a NBTS blog hop this year, but I like to do this every year to see how things change.

Grace is using K12 through Destination Career Academy of Colorado on the Agriculture path. Hannah is using K12 part-time through Colorado Digital Academy (meaning we are homeschoolers, she gets LA, Math and Science and I supplement the rest.) We have been using K12 through various on-line schools for 12 years. I have graduated two kids this way, it’s flexible, demanding, academic, structured and it works for us. But, K12 is not the only thing I use. No matter what courses they are taking through K12, we always have things that we do on our own. Some of these things are rabbit trails, things that occupy a portion of a week or month that involves delving deeper into a subject or studying something for the sake of learning more about it. The trail might come off of a lesson or it might be something that the girls are interested in the moment.

Grace has worship dance, River Watch sampling and testing once a month, art/crafts and library events in addition to school. Hannah has worship dance, French, music, art/crafts, library events and will start volunteering at Freedom service dogs soon. In addition to that we have park days, field trips, co-ops and hang-outs with our homeschool group. We also volunteer at church, hike as a family, swim and go to festivals and museums on our own. I have NIA, Holy Yoga, arts/crafts, library events and TNO for myself.

Some things we use besides K12

French (or any language) – Duolingo

History/science and more related crafts – Ellen McHenry’s basement

History – Big History Project

Lots of free MOOC classes (I take some too) – Coursera

More MOOC classes – EdX

Writing/Reading – Read Write Think

Science – Tree of Life

Science (this link goes to medicine, but in the upper left corner is a place to jump to Light, Nat. History and Astronomy) – Huntington

Bible – Biblegateway

Federal – Fed Resources for Education

Math – Kahn Academy

PBS (chock full of lots of stuff for all ages, grades and courses) – PBS learning media and PBS kids

BBC (some of the words are British, but this site is full of great stuff) – BBC Education