Daily Archives: August 2, 2017

Hike {Shambhala Mt. Center} and swim {Cache la Poudre}


We left early so we would get to the hike by 10:30am. We got a map and started on the trail toward the stupa. There were lots of flowers, some deer hiding under the gift shop and a stream through an aspen grove.

Breaking in new shoes.

The best views were from the top of the stupa.

There is a cult like vibe going on from the people there, but if you are just hiking around it’s just bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, deer, chipmunks and grasshoppers invading your senses as well as a breeze and views.

From there we drive back to Ft. Collins and went to Legacy park to swim in the Poudre.

The flow was nice and light, the water was chilly, but not frigid and there were little toads hopping around all over.

We popped the tube first thing, I went to blow it up and the tab came right out, it was weird. This lady had the right idea, tie your tube to a tree branch and just sit in the river and read.

We left right before a storm blew in and back on the freeway I could see black sky and lightning in my rear view mirror. We made it home and I started on dinner, then we watched a Father Brown and a Dr. Blake.

Here is a crazy Maisy with her baby and Grace’s new plant named Felix.