Daily Archives: August 4, 2017

Pond swimming and kitten therapy


I got new tubes and mine is almost non-flippable. I say ‘almost’ because as I was calming floating in the middle of the pond, shirt over my head to keep off the sun, Hannah and Grace tag teamed to flip me out. It took some shaking, but eventually I went over. That’s why I wish friends would come and swim with us, then I could float by myself and not do flipping contests, diving contests, clam finding contests….etc.

After cleaning up at home we went by the $1 store to get stuff, then we headed to RiNo for kitten therapy. Usually we go to the Santa Fe art walk on First Fridays, but…..kittens. Just so you know, the RiNo HQ only did kitten therapy this month, next month it’s something else.

Oh, we really, really really wanted this black and white one named Sabrina and I was in love with Rob Zombie (he was dead, they brought him back to life, he’s got some sight issues.)

I don’t often whine about puppies or kittens, but I really wanted him.

So sad. We had dinner at The Preservery and it was all good. We didn’t do dessert (but we’re coming back just for the boozy ice cream…)

We looked at a few places, the girls were tired, we went home.