NBTS – school room


This one has definitely changed! The kids all got laptops last year and since we were no longer rooted to desktops we started to migrate from the basement school room to the kitchen table, couch, coffee shop, museum, library, just about anywhere that has wifi.

Because a lot of their school work is on-line the laptops afford us the freedom to not be in the house. I do, however, like having things in a place where I know where they are. I hate spending time looking for paper, pencils, scissors, glue, markers, etc. So, the basement still has desks and still has bookcases. See this?

This is my stash of paper clips, tape, pencils and thumbtacks, etc. I swear to cow, if someone touches my stash to make paperclip chains or puts back pencils unsharpened – I am going to scream. See this?

It’s an electric pencil sharpener, I asked for it for my birthday one year (yes, that’s right, for my birthday) – this means that pencils should always be sharp – heaven help the person that puts that pencil back in the holder with no tip! See this?

This is a whiteboard that is supposed to be used for things other than drawing whales and kitties on it, but for now I’ll leave it. Also, we have too much art.

I have art on the walls leading down to the basement, in the basement window wells, and I rotate art in my bathrooms – one day I will host my own art sale.

If we are headed out I have a scrapbook 12X12 case that is filled with random stuff like pencils, math manipulatives, rulers, glue, markers, paper, etc that I can just grab and go. We do have actual books, not everything is on-line, so those are stored in a cubby that goes under their desk (though this year I might just put them in a cubby by the couch.) We often road-school too, so that might look like listening to an audio book about something we’re studying, doing paper work that can be done off-line or reading while driving to a far off hiking spot.

I have an art supply/craft cabinet out in the garage that holds all art related stuff, this makes it easier to do art or art co-ops since I know what I have and where it’s at. Though I do get a little lazy after some co-ops and just throw the stuff back in the cabinet (and have to sort it out later.) Note to self – I don’t need any more markers, glue sticks, construction paper or cotton balls right now.

Books for reading (school to library books) are on the coffee table.

During the Summer (when we visit more than just our library) I have bins for Denver/Arapahoe/Jeffco so the books get back to the right home, but during the school year we usually just check out from our library (or if we go to events and check out books, I know that we’ll be going to another event and just return the books then.)

So, our school room could be anywhere. Before we would often do school outside or at other places, we would just do the on-line work at home before heading out. But now we can snuggle with cats at the Cat cafe, sip chai at the coffee shop, work in a nook at the library before an event, even sit in the museum and do school. I love that.


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