Bowling, art, fused glass, garage sale, babysitting, dim sum


Thursday we went to Boondock’s with friends for their cheap day.

It’s way too easy to change your name while bowling, every few minutes they were changing their names on the board. They played some laser tag, we ate lunch, played some more games, then we went back home (we had a neighbor with us and she had to go do stuff for school.) I got some more books from the library, here’s my current reads.

Friday we had Creativity club and had 3 other families show up, so that was exciting. I was talking and working on this piece, so I didn’t finish it.

The girls were drawing, then helped their friend make garage sale signs for tomorrow. We drove to get the fused glass from the library and got sandwiches and bobas to take home for lunch. Here are the before and after with the full fuse ones (tacky fuse turns out pretty much like the original.)



I took Hannah to the dentist again to get a small cavity filled, then we went to Grease monkey to get the oil changed. Grease monkey did have solar eclipse glasses, but this location had been out for a few days and had signs on both doors stating this. This did not stop people from coming in and asking if they had any glasses, the lady pointed to the sign and said ‘No’. Every person that called was greeted with, ‘Hello, thank you for calling your Highlands Ranch Grease monkey, this is Barb, we don’t have any more solar eclipse glasses, how can I help you?’ Some people on the phone still asked – you don’t have even one? No, ‘we don’t have any more’ means not….even…one. We were going to make a pinhole camera (and we might still do that) for that day, but I might just go to the library eclipse party and not make anything (they are providing glasses.)  Grace went with her friend to LM’s for ice cream and a movie in the evening.

Saturday was a long day. We started at a fundraiser garage sale with friends. It’s not like we did much, Hannah played and I sat in a chair and said Hi to everyone. We chatted between customers and they made about $200, which isn’t bad considering the number of people who dropped in. This isn’t really a garage sale kind of area, I mean people do have sales, but it’s not like when I was a kid and people went garage saling every weekend. I got a call from another friend who desperately needed a babysitter, her family took in her sister’s kids and I don’t think you can count therapy as a date. Grace hasn’t done any babysitting in a while and the kids were older (and more likely to be sneaky) so Hannah and I came as back up. They watched TV, jumped on the trampoline, played with their toys, we had pizza for dinner, they watched Sing, played some more and then it was time for bed. They did try and get out of their bedtime routine, but by 8:45pm they were at least in their beds (if not asleep.) We were there for 9 hours, so we ended up napping on the couch before the family got home. Next time (as long as it doesn’t involve being there that late, then they would have had to drive Grace home too) I would let Grace and Hannah go it alone.

Sunday I went to church, Hannah slept in, Bethany worked and James took Grace to her friends church. When I got out we got Hannah and went to Dim sum. I swear I thought they opened at 11am on Sun, but we got there and there was a long line of people waiting and a full house inside (it was 10am for opening.) We waited about 45 min, which isn’t bad, but I was starving.

It’s funny, we eat Dim sum the same way every time, like we have to grab everything on the cart right now because the lady may never come back with dumplings or noodles. We had a small feast and probably ate too  much, but it was good. Back at home I made my shopping list, we did that, then came home and watched Dr. Blake. We had a guy come over to look at the tub, he’s going to re-grout it later this week (it had been leaking and through a number of plumbers we finally found out it’s not the pipes, the water is getting through cracks in the grout – a much cheaper thing than if it were pipes.) I made dinner and we ended the night with a Father Brown.

This week – park day, hike, TNO, Pueblo trip, Elitch, dinner with friends, Bishop castle outing and for the weekend, jazz on the green and church.

Dinners this week – garlic pork chops, TNO (TV dinners), pork stew, BBQ stuffed potatoes, salmon, fire roasted chicken, beans and sausage. (Those aren’t really recipe type dinners…so…..yeah…..there is no recipe to share.


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