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Pueblo trip


After meeting up with a HS group board member (so she could show me how to navigate the boards for co-op for the upcoming week) we headed to Pueblo.

We were going to swim, but the weather called for cooler and rain, so we headed south where it was nice and sunny. First stop was Bingo Burger – it was so good. My burger had onion, tomato, patty, fried egg, green chile, bacon, cheese and I put some lemon rosemary aioli on it too. The burgers were huge and the dipping sauces for the fries and sweet potato fries were probably all good, but we tried: cranberry BBQ (nice and sweet), lemon rosemary aioli (tangy and savory) and curry ketchup (it tasted like Sherpa House!) Their malts and shakes were good too, I thought the malt was better.

Then we headed over to the Buell children’s museum.

The girls said they were too old for it, then went over to the sand pit to play.

You get into both the Buell and the Sangre de Cristo museum with admission, the stuff I really wanted to see was over there, but we started in the Buell just because.

Then we went next door and saw the Rembrandt etchings. Except for the religious prints, the etchings were small, maybe a few inches high ands wide, such detail in such a small space.

This is a blown up image of one of the tiny prints.

Outside this gallery were linoleum prints and tiled prints from Ramona Lapsley.

In another room wonderful examples of Mexican folk embroidery.

In this gallery there were lots of ‘Hey, we’ve seen that’ from the girls. The printed art of Gene Kloss. We saw a lot of San Francisco sites and a few from New Mexico.

Out in the hall were Tom Taylor gouache prints.

The last gallery was I think the coolest (although those Rembrandt’s were old, but the brass plates that these rubbings came from were older.) Brass rubbing is kind of like what people do here (when the cemetary person is not watching) and we rub gravestones. But, they aren’t stone, they are brass (which is better anyway.)

This brass plate was from the 1400’s.

More on brass rubbing here. 

We left the museum and went to the River walk to take a quick stroll. They had the gondolas out on the water instead of the regular boats.

Our final stop was the Nature and Raptor center. They must have been able to release the two bald eagles and an owl, they weren’t there. But, they did have a screech owl, Guffey (a great horned owl), three golden eagles, two vultures, some falcons, some hawks and another owl.

At the nature center we sat by the water for a bit, then went in the cafe to get a boba drink.

The squirrels were driving the cafe lady crazy, they were eating off plates, then they ran in the door and were headed into the kitchen! They didn’t care when she sprayed them with vinegar, they just kept coming.

We got home, I cooked dinner and we watched a Father Brown.