Daily Archives: August 21, 2017

Solar eclipse, park day and first day of 10th grade


Bethany took Grace to Starbucks this morning, but they walked there (hey, that counts for PE!) While they were gone I opened up the co-op board, but a lot of people won’t be back till tomorrow (eclipse.) We did some school, this year Grace has (through K12 Destination Career academy of Colorado) –¬†American History, English, Geometry, PE, Physical Science, Intro to Agricultural Science, FYP (like homeroom and guidance.) On our own – Marine Biology, piano, dance, River Watch site management/sampling/testing, co-ops, art, volunteerism, etc. Some NBTS pics.

Then we headed over to the library for their eclipse party. We got there right at 96% totality.

(This pic is about 45 min before that.)

It was cool to use the glasses, but the really cool part was watching the leaf shadows, or the light coming through the trees that formed the eclipse perfectly.

We had lunch then went over to the park a bit early. No one showed up, so we spent about 30 min walking around, finding turtles and ducks and watching the shadows.

Back at home Grace finished up a few more things for school, Bethany headed out to house and cat sit for a friend, Hannah took videos of her LPS and then we played games and read for a bit. I’s day it was a good first day back (Hannah starts on Wed.)