Daily Archives: August 25, 2017

Fun Friday Hike {Lower Bear Creek}


I went to NIA this morning and it was so nice. When I got home, Grace was working on English and Hannah was curled up on the couch. Seems that she threw up (but I’m not sure if it was an upset stomach or just congestion stuff she swallowed.) She worked on some science and then we headed to Old Colorado City for lunch at La Baguette. I had butternut squash ravioli, Hannah had cheese tortellini, Grace had pasta with red sauce and I had the best cup of French onion soup – ever. I don’t know what kind of cheese they used or what kind of onion, just that it was the best. For dessert we got an almond croissant that was stuffed with crushed almonds and almond paste, so good.

We were going to hike 7 bridges, but we got a late start, there was traffic coming down that way, so we ended up at Lower Bear creek. It was nice.

Back at home we finished up school, then James and I went to the Final Friday in Englewood. Phil was making drinks and serving brown sugar wings from Taste Bud Bullies and they were good.

Since that was just a snack, we ended up eating some more food at Acres Restaurant. It’s small but has a rustic feel and the food all sounded great. We had tater tots and shrimp and grits.

They have monthly chef parties where they have themes, but we’ll be going back to try some of their entrees and more of their shared plates. Friendly and helpful waitstaff and great chefs at that place.