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Day in the life {Monday}


I decided to do a day in the life for every day this week. Because picking one day just isn’t fair and it’s hard to pick which one – will it be the day we did school as planned, the day we didn’t? This way anything can happen.

Just so you know, I don’t plan our school days, I plan all the fun stuff and we fit learning in when and wherever.

So, this morning I rolled out of bed at 7am, a bit early for me. I made some S’more muffins, let the dog out, got a load of laundry started, cleaned the kitchen and got Grace’s CC session questions downloaded from last week. We are going through the book of Daniel in church and it would be a lie to say that I read my Bible this morning – so, no, I didn’t read it or color a verse (I have a coloring devotional Bible.) But, I had the intention of doing it. I did pray for a friend who was going into surgery and my friends and family in TX who are flooded or might be flooded (my Mom is on vacation in WI, so she’s waiting to come back.) I also prayed that the cat would not throw up today (it worked!)

Grace woke up first, she usually does, and she started with Geometry which was a lesson on transformations.

She checked into PE and did a fitness log, in Physical science there was reading and a quiz on the scientific process.

In Agriculture science she watched a video about Chesapeake bay and answered some lab questions about it.

There was a break day in English, so she did nothing in that class. In History there was a reading assignment and quiz on exploration and colonization.

Hannah woke up and came downstairs and started on English while I packed our lunch, made sure the water shoes, tubes and towels were in the car for park day and the chutes. Hannah only has 3 courses on-line through K12 and I do everything else. Which means that I don’t have her History book yet, but she does have a ukulele and music! For English she was reading about Robert Frost and then reading and summarizing one of his poems.

For Science she had to read about the challenges of life and in Pre-Algebra she freaked out when she saw letters and numbers mixed together!

I tried to calm her down, but she was yelling at Grace, “Did you see this? I can’t believe my math has letters in it now? Did you do this in 7th grade? Why did it start this year?!”


We headed to the park for park day, one other family came so the Mom and I talked and my girls read their books while her son engaged in our conversation. They didn’t want to get wet in Bear creek (we were headed to the chutes), they didn’t want to swing or walk to the turtle pond, so they just sat and read. After an hour we said bye and headed over to Golden to swim/tube in the chutes in Clear creek.

We have to take advantage of every warm day, at this point the temperature will start to go down and once it drops under 56…no more chutes for the year. There must have been some people diving for stuff already, all Grace found was a bent piece of metal and some fish.

We swam/tubed for 2.5 hours, then went to Starbucks to get a hot drink (well, Grace and I did, Hannah got a frappacino.)

Back at home we showered, I ran to the store to get some dinner stuff and flowers and dessert for a friend up the street (she goes in for surgery tomorrow, then chemo.) I figured people always give you stuff after surgery, but not before it. Dinner was pork chop suey and it was pretty good.

The co-op board opened up for people to sign up, the only one I was worried about was the sew a sampler, I know just what I’m sewing! I cleaned up after dinner, the girls gave Maisy a bath (and for some reason she looked worse after it.) Bethany is off house sitting so we won’t see her until the 5th, it’s weird not having her here. Grace and Hannah ended up practicing piano and ukulele, playing with their new LPS and trying to upload a video (without success.) James had to work late, computer upgrade problems at work, so I ended up writing this and reading my book.

That’s all for today!


Co-ops and calendar


The bold are calendar events (and some more will get added as that month gets closer, it’s why Sep is so full, it’s close.)

09/03 Book Adventure
09/06 W Rock Wall Challenge 10-11:30
09/07 TH NCAR Self-guided Tour 1:30
09/09 SA CGH NBTS and Anniversary party 4pm
09/10 S Chess at Smoky Hill 1:30 pm
09/12 TU Kindness Krewe 1pm
09/13 W Park day 12:30
09/14 TH Creativity club 1pm
09/14 TH Minecraft Party 2pm
09/15-18 F-M CGH camping trip
09/15 F TNO 7pm
09/15 F HS skate 12pm
09/18 M Fish hatchery field trip 1:30pm
09/19 TU Taekwondo Tryout 2:30pm
09/20 W Park day 12:30pm
09/20 W Traveling the Cherokee Trail 10am- 12pm
9/22 F Explore Hudson Gardens 9:30am
09/23 SA Centennial chalk art fest
09/25 M Bug Art 1 pm
09/27 W Park day 12:30pm
09/28 TH Book art 1pm
09/29 F Fall Fun 10:30

10/02 M Elementary Soccer Skills 1 pm
10/04 W Human walking 10am
10/04 W Ultra NERF Battle 11 am
10/09 M All About Dragonflies 10-Noon
10/11 W Creativity club 1pm
10/11 W Coloring Party 3pm
10/12 TH Sing Along Joseph 1pm
10/13 F Teen lounge DMNS 7pm
10/15 SU TNO 7pm
10/17 TU Sherlock at CFA 10am
10/17 TU Rock On! 10AM-12PM
10/20 HS skate 12pm
10/20 F Play to Learn 10 – 12
10/23 M Book Club 10 – 12
10/24 TU EEK! A Spider! 12:30pm
10/25 W Spooky cupcakes 1pm
10/26 TH Treasure Maps Galore! 10 am

11/02 TH Home Alone 10AM
11/02 TH Totally Totem Poles 1:30pm
11/03 F Bernoulli’s Principle – Fun With Flow 11:30AM
11/07 TU Jazz and drinks 8:45pm
11/09 TH Elementary Math Games 9:30
11/14 TU- Geology Museum/School of Mines- 10:30AM
11/15 W TNO 7pm
11/15 W Sew a Sampler 1 p.m.
11/16 TH Creativity club and Kindness Krewe 1:30pm
11/17 F HS skate 12pm
11/20 M Butterflies and More 10am
11/28 TU Beetle Bugs 10-Noon
11/30 TH Game Day 1 pm

12/04 M Hand Sewn Christmas Ornaments 10 am
12/06 W Soap Carving 3-5 pm
12/07 TH DMNS:Ultimate Dinosaurs
12/09 S Handmade Bath Goodies for Gifts10-4 pm Open House
12/13 W Her Paris and Animals in Art 10am
12/14 TH Christmas Around the World 12:30-3:30
12/15 F TNO 7pm
12/15 F HS skate 12pm
12/17 SU Family Holiday Caroling 5-6pm
12/18 M Elf movie/party 1pm
12/19 TU Christmas STEM Activities 12:30-3

Looks good!