Daily Archives: August 29, 2017

Day in the life {Tuesday}


This morning I got up, let the dog out, read my Bible and colored a section. I had some me time before Hannah woke up, then she got started on school.

Hannah had English (reading Sympathy and another story and doing 2 quizzes), Science (reading about characteristics of life and taking a quiz), and Math (more variables and a quiz.) Grace had Geometry (use Algebra to describe Geometry – BUT WAIT! I thought we were just doing Geometry!), Physical Science (the scientific method), and English (narrators and their importance.) This isn’t from K12, but it’s just like the lesson Grace did.

Hannah is working on Jingle Bells on the ukulele, and it’s getting better.

Hannah spent some time taking pictures of her LPS with the ukulele that Joel got her. We’re going to have it restrung with better strings (they put cheap ones on there), maybe tonight. We ate lunch at home, then headed out to the library for some chamber music sing-alongs (and Rocket ice cream.)

When we got back home I took Grace to go get her river sampling done. We had a happy little cloud come and shade us, it was hot!

Fall colors are starting to peek through.


Right bank/left bank

Chicken tacos are cooking, we need to go by the library tonight, go by the guitar store and maybe James and I will feel up to jazz at Phil’s (we didn’t go to sleep until 12am last night, so we might be too tired.)