Daily Archives: August 30, 2017

Day in the life {Wednesday} – hikes {Mueller SP and Secret spot}


James and I went to Starbucks for morning coffee, that was nice. When I got home I did a few things, got swimsuits and towels and lunch packed in the car while Grace did her water sample tests left over from yesterday. Hannah read her English and Science in the car on my phone, Grace said she would do her stuff when we got home. I picked up a State park pass from the library (that is so cool that they do that), so we went to Mueller SP to eat lunch and do a short hike.

We looked around the visitor center too and admired the views.

Our real hike was at a secret spot, not that long and it leads to a swimming hole.

There were a few people there jumping and diving, but Hannah and I just swam around.

Grace took pics of her LPS (and us) and put her feet in. The water was probably 56, but not too bad since it was sunny, at any rate it cools you off after the hike up and down to the spot.

When we left the cove we drove through a tremendous hail storm. I stopped on the side of the road to adjust the defrost since the temperature dropped rather quickly and I was waiting for it to lighten up. We started driving again when I realized that it wasn’t going to stop and if I wasn’t at least slowly moving forward the hail was going to pile up to slightly impassable on the road in a few minutes. We were driving through 4 inches at one point and I bet more fell when we were out of the hail band. We stopped in at a doughnut/ice cream shop and had some shakes and this huge doughnut, then we headed home.

We drove through another mini-hail storm and heavy rain near CR, which slowed traffic a bit. Back at home Grace read The Pit and the Pendulum and got a document started for her science investigation tomorrow.

Dinner tonight made my whole house smell like Sherpa House (Indian food.) So good.