Vegas baby!


LONG DAY! We left the house at 3:15 am to go to the airport. Our flight got in Vegas at 7am.

Our hotel was doing a computer upgrade and said that we wouldn’t be checking in until 3pm. So, first we walked around the Luxor and took pics, then we headed inside to the breakfast buffet.  It was nice and cloudy outside perfect for pictures and walking around.

The girls thought the Luxor was super cool inside and out.

This is where the Blue Man group played, we saw them the second night.

After a very long and hearty breakfast, we headed to the next hotel, Mandalay Bay, through the inside mall and walkways.

We went outside the front of the hotel and caught the shuttle train back the other way.

The train stopped at Excalibur, so we checked it out.

We rode the train back to Mandalay Bay to go to the aquarium (it wasn’t open earlier.)

We were so hot and tired after this we went back to the hotel to see if we could check in early. We could! It was about 2pm, we got up to our room on the 26th floor (the elevators go up on a diagonal, so that was cool.)

Some of us rested, some of us swam. We left the hotel at 7pm to go to the Rio for dinner and the Penn and Teller show.

Dinner was okay, the Rio does not have the best dinner buffet (not that I ate dinner at another buffet, but I think the Luxor would have been better.) After dinner we headed over to the theater for the show.

You could go up on stage and inspect one of the props they were going to use.

We were listening to live jazz and Grace said, ‘Hey, isn’t that Penn?’ Yep, he was playing the bass.

The show was really, really good. Teller is very good at slight of hand and Penn, while also a magician, is a carney at heart. They told us at the start of the show that they would be taping an ending for another show, a cake for Teller celebrating 25 years of working together in Vegas (and they’ve been together for 42 years total!) So, we all had to act surprised and clap when the cake was revealed, then the crew followed everyone out into the lobby for cake.

It was at this point that Hannah lost it (notice she’s not in the pics.) She was tired (it was almost midnight) and just wanted to leave. But the rest of us got pics and autographs (Bethany isn’t in the Penn pic since she went to be with Hannah.)

I think it’s really cool that they stay after the show and talk/take pics with fans. And yes, Penn is really tall and no, Teller is not silent!

We walked 7.5 miles!


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