Vegas day two


It was a lot hotter and sunnier today – and we slept in so we missed the cooler part of the day. We started out by getting on the train and riding it down the line. We walked by New York, New York and went in to get out of the sun.

Walking around inside is weird, you can’t tell what direction you are going and somehow we popped out at the Bellagio after another train ride. It’s where we wanted to go, but I still don’t know how we got from NY to there going in that direction.

The Bellagio boasts the world’s largest chocolate fountain.

We had brunch in the Conservatory restaurant, then walked around the hotel and shops.

When we went outside we were at the famous fountains (which don’t start until 3 pm) and Paris was across the street.

We went inside Paris, that Eiffel tower is so small compared to the real thing.

We continued to walk up the strip, this place reminded me of our Denver art museum, I think they stole our design.

Our next goal was the Coca-cola store and M&M world.

We cooled off with some Coke floats, then went to get some M&M’s.

Next stop – Hershey World.

Chocolate Statue of Liberty? Check!

Licorice Statue of Liberty? Check!

On our way back we stopped in the sock market and got crazy socks.

We went back to the hotel to rest before the show, a thunderstorm was rolling through cooling everything off a bit.

I colored my socks.

We ate dinner and headed to the show, we got blue (just from lights) and decorated with streamers.

That show was amazing – it was funny and sometimes gross, musical and daring and just plain fun. Pics after the show.

We took the girls back to the room and James and I set off for the Bellagio to see the fountain show – it did not disappoint!

We went back to the hotel and had drinks before retiring. We walked 8.8 miles today!


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