Daily Archives: January 6, 2019



We took Jack to Starbucks and got him a puppuccino.

Then we took the girls downtown to Destination venture for free food and activities. We got a 3-D photo, tried some snacks and watched a chef.

Then we went looking for alley art on the mall.

James grilled for dinner and then we went out for drinks. We ended up at Devils head but I should have ended with the coffee drink instead of the peach shot.

Sunday at church we started a new series, the bottom line for today was when you realize there is no condemnation in Christ, you let go of self condemnation and condemnation of others. Basically, when you get grace and understand that the love of Christ covers you, you accept that grace and also give it to others. After church we took Jack to the store, took a nap, watched some TV and had dinner.

Dinners this week –┬áMango chutney chicken, chicken and apple sausage with sweet potatoes, Saltgrass (b-day dinner), beef stew, chicken apple salad, skate night (pizza), grilling stuff.

Our week – NIA!, some art, Mama and Tony coming in, St. John’s music at noon, b-day dinner (Bethany is 20), Money museum, Fargo’s, Penrose museum, game night, Stock show parade, some school, black out skate night, ice races in Georgetown, church