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Hannah has been getting out early and doing a 30 minute walk/jog since the 1st and going on a Harriet hike with me and she went to the gym the other night! I think the Harriet hike challenge was a good kick in the butt. I have more famous women than there are days in November, so I might end up saving some of them.

Fanny Cochrane Smith 1834-1905

Australia’s Advocate For Aboriginal Language Preservation.
Born on December 1834 in Flinders Island in Tasmania, Fanny Cochrane Smith was best known as an Aboriginal linguist. She devoted her life to preserving as much of Aboriginal heritage as she could. From 1899 to 1903, now in her late 60s, she used wax cylinders to record Tasmanian Aboriginal songs and speech, which to this day are the only original recordings in existence. Five cylinders were cut, however by 1949 only four remained as “A fifth cylinder, on which was recorded the translation of the songs, was broken some time ago”. Fanny Cochrane Smith dedicated her final years to preserving her heritage, her culture, and her history. You can hear a clip of one of the recordings here – https://aso.gov.au/…/music/fanny-cochrane-smith-songs/clip1/

Today was the Zoo co-op. We broke into groups and went around the zoo looking at animals and writing notes about them.

Then we gathered back as a big group and learned about Linnaeus’ classification system and we used this site ( https://animaldiversity.org/?fbclid=IwAR1AwagAE1oM9sGbGJwQFzsyWmSv1n6Aq9XRsJp8mQfdoPJg3gNI8yzkWdU) to find out the correct classification after we spent some time trying to classify them ourselves. We learned that a hippo is more related to a mountain goat and gerenuk than to a rhino!

We finished up and went to see some more animals before heading home. I counted the 2.4 miles walked as our Harriet hike.