I am a 45 year old Homeschooling mother of two (Liese!). Joel 24 (Combat Medic, US Army, Ft. Drum, NY), Bethany 20, Grace 16, Hannah 13. I’m also a MOD in our HS group, blogger, artist, poet, dancer and lover of learning. I’ve been married for 26 years to my wonderful providing husband James, who keeps me sane by watching the kids while I go to Mom’s night out, and works hard so that I can stay home and school our children!

Right now we use an eclectic home school curriculum for all grades, online K12 homeschooling for 8th and an on-line school called Destinations Career Academy of Colorado that uses the K-12 curriculum for 11th grade.

We live in Highlands Ranch, CO and love it. Originally we’re from Texas, but we, did I mention this, love it here.

I’m a child of the Most High King, Jesus Christ. When I hear these lyrics “I’m forgiven because You were forsaken, I’m accepted You were condemned. I’m alive and well Your Spirit lives within me, because You died and rose again.” I feel so low, because when I have a bad day or am cross I’m throwing my unmerited Grace away, and that grieves God’s spirit. So I am trying to remember that I accepted Jesus and I need to be joyous and filled with love and all the fruit of the Spirit, otherwise why be a Christian? If people never see the fruit of the Spirit, why would they want to become a Christian? I am trying harder to be a city on a hill and let my light shine for Jesus.

All poems created by me and all pictures taken by me (Liese Carberry) unless otherwise noted are copyright. Please ask me if you can reproduce or use in any manner the pictures or poems posted on here. Thanks!

Updated Feb 2019

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