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Speakeasy Soiree


But, that was in the evening. We dropped Grace at church to go ice skating, we went to Panera, then back home. Bethany had to work a short shift, I read, Hannah slept until noon. Grace got 2 of her new fish. I spent an hour getting ready, I had to spend a bit of time taking off stuff that I tried to apply to my eyes that didn’t work out. But, finally I was ready.

The Speakeasy was at the Hangar at Stanley, we’ve never been in there before, it was cool. An old warehouse/hangar turned into meeting space, shops and restaurants. The speakeasy space was done up cute, a food truck (Comida), a retro trailer selling vintage stuff, lights, booths set up for drinks and shopping and of course the stage for the band.

We had awesome food from Comida and great drinks with Whistlepig rye. Swinging Denver held a dance lesson, so James and I learned how to do the Charleston. We practiced a regular, then with kicks, breaks and turns. I think we were great, I only kicked a few people and I stepped on my own shoe.  Here’s a bit of La Pompe, David (the lead) was like, hey haven’t seen you guys in a few weeks….yeah, we stalk them. We had a great time there, we left before it was over because Phil was having Flamingowood Grand and well, it sounded like a great thing too.

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Then to top it off, Waffle House.

That was a great Christmas present!


Creativity club, Kindness Krewe, ice skating


I had a pretty lunch at Whole Foods.

We had another family come join us to make some art, I made a collage squirrel in honor of Maisy.

Bethany and I bought some flowers because we wanted to.

The next day we did school, then went to the library with 3 other families to make blankets for the pet shelter. It ended up being another way to remember Maisy (and do good) and another family there just lost their cat, so it was nice for them to.

We went by the shelter drop off the blankets, and we stopped to pet the dogs and cats, probably shouldn’t have because this one was too cute.

Then we went by the vet’s office and picked up Maisy’s paw print, it was so nice, we really didn’t expect something like that.

Maisy’s squirrels were wondering where she was.

Thursday was another free ice skating day, we had 3 families who were sick, but the good news was the whole rink was open so I got to skate (because I use a walker thingy.)

My skating technique – here. 

Being so close…..

Grace made strawberry cookies for youth group, thankfully she had enough left over dough to make some more the next day for us to eat.

A sad Monday


It was apparent that we were going to have to take Maisy into the vet to be put down this morning. She couldn’t stand at all, still not in pain, just flopping around on the ground every time she tried to stand or step.

We wish that we had more time, but I’d rather her not get to a point where it was painful to live. Right now she was just confused as to why we were all crying and petting her and why she couldn’t get up. We let the girls say goodbye at the house, then I held her in the car when we went to the vet. She was her usual self in the car, whimpering with excitement because maybe we were going walking, or to the store or to the river.

At the office they took her weight and we carried her into the room. It was a nice room, with a dog bed on the floor, chairs and a bench, books and treats. They told us she could eat as much chocolate as she wanted, she ate 1 cookie.

They gave her a drug that made her sleep, so much that she was snoring, then the other drug to stop her heart. It was very quick and it just seemed like she was still asleep. We pet her for a few more minutes, then left. They made us a paw print keepsake that was very sweet.

Maisy loved chasing her squirrels, playing in the snow, sledding, wading in the river, sleeping in the sun, eating bees, running away from other dogs at the dog park, eating treats, going for walks, chasing bunnies and curling up on the couch.

You are missed, 2008-2018.



From church –

God loves everyone, even people you don’t like. You don’t have to lose yourself to become a friend to all, but you do have to realize that there is no division of ‘me and people who don’t look/act/think like me’, there is only ‘lost and found.’ Be someone who leads the lost, not someone who causes them to miss the Light.

I Corinthians 9:19-23 ….I have voluntarily become a servant to any and all in order to reach a wide range of people: religious, nonreligious, meticulous moralists, loose-living immoralists, the defeated, the demoralized—whoever. I didn’t take on their way of life. I kept my bearings in Christ—but I entered their world and tried to experience things from their point of view. I’ve become just about every sort of servant there is in my attempts to lead those I meet into a God-saved life. I did all this because of the Message….

We had to work in the 3’s room, a creepy toy –

Things you only hear in that room, “That’s plenty of glue on Jesus.”

We watched ‘Jezebel’ that movie didn’t end well. We went to PetCo to get Hannah’s fish and Maisy tried to eat the mice.

This was Maisy waiting on her walk, and waiting….and waiting.

This was Maisy a few hours later, at the vet ER.

Before she went to bed she had a stroke. She looked so confused as to why her right legs weren’t working. She tried to walk, but kept falling down. The doc said to take her home, she wasn’t in any pain, just very confused. He said she would either get better or worse. It was just so sudden.



Hannah went to see a movie with friends, Bethany had to work so the rest of us took Maisy for a walk.

We went to see the beaver dam, but all Maisy saw was water!

James and I went to the gym twice, plus the 3 mile walk, so we got a lot of exercise in. I read some of my book, we watched an old Sherlock Holmes, got Grace’s fish tank set up and had a coffee date.



Grace and I went to RW for our site test. We did 2 DO’s, 2 pH’s and 3 each of hardness and alkalinity. We had to say how we collect metals and nutrients, when to do duplicates and blanks and why to do them. We made sure the tests were done correctly and the equipment was in working order, we had enough supplies and that things were clean (oops, we had to clean out 1 beaker that had a pink film on the inside.) Overall, all A’s in capturing the data that the staff got. We were a little over on the last hardness and alkalinity test, just a timing thing.

To celebrate I took Grace out to an Indian restaurant and The Inventing Room for dessert. Back at home I helped Hannah with some school and talked to Grace’s counselor. It was the ‘welcome to the semester’ talk, but I found out that she used to work for RW too, that was interesting. We chilled at home the rest of the afternoon and soon we’re going out to drop Grace and friends at the DMNS for teen night (I’ll be parked at a coffee shop reading.) ETA I ended up crafting Grace’s old t-shirts into a bag and pillow instead of reading, but it was still a nice time.

Hannah also made a meme out of me because I thought the emoji was a dancing hot dog.

TDO and birthday dinner


I’m glad that someone suggested doing a Teacher’s Day Out each month, I hadn’t thought about it before. No one came to today’s TDO, probably because it was at a library on the other end of town, but then – I drive. Anyway I think I might have to go buy some of this ink, it was so relaxing dabbing alcohol on the tiles and letting the ink run this way and that. Here are mine –

And some others from the rest of the ladies there –

That was really fun! When I got back home we did some school (Grace was at a friend’s house, she did school before I dropped her off there.) Grace made lavender cupcakes with white chocolate lavender ganache and lemon buttercream frosting for Bethany’s birthday dessert. Bethany picked Damascus Grill for dinner and it was so good, we had hummus, falafel sandwich, chicken curry, eggplant stuffed with lamb, beef shawarma and mixed grill with rice. They had some dishes with a pomegranate sauce in them, that sounded interesting. They also had really good looking baklava, so we’ll be coming back to eat there.