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Chat, Hudson, park day, lecture, La Pompe, vet


Monday morning –

I went to the library and had a nice co-op/newbie chat with a new HS group member. While I was there Jack was on a puppy pet store adventure.

And Columbo was sleeping in his leaf.

James went with me to Teacher’s day out, no one else showed. We had a nice walk around the gardens and saw 2 juvenile black crowned night herons and a flicker, a turtle, geese, ducks and a huge crawfish.

I took Hannah to the doc and they took off her right big toenail. After seeing it out, it’s no wonder it’s been giving her problems for over a year – the nail was twice as wide as it should have been.

Tuesday Jack had some naptime on me before we went to the park.

Hannah loves that statue.

We walked around the park eating crab apples, sour cherries and chokecherries.

Love this dog.

We left him at home with James and went to the library to hear the Holocaust survivor story of Mr. Osi Staub Sladek. His story started at age 6 when he had to don a yellow star because the Germans had invaded his town. He was smuggled to family in Hungary, then smuggled back to his parents. They fled to the mountains and lived with other Jews, almost starved, then walked back to a liberated city years later. He lost 13 of his cousins (all children) to ‘showers’ at a camp, his paternal grandparents died in Auschwitz, his family in Hungary were sent to a ghetto, some of them survived. The miracles he had happen during his childhood years was amazing to hear.

We had a hailstorm and Jack was so excited to see ice balls coming out of the sky, he loves ice cubes.

We had to wait for the storm to pass before leaving for The Stanley Marketplace to go hear La Pompe. Hear one song here. 

Wednesday morning played ball and frisbee with Jack and then took him to Lincoln station coffee to check it out, it’s nice and my chocolate orange frappe was tasty.

They have live music on Saturdays, so we’ll be back. Jack went to the vet to get 1 shot, then I took him to Zoey’s to get a treat. We need to walk more and have less puppuccino’s, he now weighs 10 pounds!

Into the weekend


Jack got a teething ring, hopefully it will help him and he won’t chew on everything.

Joel made it back to Ft. Drum, I think he has the weekend off and goes back on Monday. I spent some time drawing and reading and just lying around.

James and I got pizza for the girls and went out to Pappadeaux’s. They had some tasty watermelon drinks.

Saturday we took Jack to morning coffee, the sun was so bright (he looks like he needs coffee to wake up.)

We had errands to run, Grace was babysitting, Jack missed puppy playtime and we decided to go for a hike at Three sisters and then eat at Lariat Lodge in Evergreen. The first thing we saw on the trail was a deer, it just stood there as I got closer and closer.

Jack got dirty fast, he’s so close to the ground….We walked for a bit, then turned around and headed back.

The restaurant was dog friendly, you had to eat in the barkgarten, but it was nice and they had awesome BBQ. They had a guy playing guitar and he was really good, listen here. 

Sunday we went to church, then took Jack to Kripsy Kreme (just to get a hat picture, I mean we got doughnuts, he did not.)

That tired him out.

James and I went to Green Russell for drinks after dinner. The drinks were good, they still don’t have live jazz anymore, but the recorded music they were playing was nice.

My week – new tires for the van (things that make you happy as an adult), co-op/newbie chat, TDO Hudson gardens, Hannah doc, park day, Holocaust survivor lecture, meals meeting at church, Swing at Stanley (La Pompe), vet for Jack, swimming, TNO, girls leave for Grand Junction, hike, we leave for Grand Junction, moving Bethany into dorm at Colorado Mesa University, botanic gardens, Lumber Baron brunch (La Pompe)

Food – chicken kabobs, Stanley marketplace, TNO (Whole Foods for me, tv dinners for them), sweet potato masala and thai shrimp, Grand Junction eating out, pasta with chicken and asparagus, grilling stuff.


Last day


The girls and I got the oil changed (and yes, took Jack, they had dog treats for him), went by the library and went to check on a cat for some friends. Sombre didn’t like Jack, but she let him touch her nose.

Joel was doing a lot of running around (he leaves for the airport early in the morning), Bethany and Danielle got back from their camping trip to Golden Gate Canyon SP. They had a good time and saw two female moose this morning. I took a nap before taking Grace to her digital art class, she made art, I checked out some books.

We went to the youth group BBQ for dinner, then got home right when Joel walked in. He set up a telescope that Nick gave him and showed us how to use it (he’s leaving it here.) Then we said goodbye and good night and went to bed.

Park day


I took James to work (Joel has been driving the blue car) and on the way home Jack and I stopped at Red Rocks. We saw a deer and (though I didn’t get a pic of it when it happened) a hummingbird hovered right above Jack’s nose – checking him out (actually it was just trying to get to a flower and he was in the way.)

We went to park day at Sterne park, a cute park with a nice playground. Another Mom brought her 2 dogs and Jack had fun playing with Lucy and Ricky.

We got lunch at Ba Le, then went by another park that I wanted to check out. I loved what Grace said, ‘It’s like the future of playgrounds came and it’s here now.’ It is very cool.

Jack found a stick, so he was cool.

The rest of the day was spent at the doc (Hannah and her toe), post office and getting a gun safe to lock up Joel’s guns (since he is leaving them here.)


Last day with Grandma and Tony


And we let them sleep in (as did the rest of us.)

We played some board games, went to Cane’s for lunch and then went to tour the Highlands Ranch mansion.

Dogs aren’t allowed on the lawn, but apparently if you put them in a stroller……

We have been on the tour before so the guide walked around with Mama and Tony and gave them a quick tour. Hannah and I took Jack out of the stroller for a few quick pics.

It’s pretty cool to see the mansion in person and then see it in the movie Centennial (which they are going to try to find when they get back home.)

It was getting hot, so we went to get snow cones after the mansion, then it was back home to chill for a bit with music and games. We played the longest game of Uno ever (due to someone changing the rules), in the end they changed the rules again and we finished the game. Tony took one more photo before the Super shuttle came.

Joel and I went to get James while the girls stayed home with Jack. We took Joel to Phil’s for jazz and drinks, then over to The Whiskey Biscuit for dinner.

Hannah kept sending me photos of Jack’s evening.

Joel spent the night at a friends’ house and we called it a night when we got home.



Everyone was home and we had extra people to hold a camera – so – picture time!

Then we went to the mall.

We went back home to drop Bethany off for work, picked up James and went to Frisco.

We got back home, dropped off Jack, picked up Joel and went to dinner at Casa Bonita.

We dropped off my Mom and Tony at the hotel and got home about 10:30pm. Jack was so good, this is the second time we’ve left him in his puppy jail for over 2 hours and he did NOT go to the bathroom in the crate. Bethany got home about 9:30pm, let him outside and then put him to bed in the crate in our room (his sleeping crate.) He did fall asleep, but when we got home an hour later he was hyper and excited to see us. About 11:30pm he fell asleep on the bed and I just left him there the whole night (and he slept the whole night, no 2am potty break.) That was a good day, but a long one.



Saturday we cleaned up, mowed, swam and got ready for Grandma and Tony. Their plane was delayed due to winds, it actually landed in New Mexico, then Denver, so they went straight to the hotel.

Sunday we picked them up and went to Tupelo Honey for brunch.

Then we walked by Union station.

Then it was off to the Flea market, the girls scored lots of LPS and some Webkinz.

We grilled for dinner and took a walk by Central park at sunset.