Things we want to do….

Swimming – El Dorado springs, Queen’s canyon punch bowls (CO. Springs), Black bear hole and swimming hole (Lyons), Picnic rock (Poudre canyon)

Hiking – Mt. Bierstadt, Grays and Torreys peaks, Annie White trail, Enchanted forest trail, Mallory cave, Queen’s canyon,

Camping – Platte river off 67, BLM camping

Summer bucket list –

Learn something new.

Hiking – find a new spot and go to a bunch of old ones.

Tubing/swimming – Clear creek, Bear creek, Platte river, reservoirs, secret pond, super secret swimming spot.

Gondola ride/hike in Breck.

Camping – free camping, heck I might even pay for a spot…..

Library shows/arts/crafts – henna for sure.

$1 movies – hopefully they have some good ones running.

Rockhounding – looking for some cool rocks and gems.

Pet some dogs.

Have fun at park days.

Dance in line at Littleman’s.

Binge watch some TV shows.

Sing like no one is listening, like rock out to old Christian songs.

Take lots of pictures.

Make s’mores.


Dye hair with kool-aid.

Catch some snakes, tadpoles, frogs, and crawfish and let them go.

Pretend to be a tourist in my town.

One word – penny arcade, oops, guess that’s two words.

Go to Lakeside.

Go to Elitch.

Pick some berries and eat them.

Have a picnic.

Eat some good food.

Go to the cheese shop and the tea shop.

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