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Christmas day


Merry CHRISTmas.

A little music video from Joel and company here. 

I made latkes and monkey bread for breakfast, James made egg potato.

While other stuff was getting ready we opened presents. Jack got 3 new balls and was super excited.

Opening presents.


Lunch –

We got green tea bombs, they bloom into a flower.

Some art from yesterday.

Joel made a video call to us and we talked for about an hour. He said they had a feast for lunch, not so much for dinner, he worked part of the day, made a video with friends and he did get our present a few days earlier, so that was good. We had time for a nap, then we went to the movies. The girls saw Mary Poppins and James and I sae Holmes and Watson. Both were good, in different ways (Holmes and Watson is not a family movie.) We picked up Jack and went to look at lights.

Our horrible family photo, the lens was dirty, the dog was looking away, it’s to light, but there you go – unfiltered Merry Christmas.

James and I had a Christmas nightcap at Phil’s and then bed.



Advent day 22

That is privilege right there, sitting in a stroller in Starbucks eating a puppuccino.

Well, we were going to go see reindeer at a state park, but 6,000 other people wanted to do it too. So, we ended up at the Denver Flea market, in the cold and it started to snow. The girls found some deals and we bought Bethany a present, so it was fun. Jack had a good time eating things off the ground.

Advent day 23

I started working on these while James was at the gym.

Then we took Grace and Jack to Larimer to see the holiday windows. We spied many cat statues hanging onto lights and on buildings.

We had lunch outside at Euclid.

Holiday high afternoon tea


Advent day 21

We took Brooke (because her birthday was the next day) with us to high tea. We went to Capital Tea (because it’s the last one I called that had something available for today) and I’m glad we went there. It’s small, so reservations are a must, but it’s all you can drink tea.

Which, we did. I had 4 pots, Grace and Brooke had 5 pots and Hannah had 6 pots of tea.

The scones, soup, sandwiches, meat pies and desserts were very good.

We stayed for 2.5 hours, so it was a nice relaxing meal. Then, since we were on antique row, we finally got to go to the shops and look around.

Then we went by the mall, then I took Grace to Skate City, then I crashed at home.

Grand Cirque Eloize Hotel


Advent day 19


I had to go to the doc today, it went well, I guess. No flow in the aneurysm which means the surgery did the job, but part of the spleen nearest that blocked section died, apparently I don’t need that part of my spleen and the rest of it is working fine. They did find, god-dang it, 2 more (small) aneurysms somewhere in my CT scan, they are small and I didn’t want to know about them, so I didn’t ask where they were. Rescan in 1 year. At the least the nurse thought my shirt was funny.

Advent day 20

Today was the field trip to the Cirque show and it was amazing. Our seats were incredible. The acts were acrobatic, juggling, hula hoops, singing, dancing, ropes, swings and more. The only problem was it went by too quickly.

We went to lunch with friends, Cheesecake Factory and I ordered off the ‘skinny’ menu. My beet salad and lettuce wrap tacos were good though, if you are watching salt and calories, you can’t order anything off the regular menu – my gosh, Grace was surprised at how many calories were in things.

Jack says ‘Rawr!’



Advent day 14

Our field trip for the day, a highlights tour of the art museum. The sections we were in (Stampede) was closed off earlier this week to a guy who vandalized 6 pieces of art before visitors help him down until police arrived. There usually isn’t much security in the regular galleries, so it’s not surprising that someone managed to do something to some art before people said, ‘Hey!’ Security was, however, tight during our visit.

I had my first cardiologist visit since the hospital. She is upping my beta blocker meds to twice what it is now, I’m sure there is going to be some very light headed days in my future (my BP today was 98/60.)

Jack also played with Jack Jr or tried too.

Grace made this.