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Our week so far


Monday we went to Solid Grounds for Creativity club. No one else showed up, but we spent some time chilling and making art.

Then it was off to Cafe 180 for lunch.

Since we had Jack at puppy daycare we went to Walmart to shop for clothes and stuff. We picked him up, went home, got dinner started, then James and I went out to educators night at the DMNS. It was very light on the tables this time, but we did get to see the new Cuba exhibit, eat, drink and get 2 tickets to come back to see the Davinci exhibit. We left there and went to Union Lodge to have a nightcap.

Tuesday Grace took her History, Ag and Science finals, she didn’t have to take the English final because she already had an A, sometimes the teachers do stuff like that. We took Jack to the dog park and he was being such a toot. The other dogs were chasing him, but when they stopped he went over and was harassing a much bigger dog, jumping in his face, barking, biting his feet, trying to get the dog to chase him. So, we left, if Jack weighed as much as that dog he would be seen as aggressive, but since he’s little people think it’s cute – but he was being a bully, so his play time was cut short. I started dinner and then left for TNO. It was a nice surprise to see 4 other moms there, good to chat and laugh with them.

Today Hannah and I went to NIA, she asked about 30 minutes into it ‘How much longer is it?’ But, she made it all the way through. I didn’t do the floor part at the end, it was hard to get up last time, so I just sat in a chair. It was fun, but worked up a sweat. Grace finished her math final and did 1 more thing in digital art, just one thing left to do in there tomorrow. Hannah didn’t have finals, so she’s just started back with semester 2 (Grace starts semester 2 next week.) I have a meet and greet type event with some new homeschoolers this afternoon, then I’m picking up a friend and driving Grace and him to the Teen science cafe in Boulder. What I really want is to take a nap, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

Christmas day


Merry CHRISTmas.

A little music video from Joel and company here. 

I made latkes and monkey bread for breakfast, James made egg potato.

While other stuff was getting ready we opened presents. Jack got 3 new balls and was super excited.

Opening presents.


Lunch –

We got green tea bombs, they bloom into a flower.

Some art from yesterday.

Joel made a video call to us and we talked for about an hour. He said they had a feast for lunch, not so much for dinner, he worked part of the day, made a video with friends and he did get our present a few days earlier, so that was good. We had time for a nap, then we went to the movies. The girls saw Mary Poppins and James and I sae Holmes and Watson. Both were good, in different ways (Holmes and Watson is not a family movie.) We picked up Jack and went to look at lights.

Our horrible family photo, the lens was dirty, the dog was looking away, it’s to light, but there you go – unfiltered Merry Christmas.

James and I had a Christmas nightcap at Phil’s and then bed.



Advent day 22

That is privilege right there, sitting in a stroller in Starbucks eating a puppuccino.

Well, we were going to go see reindeer at a state park, but 6,000 other people wanted to do it too. So, we ended up at the Denver Flea market, in the cold and it started to snow. The girls found some deals and we bought Bethany a present, so it was fun. Jack had a good time eating things off the ground.

Advent day 23

I started working on these while James was at the gym.

Then we took Grace and Jack to Larimer to see the holiday windows. We spied many cat statues hanging onto lights and on buildings.

We had lunch outside at Euclid.



Advent day 14

Our field trip for the day, a highlights tour of the art museum. The sections we were in (Stampede) was closed off earlier this week to a guy who vandalized 6 pieces of art before visitors help him down until police arrived. There usually isn’t much security in the regular galleries, so it’s not surprising that someone managed to do something to some art before people said, ‘Hey!’ Security was, however, tight during our visit.

I had my first cardiologist visit since the hospital. She is upping my beta blocker meds to twice what it is now, I’m sure there is going to be some very light headed days in my future (my BP today was 98/60.)

Jack also played with Jack Jr or tried too.

Grace made this.



Advent day 11.

School, driving practice, laundry, oh yeah, my portable oxygen that was ordered 10/25 arrived. The driver was shaking his head, he couldn’t figure out why it had taken so long. Yeah, me neither.

Grace has been playing around with watercolors, I can’t wait to see more!

Today’s sleepy Jack pic.

Kindness Krewe, chilling


Tuesday was Kindness Krewe and since I wasn’t driving, I just moved it to my house. Jack napped and I played with filters.

We had 6 families come and go and made a bunch of cards for kids in the hospital and for soldiers. We also collected books for a day shelter that has a lending library.

Grace made some more digital art.

Jack napped some more.

We found out that he likes nature shows.

He’ll just sit and watch birds and squirrels and monkeys. But, when dogs come on, he’s quick to jump down and bark.

We pre-made some of the food for tomorrow, the artichoke salad, watermelon salad, pie dough, cornbread stuffing and sweet potatoes.

Hospital, weekend


Grace had a friend’s birthday outing, Hannah walked to Chipotle and Bethany came in while I was getting my aneurysm taken care of. We got to the hospital for a 6am check in, which meant that I was up about 4:30am taking a shower and getting ready. I went in, my nurse was hilarious, so that was fun. We got registered and I got prepped.

An IV, some electrodes, allergy bracelet. Find ‘X’, there it is.

The doc came in and told us what was going to happen. If they went in and could do it, they’d put in a stent. If the artery was not straight, then they’d put in coils to make that section of the artery block off. There are more than just the one artery going to the spleen, so the blood would just take about route. There are pros and cons to each,  but the bottom line is – your body is unique and stent vs. coils isn’t really up to the doc. I went back and James went to the waiting room. They went in through my groin and again, just like the heart angiogram, I could feel the catheter going up past my stomach and over to the left side under my diaphragm. The whole thing took about 2.5 hours, they shoved 10 coils in there before they were satisfied that the blood wasn’t going through. (Apparently it was 3cm, not 2.4cm like they had said, so it’s a good thing they got to it.) Here’s what I think the x-ray looked like.

I came back to the room and had to lie flat for 4 hours. Do you know how hard it is to eat lying flat? Hard. James fed me pieces of hummus, fish and sweet potatoes. They gave me pain meds, which helped and as soon as I was able to walk around they let me go. James took me to crazy lady’s coffee shop to get an affogato, just what the doctor (didn’t) order. Back at home I ate my chicken curry I had been marinating and we watched some TV. I had to sleep on the couch because I’m not allowed to go up stairs yet. So, that was fun.

The weekend was rest, rest, rest.

I did get out on Sunday to grocery shop and I got to use the scooter. It was very slow, hard to reach things and I was constantly having to watch out for grocery carts zooming past.

I watched a lot of TV and rode around in the car. My pain was increasing at the spleen site (where that part of the spleen is dying off due to lack of blood) and tylenol and ibuprofen were not helping. When I went to bed I slept poorly, woke up at midnight and had to sit up. I made it 3 more hours before waking up James and saying we needed to go to the ER. I had gained 3 lbs of fluid since Friday, my shoulder was hurting when I took a breath and the spleen area was hurting. They did an EKG, CT scan and blood work and said, it’s just pain. So they prescribed actual pain meds because I’m not sure it should be this painful. I got my new meds and spent the day sitting around again.

Jack and I watched a nature show, but we both fell asleep.

Grace made some Christmas art.

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Bethany took the girls to the teen Nature and Science movie night and James and I watched Sneaky Pete and Father Brown before heading to bed. Jack fell asleep on his blanket; that particular blanket is his kryptonite, he just falls asleep when he sits on it (which is good.)