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After school I dropped Hannah at her friend’s house, Grace stayed home to paint and Jack and I went to Teacher’s Day Out. No one showed up, so it was just the two of us walking around RiNo looking at the new CRUSH wall murals. This is only a few of the new murals, I will be going back with the girls to check out the rest.

Grace made Hannah a new sign for her door.

Grace worked on a crime scene sketch for Forensics class too.


Sunday, Monday


I was so tired Sunday morning, but I took Hannah to church, she worked at the coffee shop and made me a Mexican mocha (a perk, she gets free drinks.) After church Grace came by to pick her up (she was at Connections) and they went to the Dollar store and Goodwill and Target. Jack almost got his ball broken enough to get the crunch ball out, but not quite.

After lunch, Grace stayed home to paint and Hannah and I went to Chatfield to try out the new kayak and tubes.

In other news, James has been gone 1 day and ……

Goings on this week – (James is at a conference in San Fran), hike, NBTS pics, co-op registration, Denver animal shelter dog walking, school starts, LAPOMPE at Union station, chiro appt, hike, Chatfield, water sampling, weekend….don’t know yet.

Dinners this week – Round steak with onion sauce and side of artichoke stuffed peppers, chicken marsala over linguine with asparagus, Union station food, pepperoni chicken and cold cucumber ziti salad, tacos!, baked potato bar, BBQ and corn on the cob.

Pepperoni chicken

Original recipe yields 4 servings
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon dried basil
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
cooking spray
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 (14 ounce) jar spaghetti sauce
1 (8 ounce) package shredded mozzarella cheese
24 slices turkey pepperoni

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Rub oregano and basil over chicken breasts.

Spray a large skillet with cooking spray and heat over medium-high heat. Add garlic; cook and stir until fragrant, 2 to 3 minutes. Add chicken; cook until browned and no longer pink in the center, about 5 minutes per side.

Pour half the spaghetti sauce into a large baking dish. Lay chicken breasts on top. Coat chicken with remaining half of the spaghetti sauce. Scatter mozzarella cheese over sauce. Arrange 6 pepperoni slices over each chicken breast. Bake in the preheated oven until cheese is melted, about 10 minutes.


It was National dog day today and Jack was enjoying it.

We went to Enchanted Grounds so Hannah could do some on-line work, then Cafe 180 for lunch.

Then a hike at Fly’n B park and some extra school photos were taken.

Grace made these dolphin stickers, cute.

Jack finally broke his ball, day 7.

I started on a drawing based on the song ‘All Creatures Of Our God and King’ from church yesterday.

Finished it later.

Watched some TV and went to bed.



It’s not fair, the older I get, the faster time flies. Jack was being a nut this morning.

Tuesday we had a co-op at the Chatfield botanic gardens, we went there to see the earth work art by Patrick Dougherty. This is the 5th installation of his that we’ve seen (and only 1 of those 4 are still around.) They are ephemeral pieces, so they don’t last forever.

Invasion of the Japanese beetles, I think they are pretty.

Around the farm and the small butterfly garden.

It was getting hot when we left, so glad we went in the morning. I had to run in at the doc and get some blood work done, I was supposed to have an MRi to check out my brain (headaches), but I volunteered the info that I have metal coils in my spleen and since the info wasn’t in my chart, they said no. Turns out I was supposed to get a card from the hospital that says that I have the correct kind of metal that can go through an MRI, but I never got it. It took the docs till Friday to get the info and (more on this later) by then they just told me to go to the ER.

Wednesday I had a newbie chat with some homeschoolers, Jack went to daycare and Grace retook her driving test (and passed!)

She made herself a celebratory lemon chiffon cake.

The Boop was tired.

My headache was getting worse, I call this piece ‘Fiery pain in my brain.’

This one reminds me of a very hot day here.

Jack thinks it’s fun when Joel plays with him.

Some more fluid art.

I really need to get a blowtorch to bring out the cells better.

Friday I went to the doc with 2 new worrying symptoms – face numbness (like when you go the dentist and they give you a shot) on the left side of my face and hand tingling on the right side. My face wasn’t drooping, it just felt numb. Well, given those symptoms, head pain of 8, vision problems, fatigue and dizziness, the doc said to go to the ER and get an MRI there (because if she had just ordered one it would have been next week.) So, I drove home and Bethany drove me to the ER, James took an Uber there, Bethany went home and Joel came up. I was there for 7 hours, 5 IV pokes before the 5th one was good, a CT scan and MRI, some IV meds and EKG. They came up with nothing on the scans, so I was referred to a neurologist. But at least I left the place with a prescription and enough meds to knock the pain down to a 3/4.

Looking much better on Sunday.

Hannah met a friend at the mall, so Jack got to go through Nordstroms. He sat quietly by my seat in the mall until it was time to go.

James was at work, so when I went to pick him up we had a date night in Golden. First stop, Golden Moon Speakeasy where I had 2 excellent drinks (and my new favorite – root beer and absinthe.)

Then we walked over to Tributary, a new food hall. I think they need one more dinner type food place (they had pizza and a raw seafood bar), but overall they have some good options for breakfast/lunch.

The Buffalo Rose was playing live music, so we went over there to listen. I had never been in the old one before, but the new digs they have are awesome. I love the pieces of history they saved/exposed and the open air bar is very cool (it has a sliding roof.)

This is the week that we follow Bethany back to GJ for school. Joel and company leave on the day we get back. They have: gone to the shooting range, fixed up a motorcycle, gone hiking/camping, ran errands, slept in, played video games, played with Jack and eaten some good food. I guess I missed my chance at a family picture because as I write this Bethany is about to head out (early because she has some job training to do before school starts), James is at work, so I could get a ‘just the kids pic’….



I’m kind of bummed that I missed out on hearing Margaret Feinberg at Cherry Hills church this past weekend. Mainly because it was so close, free and I had just finished the Taste and See book. But, Saturday I was cooking dinner for 9 (and to be fair, the book is all about making and sharing meals, so….) and Sunday I was down with a headache all day. Oh well. Since Joel is using James’ car (which will be Grace’s car as soon as she passes her driving test) I took him to work this morning instead of having him ride the bus. We stopped at Starbucks, then walked along Clear creek for a bit before I dropped him at work.

Since I had nowhere to be, I went downtown to look for the Lego people. Jack and I walked through Union station, rode the mall shuttle and walked around the plaza – then I saw that the art was inside the building, not outside on the plaza.

I’m not sure if it was outside at first – there are pictures that show them outside, but they are now inside the Republic tower. I found this cool plaque on the 17th street side, never seen it before.

Downtown has lots of plaques like that, I think there is a walking phone tour that tells where the plaques are. I think the guys are going to the shooting range today, I have errands to run, not sure what else is going on.

Friday and the weekend


Friday Grace and I tooled around a bit, I took Jack out (he’s allowed in the library – who knew?)

We picked up Hannah from church and went straight to the eye doc to pick up her new glasses.

Jack played with his ball.

Saturday we cleaned, chilled, read, napped and watched Scooby Doo. Sunday was church (and the coffee shop), lunch at home and walking around the Cherry creek arts festival.

From church (we started a new series) – The King’s tree. Today, Solomon and what it means to be wise. What is wisdom? It is a discerning and listening heart. How do you get it? Ask God for help. Put it into action, that’s how wisdom works. Don’t be complacent, tolerating, coexisting, imitating – you can know who God is with your head, but if your heart doesn’t know Him then He is not the most important thing to you. Wise people are always learning, growing, and trusting in the Lord, but always giving their heart to Him first.

I loved this paper artist.

Random art.

This guy’s art was cool, he took random objects (drums, a karaoke machine, boom box, old TV), took out the guts and put dioramas in them.

This guy was from Georgia and used salvaged wood from barns and sharecropper houses to use as his canvas.

We saw this artist last year. He takes toys and random things, paints them and glues to them a canvas. Usually his stuff is all black, but this was a Pollock style gun.

It rained pretty good at the house, which meant I didn’t have to water the yard (yay me!) Hannah made dinner (week 1 challenge of a 10 week challenge from church camp) and we watched Ratatouille. Grace made stickers for Vid Con, she and Bethany leave tomorrow to drive there. Pray for safe travels!

Fun Friday


Hannah finished packing for Christ In Youth camp (she leaves tomorrow), Grace got to hang out with Gwen for a bit and I took Jack to NIA in the park. I didn’t know how he would do, it is a park and there were dogs walking by, geese wandering around and of course music and people dancing – but he did great.

He sat at my feet the whole time, until the last 2 songs. He found a goose feather and when I pulled it out of his mouth, he found another one. So I just went and sat down on a bench and did the arm motions for the last song. We were in the shade and it was morning, but it was already getting hot. We had a nice potluck after the dancing and got to chat, which was very nice. When I got back Grace had gone to Skate city with Gwen and Hannah wanted to chill, so I sat around and read.

When James got home we left Jack with the girls and went to Color con for a date night. Color con was a couple of blocks of new murals being painted on the alleys near Broadway. Not as big as RiNo, but still nice to walk around and look.

Bonus fun – I made a Frida button.

We went to Atelier for dinner.

We sat inside, but had a view out the window to the patio. We had the crab gratin and lobster ravioli. I should have taken a better pic, our table was half in light and half in shadow, but let me tell you – the presentation and the taste were sensational. The chef knows his stuff, the place is small but with the huge windows open you get a sense of space. I love the little touches of the pans on the wall, lights outside and the fresh bread and butter that was not just something to snack on, but part of the meal to enjoy.


Ever vigilant


Monday I took Hannah to the doc and she got 4 shots for camp, then we went to the dentist and they finally agreed (after a year) that her shark teeth weren’t going to push out the baby teeth and pulled 2 of them. Hannah decided to not get shots in her mouth, which was a mistake (and I didn’t know she had refused the shots, they just told me they were pulling teeth.) So they pulled and yanked and it hurt. She said shots in the mouth would have hurt more and she already had 4 shots that day. Jack was not happy to be at the dentist, usually he just sleeps under the chair when we’re there – today he was hiding.

When we got home I took Jack outside for some pics after I played around with some dandelion photos.

We crated Jack (it was raining) and went to try a new coffee shop. The space was amazing, fireplace, quiet, a room you can reserve, outdoor seating, really nice.

Tuesday we went to the movie theater to see End Game. We were about a half mile from a STEM school, we see the kids all the time walking to Starbucks and McDonalds when it’s lunch time. Today there was a shooting there. We got out of the theater and saw tons of fire, ambulance, police and life flight helicopters hovering around the area. I got a message that said if we were still at AMC it was being locked down. We were already in the car and I had no intention of being locked in the theater, so we drove home. The drive home was surreal, busses from the school were heading to the rec center to drop off kids, there were hundreds of cars parked on both sides of the street as parents rushed into the rec center to pick up kids. Some kids were still in the school, hunkered down in the classrooms while police went room to room looking for any more shooters (2 had been caught at this point.) We drove home and checked in on people and let others know we were safe (some people knew we were at the theater.) Just because we homeschool doesn’t mean we’re never in danger. My kids often walk to the Target that is right next to the school, they go to the Starbucks that some of the kids ran to, if they had been at anything close to the school (stores, library, restaurant) they would have been in a lockdown situation. We talked about what to do in case they were walking (run, hide) to that area, or really anywhere. If they were close to the stores run in, if still by houses run in a backyard. We are more vigilant now when we go downtown or in the mall and even in the theater. In fact, it’s weird, when we were sitting in the theater and the ‘find an exit’ speech came on, I pointed to our closest one. I don’t normally do that. Our church changed Wed night service to a prayer service with a free and open coffee shop all day leading up to the service. There are already vigils planned to honor the life of the one student who died. There were heroes today, but it’s a shame that we need our children to be heroes at school. I don’t understand how two kids who knew the kids the were shooting at could do that.

Wednesday was rainy, we did school and went to Target (the one by the school) to have Creativity club at the Starbucks. It was business as usual, though there were more kids walking around (I assume schools were closed.) I met a new Mom in the HS group who just started HS’ing her 2nd grader in January. She pulled her daughter out due to bullying and the poor atmosphere in the school. We chatted while her daughter made some art, I only got a sketch done because I was talking too much.

Grace made some more art to turn into stickers.

Jack is proud of the hanger he stole.

We had pita pizza for dinner, I piled mine with fig balsamic, chicken, feta, mozzarella, onions, kalamata olives, and sun dried tomatoes, Jack was jealous.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, we were going to the Rockies Math day game – but I don’t think it’s going to happen (and even if they decided to play, we’re not going and sitting in rain/snow.)