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Day 23- I give you permission to celebrate. It may be a tiny celebration, maybe you got the day off of work and you’re spending time with family. Maybe it’s a gorgeous day where you live and you’re spending it outside,. Maybe it’s rainy, snowy or cold and you’re stuck inside, but playing games with your kids. Maybe you’re reading a book, petting your cat or maybe you are working – and for someone without a job, that would be something to celebrate. Maybe someone just smiled at you and you smiled back and that was a start. Whatever your day looks like, find something to celebrate.

I woke up older, but really I wake up older every day.

Brunch was a surprise, I mean I knew what was coming, but not the actual food. David was a chef before he was a musician, and we’ve had his food (dinner at Lumber Baron), so I knew whatever he made would be good. It was weird having people cook food in my kitchen, with my pots and pans and my wonky stove. Kudos though, David made eggs in a basket, sausage, fruit and a roasted red pepper sauce.

David said chefs don’t have to do dishes, so the rest of the band cleaned up.

Then it was time for music. The girls have never heard LAPOMPE live, they loved it. We have great acoustics in our kitchen. Here’s a snippet and here’s another. 

Presents –

Cake – vegan chocolate with chocolate buttercream and toffee bits.

Dinner was Ethiopian food at Megenagna.

That was a very cool birthday!

Happy Birthday Jack!


He’s 1!

Hard to believe, of course we haven’t had him for 1 year, his gotcha day is in June. He’s changed over the year, but he’s still cute.

He loves LM ice cream pup cones, Frosties and puppuccinos..

He loves balls, especially breaking them.

He loves the dog park, especially when dogs chase him.

He sleeps in our bed and on the couch and in the car – he sleeps a lot.


Today we had a friend come over with her dog Chloe, Jack and Chloe have been hiking together. It was fun, we talked, the kids and dogs played and we got some cute pics.

Grandma visits, Bethany is 20, Money musuem, Stock show


Monday Bethany and a friend got to hang out, I ran some errands, made some art, Mama and Tony got in late so they went straight to the hotel.

Tuesday was Bethany’s 20th birthday. She and Meskiel went to the tea shop and then to the antique stores. The rest of us went to St. John’s for Music at Noon. The cathedral was still decorated from Christmas and it was so pretty.

Jack stayed at puppy daycare while we were gone. We ate lunch at SAME cafe and they were doing another taping for their future fundraiser and I think we were too loud at one point.

Bethany wanted to go to Saltgrass for dinner they had a new apple sangria that was so good, my pork chop was huge, everyone had way too much food (but it was good.)

She opened presents at home, a B&N gift card, calligraphy set, crystal jar, candle, yoga dice and Zelda book. She had picked up some books at the antique store, so she’s got enough books right now.

Wednesday we went to the Springs to see the Money museum, they still had the WWI exhibit, but that’s cool because I got to see some things I didn’t see last time.

I thought it would be a good stop for Mama and Tony because they’d never been there before and they do a lot of metal detecting and coin collecting. We got a late start, so we ate at Fargo’s before the museum, I hadn’t noticed the napkin art before, but Grace left a piece of napkin art for them.

Hannah wanted to go swimming, so some of us did. I had beef stew waiting in the crockpot when we got back, I’m glad it was hot and ready, everyone is always hungry after swimming.

Thursday was their last day in town, we went to the Stock show parade, I think it was shorter than last year (and had fewer cattle), but it was still neat (and we had good seats this year.)

We had lunch at Cafe 180, they put the reuben sandwich back on the menu, so I had that and my usual salad. Back at the house we played Uno until the shuttle driver came.

A quick trip, but we managed to put a lot of stuff in it.



Hard to believe, but Grace is 16. Grace the artist, River Watch volunteer, baker, plant lover, cetacean lover, reader, swimmer, sister, daughter, friend. She’s sweet and sassy and getting ready to learn how to drive.

Birthday breakfast at Kneaders with friends.

Water park with friends.



50! {Roatan, Honduras}


Yes, we planned it that way. I thought if our anniversary was one day before his birthday we’d never forget it. Port, a nice collection of local shops and wares.

It was already hot, I managed to use the selfie-stick, still it took 4 tries.

We grabbed a taxi and asked for Tabyana beach, but it seems that Tabyana means beach, so we ended up at West bay again, but this time we had a very nice restaurant, chairs, umbrellas, gift shop, swings, bathrooms and pier at our part of the beach. You could walk down to any other part of the beach, but we stuck by our end.

You could walk over to the platform and climb up to jump off but it was so nice just swimming around no one tried it. Bethany found $5 and a pair of nice goggles in the water, usually we lose goggles on every trip, so it was nice to find a pair.

We rode back to the port (our taxi driver, like the one in Jamaica, stayed at the beach while we were there) and the girls shopped for a bit before heading back to their room. James and I sat at a bar right next to the ship and had a drink, we still had 30 minutes before all aboard.

When we got back to our room – surprise! (That was totally our steward Bobb that did that.)

Hannah was begging to go to the ropes course (it had been closed so far for high wind.) So, we went. We weren’t up there for 10 minutes when they closed it and made everyone come down. It was really windy and I don’t like to rely on my harness, so I was trying to walk the course by grabbing the overhead ropes. Hannah was sad that she never made it to the platform to take her picture, but I was glad to come down.

The girls decided to play putt-putt again, in the wind and tossing ship.

James and I left them after the game and went to the Spice deck to sit for a bit.

Dinner was at Cagney’s, Hannah took our picture, repeatedly.

We went back to the room for cake. The girls split off to go do stuff and James and I went to the humidor to smoke a cigar. Yes, I smoked a cigar with him to celebrate 50. I made a few smoke rings too, not sure how I did that as I kept trying after that and didn’t manage it again. James asked how I was so good at smoking a cigar (since I have never smoked anything, except an unlit cigarette in 6th grade.) ‘I’ve seen movies’ was my reply. It actually wasn’t bad, I like the smell of cigar smoke and there were only a few other people in the room (so not much smoke.) But, we reeked of cigar when we left the room. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of me with a cigar in my mouth, or trying to make smoke rings. I think that this was a fabulous day to turn 50.

Hannah is 13!


She had the day all planned out. First, church, where some friends gave her some presents….

Then, a quick Farmer’s market/Michael’s stop. Then, Dirt coffee. She’s been waiting for a trip there since they opened in early May, but she wanted it to be on her birthday.

Then, back home to eat sandwiches and watch The Greatest Showman. Joel called and said ‘Hi’ to her and we talked for a bit, then we watched some Silly Symphonies (Zootopia wasn’t on Netflix anymore – boo.) Then, off to dinner at CiCi’s pizza.

Yes, there are still 2 of them in Colorado, Aurora and Westminster. Back at home she opened presents and we had cake (Eileen’s cookie shop was too busy to make a cookie cake, so we got one from King Soopers.)

She ended the day with texts from Grandma Peek-a-boo and adding stuff to her new 10 gallon fish tank (the 5 was getting too small for her fish.)



This morning I took Hannah to some spots for birthday pics. It was really sunny, which I hate for outdoor shoots.

It did make a nice green glowing effect through the leaves in one spot, but I really prefer to take outdoor pics on cloudy days. Red Rocks was closed for a graduation, so we ended up in Golden a bit early. The fire department was practicing swift water rescues, proof that tubing season is coming soon. We walked around a bit and then had lunch at D’Deli. We got back home and waited for Bethany to get home so we could leave for the Springs. Hannah didn’t know where we were going. Grace had said that we were going by River Watch, I said no we weren’t and Bethany said we might be eating somewhere. She didn’t know we were heading to the Springs and it took over an hour to get there due to traffic, but she still thought we were going to RW. There were no signs at the arena, no tent, just a building. We got out and Bethany and Grace were smiling and saying, ‘Happy Birthday.’ Hannah was so confused. We were like, we’re at the circus! She couldn’t believe it. She has been wanting to go to a circus since watching The Greatest Showman, but I only knew of one (The Zoppe circus) and it doesn’t get into town until Aug. Then I happened to see the Al Kaly Shrine circus coming in to the Springs today – luck!

We got popcorn, cotton candy and cokes and sat down to watch the show.

They had tigers, elephants, dogs, horses, a llama, a cat that could jump through a hoop, a guy in a Spiderman costume that was walking upside down (with his feet in rope loops) with no net, trapeze, hoops, a seesaw that was flipping people into the air and motorcycles in a cage. Our favorite parts were the Spiderman, farm routine and dogs.

They ran over by a bit, but I got Grace to youth group in record time from the Springs (54 min, no traffic and I might have been speeding a bit.) That was a fun group birthday present.