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Friday –

Time for the Winter Wonderland dance. I dropped off the girls and… they had fun! I was sure I’d pick them up early, but they stayed from 6 to 9:30pm.

Saturday it was go to the mall (and I put pics of Jack all over the Microsoft store computers.)

And got some late b-day pics of Bethany (the mall has great backdrops.)

Then it was off to drop the girls at the MCA for an 80’s party.

I took the opportunity to run by the Courthouse to take pics of the lights.

Sunday we went to church and decided to take a drive to Coney island for hot dogs.

When we got home, Jack was bored.

Goings on, school, work for Grace, river samples, teen poe-tea, ice carvings, youth group, teen science cafe, driving practice, Paint mines, doc, blood draw, Platte hike, Chocolate affair, church, zoo (maybe)

Dinners -Italian sausage and potatoes, chicken pot pie, hamburger patties with mushrooms and onions, beef and barley stew, aloo phujia, chicken with tabbouleh.

Aloo Phujia

1 onion, chopped
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 pound potatoes, peeled and cubed
1/2 tsp teaspoon salt
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp ground turmeric
1/4 tsp ground cumin
2 tomatoes, chopped
1lb cubed pork

Lightly brown onion in oil in a medium size skillet.
Stir in salt, cayenne, turmeric and cumin. Add potatoes and cook 10 minutes stirring occasionally.
Add tomatoes and pork, cover pan and cook until potatoes are soft, about 10 minutes.

Snow dog on Monday.

Fox theater


Advent day 12

We went to the Fox for Granny Dances a Holiday Drum show with the Cleo Robinson Parker dancers. It’s just a sampling of the show, but it’s free and the dancers are amazing. Video of the dances here and here and here.

My friend Renee gave me a Christmas present of 2 recipe books and a coin purse from Hawaii.

I gave her some super soft slippers, tea and a coloring book. We had lunch, dropped off tix at a friend’s house, came home, I took Grace to CU for a teen science cafe and a friend took Hannah to the youth group party.




Advent day 10.

It was nice only having 1 set of shirt, leotard, bloomers and skirt to iron.

Here’s the video from rehearsal (they were wearing green tunics and gold leaf sparklers in their hair. They had to use about 100 bobby pins to keep it in her hair!)

Click here for video.

The sunset was amazing.




This was my early morning.

We did school, I was wondering what date the end of the semester was on, it’s the 19th for both girls. But, it’s weird for Grace, the finals are due after break, not before, pretty sure finals have always been before. But, they started late, so I guess that push into January is to make up for that. Grace started driving again, she hasn’t driven since 9/13! So, this week is drive intensive. She did really well for picking up where we left off. She drove to and from CC, which isn’t that far, but on the way home I had her go the long way and she got in 20 minutes of driving. I cleaned out the craft stuff in the pantry (which shouldn’t be there anyway, stuff just gets shoved in there when we do art projects because it’s closer than going out into the garage.) I cleaned out the coat closet to make room for new coats for the girls, we have lots of jackets or sweaters, but no actual coats for them. I cleaned out the art cabinet and found a whole box of Home Depot Christmas ornaments to make, I’ll be handing those out at our Elf party and other places. On the way to dance the kids piped up with random conversation about wakes (or ‘the party you go to after the funeral.’) So, I’m taking note that Grace wants churros at her party and Hannah wants everyone to have a pickle-in-a-bag. Sunset at the coffee shop.

Grace usually sits and works on a digital art piece, she got a lot done on another Dan and Phil she’s working on. I just scanned FB and took a picture of the table candle with the trees in the background.

After dinner (quesadillas), we went to Wal-mart to get coats and a dog sweater for Jack (he went too.) We ended the night with a Death in Paradise (in which we lose the first detective featured in the show, we liked him.)

Educators night, Kindness Krewe, Park day


I’m really glad that the CC class needed a worker and that Grace got the job. It’s only 2.5 hours a week, but it gives her some money and stops her from wanting to get  job (because as James says, you have your whole life to work.) Hannah had dance and Grace came to Solid Grounds with me to finish her art for October.

James and I went to the educator night at the museum to check out stuff. They always have good food and drinks there, which is nice. We bumped into friends and chatted, then walked around grabbing literature and making notes. There was a really cool anatomy in clay class, but the cost would be way too much for most people. I saw that Popculture added a classroom and makerspace and they have cool looking classes that aren’t too expensive. We also saw a lot of animals from different nature conservancies and the zoo.

We got a free ticket to go back to the museum, which we might do after the Cuba exhibit opens. We also got a peek at the MIndbender mansion exhibit (which we’re going to on Friday.) The girls are going to love it.

Tuesday we got school done and headed over to Whole Foods to meet up with some other families to make homeless purses. It’s just like homeless bags, but we put in things women need like – tampons and pads plus water, socks, hand sanitizer, snacks, hair ties, q-tips and more. We made 16 bags, 4 went to the Lone Tree police department, some are going to The Gathering Place and some are being handed out to women on the street.

I’m glad that we had 2 other families join us, this is the kind of thing that works better with more people.

Wednesday I finally took the girls to Teriyaki Madness with their library coupon and I have to say, they sucked. I won’t be going back, the orange chicken was old and dried up, the noodles were too sweet , the fried rice was meh. So, we went, now we know. After that we went over to the park, alone, and walked Jack around. We played a leaf game, read a kids book (there is a little library at the park), Jack waded in the water and then we left.

We decorated Jack with leaves, then he ate them.

Worship – Glad Surrender


Today marked the end of this dance session. We have been going through Elisabeth Elliot’s book Discipline, The Glad Surrender. In some ways it tied into things we were going through at church, there were deep conversations had and new ways of looking at how to be a Christ follower. I thought that I had a video of Hannah’s rehearsal dance, but apparently I only took pics.

Everyone made it through without getting hurt, but we were very thirsty afterward (when you are in a leotard, tights, bloomers, skirt, shirt, overshirt and pinned, you don’t drink a lot so you won’t have to go to the bathroom!) James had to go back to work, so the girls and I went to Chick-Fil-A for snacks. The adults had flags and it’s one of those dances where I would do it again tomorrow (but don’t ask me in a few months to do it, I’ll forget by then.) I don’t normally have a video of my dance, but here it is (at rehearsal, I was better in the evening!)

The week so far


Sunday we went to church, then worked in the little kids room for the next service. We had 15 kids, which is a lot! But, everyone did well. James and I went on the gulch walk that the girls and I did with the library last week. It was a bit hot, but a nice short walk by the creek.

Our week – school, worship dance, HS group newbie/co-op chat, galaxy print t-shirts @library, Walk2Connect urban garden walk, Botanical illustration class work, youth groups, Teacher’s Day Out Castle Rock, Kindness Krewe (trash pick up at the park), Women’s banquet at church, hikety-hike, Mother’s day picnic at the HR Mansion.

Dinners this week – meatballs with penne pasta and marinara sauce (Hannah), cheese quesadillas and tomato soup, chicken and rice casserole (Grace), chipotle salmon and sweet potatoes, lima beans and sausage with peasant bread, grilling stuff.

Easy Chicken Rice Casserole

6 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves, cut into bite size pieces
2 cups milk
2 cups uncooked white rice
1 10 oz can condensed cream of chicken soup
1 10 oz can cream of mushroom soup
1 bag frozen peas
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp dill
1 tsp salt
pepper to taste

And lunch at SAME cafe’.