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School, jazz, hike


Hannah had to do a potato topographical map for Earth science, it was kind of cute. The water is red instead of blue because they included red dye and she didn’t want to use our blue dye.

I took Jack on a photo/sniff walk on the canal.

Wild plums are mostly ripe, we need to go pick some to make some jam.

The girls watched Jack while James and I went to EG for jazz. Phil made me an excellent Kookaburra (root beer, absinthe, root beer liqueur.)

Wednesday we went to the library to do school, we’re planning on making that a weekly occurrence.

In the afternoon we went to the Audubon area for a hike.

Our A/C froze up last night, so it was a hot night sleeping (I think we got it down to low 80’s with the windows open, but the breeze was blowing the wrong way.) Stupid adult things one has to do, fixing A/C’s.

I finished this book – I think the most interesting thing about Audrey Hepburn’s story is not that she survived the Winter Hunger, it’s not her involvement in the Dutch resistance at age 15, it’s not her courageous escape from the back of a German van that was driving around picking up women, it’s not her iron will to dance and to work hard at something she wanted so passionately – I think the most interesting thing is her reaction to reading Anne Frank’s diary. They were soul sisters, Dutch, born a few months apart, loved to dance, lived 60 miles apart and were captive during the war. There were details in Anne’s diary that were images of Audrey’s family – 5 men shot by the Nazi’s, one of those men was Audrey’s Uncle. Audrey turned down playing Anne Frank on film because she could not relive the horror and she felt that Anne’s life was almost like that of a sister and she couldn’t play that role and honor her; it was just too close to her own war experience. Very good biography of Audrey Kathleen van Heemstra Ruston.




It’s not fair, the older I get, the faster time flies. Jack was being a nut this morning.

Tuesday we had a co-op at the Chatfield botanic gardens, we went there to see the earth work art by Patrick Dougherty. This is the 5th installation of his that we’ve seen (and only 1 of those 4 are still around.) They are ephemeral pieces, so they don’t last forever.

Invasion of the Japanese beetles, I think they are pretty.

Around the farm and the small butterfly garden.

It was getting hot when we left, so glad we went in the morning. I had to run in at the doc and get some blood work done, I was supposed to have an MRi to check out my brain (headaches), but I volunteered the info that I have metal coils in my spleen and since the info wasn’t in my chart, they said no. Turns out I was supposed to get a card from the hospital that says that I have the correct kind of metal that can go through an MRI, but I never got it. It took the docs till Friday to get the info and (more on this later) by then they just told me to go to the ER.

Wednesday I had a newbie chat with some homeschoolers, Jack went to daycare and Grace retook her driving test (and passed!)

She made herself a celebratory lemon chiffon cake.

The Boop was tired.

My headache was getting worse, I call this piece ‘Fiery pain in my brain.’

This one reminds me of a very hot day here.

Jack thinks it’s fun when Joel plays with him.

Some more fluid art.

I really need to get a blowtorch to bring out the cells better.

Friday I went to the doc with 2 new worrying symptoms – face numbness (like when you go the dentist and they give you a shot) on the left side of my face and hand tingling on the right side. My face wasn’t drooping, it just felt numb. Well, given those symptoms, head pain of 8, vision problems, fatigue and dizziness, the doc said to go to the ER and get an MRI there (because if she had just ordered one it would have been next week.) So, I drove home and Bethany drove me to the ER, James took an Uber there, Bethany went home and Joel came up. I was there for 7 hours, 5 IV pokes before the 5th one was good, a CT scan and MRI, some IV meds and EKG. They came up with nothing on the scans, so I was referred to a neurologist. But at least I left the place with a prescription and enough meds to knock the pain down to a 3/4.

Looking much better on Sunday.

Hannah met a friend at the mall, so Jack got to go through Nordstroms. He sat quietly by my seat in the mall until it was time to go.

James was at work, so when I went to pick him up we had a date night in Golden. First stop, Golden Moon Speakeasy where I had 2 excellent drinks (and my new favorite – root beer and absinthe.)

Then we walked over to Tributary, a new food hall. I think they need one more dinner type food place (they had pizza and a raw seafood bar), but overall they have some good options for breakfast/lunch.

The Buffalo Rose was playing live music, so we went over there to listen. I had never been in the old one before, but the new digs they have are awesome. I love the pieces of history they saved/exposed and the open air bar is very cool (it has a sliding roof.)

This is the week that we follow Bethany back to GJ for school. Joel and company leave on the day we get back. They have: gone to the shooting range, fixed up a motorcycle, gone hiking/camping, ran errands, slept in, played video games, played with Jack and eaten some good food. I guess I missed my chance at a family picture because as I write this Bethany is about to head out (early because she has some job training to do before school starts), James is at work, so I could get a ‘just the kids pic’….

Week so far


Tuesday we had a real girls day. We had Kneader’s for breakfast, then Bethany had to go do something for work. In the afternoon we all went to get manicures (except for Bethany who got a pedicure.) Then back home for dinner, then the girls watched Jack so James and I could go listen to LAPOMPE at Union Station. Technically we can take Jack there, but we haven’t yet.

Wednesday was the Senses exhibit at the DMNS. The girls had already seen it at teen night, but I hadn’t. We had about 80 people show up for the field trip. The exhibit had some good information, some hands on stuff, a good show and a room that made me dizzy.

Jack was at doggie daycare all day, so he was tired. We had movie night with popcorn and candy watching the Basil Rathbone Hound of the Baskervilles – that is until Plex cut out about halfway through. Then we started watching Dressed to Kill (also Rathbone), but didn’t finish it.

Thursday was park day, we’ve never been to Majestic view park or nature center, it was okay. There are no bathrooms, lots of ants and not much shade at the park. But it does have a nice view. We wore Jack out playing ‘Jack in the middle’ and made some chalk art/sayings.

Last week


Jack got shots on Monday, he was a brave boy and it didn’t seem to hurt him as much as they did last year (maybe because he’s bigger.) Bethany and Grace got in from CA and Jack went nuts, running back and forth, slipping around curves, standing still for a second, then screeching off again – you’d think the girls had been gone for a month!

Tuesday I went to a library event on Chinese calligraphy, I learned a few words and made a quick brush painting. The lady teaching us had her own stamps and came by to stamp our best work.

I wasn’t home for long before heading off again to TNO. It was at Adelita’s (taco Tuesday) and we were on the patio. James came and we had a good catch up conversation with the Dolence’s.

Wednesday was park day at Washington park. They got a new playground and it’s very nice.

Someone did show up, but we never saw them, so Grace made chalk art, Jack chased squirrels and Hannah walked around. I had to go back to my doc for another mammo, ended up that everything is fine.

Thursday Jack had a grooming appointment at Petsmart. I thought they were only taking off an inch, but he looks like baby Jack (but he is soooo soft.)

The girls had to go get shots and then I dropped them at the library to make bath bombs and lip balm.

Friday was Creativity club at the Parker library, no one showed, but Grace made some digital art and Hannah and I played Trivial Pursuit.

We had lunch at the house, then went to Golden for henna. I walked along the creek with Ann and then we sat and chatted for a while waiting on the girls.

Saturday Bethany came with us for coffee.

Later, James and I went to Globeville for the Orthodox food fair.

We had some drinks, a Russian crepe thing with meat in it and baklava. It had gotten a lot smaller than the last time we went. We lucked out on the weather, it was cloudy with a nice breeze. We took Jack by Petsmart for ice cream, then back home

Sunday we went to church, the message was on Jehoshaphat – How we handle admonishment and adversity will determine our influence and impact. Without good judgement we will find ourselves in places or relationships that are ultimately harmful to us. God is waiting to help, just let Him know that you don’t know what to do next and He’ll step in.

2 Chronicles 20:12…We don’t know what to do; we’re looking to you.

I finished reading The Leper Spy –

Started and finished this book the other day. It is a pedestrian book (like his others), but it’s wildly different. This book deals with the capturing of the Philippines, the angst of war, the liberation and freedom of the people there and how one small Filipina woman helped the US against the Japanese. There is a lot of lost history, obviously there are many individuals who were spies, resistance fighters and just average American soldiers who went above and beyond, but we don’t know everyone’s story – the story of Josefina Guerrero however was widely known in the US, but seems lost to time. I warn you though, you will have to stop reading at points to gather your emotions, the horrors of war are not glossed over (and yes, Americans also did horrible things during the war, but this book is specific to the Philippines, the Battle of Manilla, the Bataan death march, and so on.)

Joey (as she was known) had something special that allowed her to get close to the enemy and report back – leprosy. Her faith was very important to her and rather than sit in apathy at her disease, she risked everything to help free her country. She was small, but defiant, little but hugely brave in the face of danger, she was caring, bandaging wounded, closing the eyes of the dead, scrubbing the leper colony clean. She was adamant – she called on others to provide for her leper colony facilities and they came through. Hardships like leaving the country, coming to the US, getting treatment, divorcing her husband, leaving behind her daughter, just made her stronger. This woman lived so much and buried so much that when she died, no one knew about her heroism during the war. Great read to learn a little snippet of history about WWII.

M was coming over to spend the night, so we left everyone at home (except for Jack) and went to City Park Jazz. We got an awesome parking spot, the clouds rolled in so we weren’t burning up and the music was neat. Listen here or here.

Fun Friday


Hannah finished packing for Christ In Youth camp (she leaves tomorrow), Grace got to hang out with Gwen for a bit and I took Jack to NIA in the park. I didn’t know how he would do, it is a park and there were dogs walking by, geese wandering around and of course music and people dancing – but he did great.

He sat at my feet the whole time, until the last 2 songs. He found a goose feather and when I pulled it out of his mouth, he found another one. So I just went and sat down on a bench and did the arm motions for the last song. We were in the shade and it was morning, but it was already getting hot. We had a nice potluck after the dancing and got to chat, which was very nice. When I got back Grace had gone to Skate city with Gwen and Hannah wanted to chill, so I sat around and read.

When James got home we left Jack with the girls and went to Color con for a date night. Color con was a couple of blocks of new murals being painted on the alleys near Broadway. Not as big as RiNo, but still nice to walk around and look.

Bonus fun – I made a Frida button.

We went to Atelier for dinner.

We sat inside, but had a view out the window to the patio. We had the crab gratin and lobster ravioli. I should have taken a better pic, our table was half in light and half in shadow, but let me tell you – the presentation and the taste were sensational. The chef knows his stuff, the place is small but with the huge windows open you get a sense of space. I love the little touches of the pans on the wall, lights outside and the fresh bread and butter that was not just something to snack on, but part of the meal to enjoy.


Anniversary/birthday week


27 years, 12 moves, 4 kids, 1 Jack. Flowers from my Schnooke and card from my Mom.

Coffee and breakfast with my husband (and boop.) I had avocado toast for the first time – it was good.

We walked around the shops and found one that was Jack friendly.

Heading out to dinner at Sierra Grill.

That green chile mac and cheese, yum!

We stopped at EG for a night cap and it was Thankful Thursday with vintage typewriters, so we wrote some love notes and a thank you note to the girls. That was a wonderful end to an anniversary date.

Friday was James’ 51st birthday. We started with coffee and pastries in Cherry creek.

Jack was glad he could cool off in the Amazon book store.

Then Jack helped me make a cake.

Grace made a new digital drawing.

James wanted pictures, so he got stickers of Jack drawn by Grace, a photo of the girls and Jack, a statue of Charlie Brown and Snoopy and cards.

Saturday morning we took the the girls to Panera and then wandered around the Paris street market.

We dropped Jack at daycare and James and I headed over to Englewood for the Putt crawl.

Zomo finally opened up, good to have another good dining option on the block.

Sunday we went to church, Grace left with her youth group for New Mexico to host a VBS at an Apache Indian reservation, I read my book, we got ice cream and James, Jack and I went to City Park Jazz.

The Organic God by Margaret Feinberg – another awesome book.

Urban reflection.

I’m going to be childless during the day this coming week – but I still have Jack, so….



Saturday morning Grace and I worked at Connections church (where so goes to youth group), then we picked up everyone else and went to the food truck carnival. We had shrimp po boys, crawfish etouffee, sushi, potstickers, cajun fries, root beer floats, coffee floats, ice cream and cokes. It was all good even if I did miss the What would Cheezus do and PB&J trucks (which were there another day.)

Sunday was Mother’s day. I got flowers, a cute card, digital art, tea cup candles, licorice tea, we went to church, ate lunch at Sherpa house, had a walk by the creek, took a nap, read my book and went to a speakeasy for drinks. I think it was an excellent Mother’s day.