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Our week so far


Monday we went to Solid Grounds for Creativity club. No one else showed up, but we spent some time chilling and making art.

Then it was off to Cafe 180 for lunch.

Since we had Jack at puppy daycare we went to Walmart to shop for clothes and stuff. We picked him up, went home, got dinner started, then James and I went out to educators night at the DMNS. It was very light on the tables this time, but we did get to see the new Cuba exhibit, eat, drink and get 2 tickets to come back to see the Davinci exhibit. We left there and went to Union Lodge to have a nightcap.

Tuesday Grace took her History, Ag and Science finals, she didn’t have to take the English final because she already had an A, sometimes the teachers do stuff like that. We took Jack to the dog park and he was being such a toot. The other dogs were chasing him, but when they stopped he went over and was harassing a much bigger dog, jumping in his face, barking, biting his feet, trying to get the dog to chase him. So, we left, if Jack weighed as much as that dog he would be seen as aggressive, but since he’s little people think it’s cute – but he was being a bully, so his play time was cut short. I started dinner and then left for TNO. It was a nice surprise to see 4 other moms there, good to chat and laugh with them.

Today Hannah and I went to NIA, she asked about 30 minutes into it ‘How much longer is it?’ But, she made it all the way through. I didn’t do the floor part at the end, it was hard to get up last time, so I just sat in a chair. It was fun, but worked up a sweat. Grace finished her math final and did 1 more thing in digital art, just one thing left to do in there tomorrow. Hannah didn’t have finals, so she’s just started back with semester 2 (Grace starts semester 2 next week.) I have a meet and greet type event with some new homeschoolers this afternoon, then I’m picking up a friend and driving Grace and him to the Teen science cafe in Boulder. What I really want is to take a nap, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

Snow! Weekend



It was black out skate at Skate city tonight.

The next morning we shoveled a path for Jack and got affogato at Coffee lady.

Jack loves to eat snow.

We got James’ new glasses and Jack was bored.

Heading to Fargo’s.

We left there and went to the Penrose museum, I wanted to see if it would make a good field trip, it was pretty neat and we learned a lot about the Broadmoor and area.

Sunday we went to church and then headed to Georgetown for the ice races.

The ice is 17″ thick, still it’s a little unnerving to be standing on the lake with tons of cars driving around.

The week –¬†back to school, Creativity club, Cafe 180, Educator’s night, driving practice, TNO, NIA, Co-op chat, Teen science cafe, youth group, hiking, RW site testing, zoo, Speakeasy Soiree, church, Bethany leaves for GJ.

Dinners –¬†artichoke chicken, beef stroganoff, pork tacos, shrimp and sausage jambalaya, chutney pork chops and sweet potatoes, Tex-Mex soup, TV dinners (James and I have a date.)



It was James’ break too, so on Friday we braved the cold and drove to Ft. Collins to check out Littleman’s new ice cream shop up there – Churn. Jack was shivering, eating his ice cream and shivering some more (but not giving up that ice cream!)

Flatirons on the way home.

It was to cold to go walking from store to store, so we took the scenic way home. Saturday we lazed around, same for Sunday. We took Jack to his favorite store to get a cookie, they were all out of iced ones so he got a BBQ mailman instead.

Monday it started snowing, which made everyone happy (and made a shorter line at Dim Sum.) I got a call from my cardiologist while we were eating, upping my meds again, but I did enjoy my meal.

Bethany went to a friends house, we chilled out till it was time for fireworks.

Watching Peter Rabbit.

It was 8 degrees, so we bundled up and put a sweater and coat on Jack. The fireworks were very short this year, about 5 minutes, not sure why they were so short.

We headed home and watched some TV to stay awake till 12 to ring in the New Year with grape and apple champagne.

Tuesday was our first hike of the New Year, at South valley. It was 9 or 10 or something like that – cold. Even with the sun shining it was cold, there was a slight breeze. Jack walked part of the way, then we carried him so his paws could warm up, but he wanted to get down again.


We warmed up with some coffee and doughnuts and I was happy that was our big outing of the day.

I have no big plans for the next few days, just chilling, running errands, checking on things, getting movies from the library, and cleaning up for my Mom’s visit next week. I might have to find something to do this weekend though, too much chilling wears on one.

Cleaning and river sampling


I spent the morning cleaning out kitchen cabinets. We needed to make room for Grace’s blender, a shelf fell down and had to be taken out and there was just general messiness. I got everything done before anyone woke up, so that was nice. Grace and I went out to grab some water samples, to test. I had 1 packet left for the DO, so we won’t be able to do January before we go to the site test, I was hoping to show up with everything for the month, but we’ll just have to come back and drop them off.


Right/left banks

Extra pics.

We finished up, then I took Jack to the dog park. He ran around and when he wanted to rest, he stood under one of the wolves and the other dogs left him alone.

Then he patiently waited for a puppuccino.



Advent day 14

Our field trip for the day, a highlights tour of the art museum. The sections we were in (Stampede) was closed off earlier this week to a guy who vandalized 6 pieces of art before visitors help him down until police arrived. There usually isn’t much security in the regular galleries, so it’s not surprising that someone managed to do something to some art before people said, ‘Hey!’ Security was, however, tight during our visit.

I had my first cardiologist visit since the hospital. She is upping my beta blocker meds to twice what it is now, I’m sure there is going to be some very light headed days in my future (my BP today was 98/60.)

Jack also played with Jack Jr or tried too.

Grace made this.

Lapompe, driving, string art, photo walk, party


Grace started driving again this week, so we went out every day and drove here and there. On Friday she got on the freeway and made a giant loop back to the house for 54 min of drive time. She’s doing really well, there were a few jerks who drove like jerks (we have a ‘new driver’ magnet on the back of the van – people know she’s new.)

Tuesday James and I had a date night at Nocturne jazz supper club with Lapompe playing. The food was really salty (that’s probably because I haven’t had much salt in stuff lately), but it was good. The music, well it’s gypsy jazz with Lapompe, so it was awesome.

Jack is ready for Christmas photos.

He got to go to the dog park and play with the wolves, we haven’t been in a while, so he was happy.

Being spooky.

Thursday we went to a library program and did string art, Hannah stayed home to Jack sit and we pick up a friend to go with us. I did a heart and Grace did a narwhal.

Jack loves to sleep in a hammock made from a blanket and your legs.

But, at 12 pounds, he’s kind of heavy.

Friday I took Jack with me on a photo/sniff walk. I took pics, he sniffed.

Hannah had a Christmas party at church and made these awesome cookies, they also played games, ate snacks and watched The Grinch.