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First day of school


Jack – Subjects – chasing the ball, chewing on the ball, destroying the ball, chasing squirrels, chasing rabbits, sleeping, eating puppuccinos, hiking, swimming (as long as he doesn’t really touch the water too much), running around like a terrier.

Likes – balls, food that you are eating, puppuccinos, eating cookies from Zoey’s Natural Pet Market, playing at daycare at PetSmart, sleeping in the car, sleeping in the bed, sleeping on the couch.

Hannah 9th grade Destinations Career Academy of Colorado, pathway – Law enforcement.
Classes – English, Algebra I, Earth science, Astronomy, Intro to Criminal Justice.
Extras – volunteering, working at church coffee shop, co-ops, field trips, Police Explorer post, hiking, swimming, sign language, ukulele.

Grace 12th grade Destinations Career Academy of Colorado, pathway – Agriscience.
Classes – British literature, Practical Math, Forensics, Chemistry, Independent Study.
Extras – volunteering, working in child care, co-ops, field trips, hiking, swimming, digital art, art in general, River Watch station manager.

Me – I am planning more older kid events and field trips – the Opera, the Ballet, the Symphony. I’m looking out for teen library events and get togethers. I’m hosting Teacher’s day and night outs, reading, drawing, collaging, practicing my ukulele, getting some ASL in, maybe some NIA time, hiking, swimming and now kayaking.

The first day of school started with Hannah and Grace doing some on-line work, then we went to the library to walk shelter dogs. I’m not saying we’re getting another dog, but…this one was cute.

Someone asked it Jack was up for adoption – no!

This dog was nice, but it shed everywhere.

We ate lunch on a bench and went back to walk Hera again, though if we got her we’d change her name to Juniper or Piper or something like that. Then we went to Solid Grounds for coffee and school. Grace was investigating the Blainville beaked whale and Hannah was taking notes in Criminal justice.

Later we’re heading to Union Station for dinner and LAPOMPE.



Jack’s new balls came in and I swear he could smell them in the box. We put them on the kitchen counter and he kept going over and trying to jump up, then we moved them to the top of the fridge (still in the box) and he sat by the fridge barking for a while.

I’m not sure if we got a bad lot last time or what, the pink ball only lasted 4 days and I’ve been taking bets on the orange ball.

We’re at the start of day 3 today and it has a very small tear in the seam (but I count ‘broken’ when he cracks the seam so much he can get the crackle ball out.)

Hannah had a bunch of Class connects to do today, orientation, going over the OLS, it was a lot of review because we’ve been using the OLS for K12 for 14 years. The only difference is how it looks from middle to high school, but she went into each CC session and participated. I had a chiro appointment and then I went to the massage lady at Whole foods. The chiro gave me a front headache when he punched the activator thing on my neck, so I thought the massage lady could help work out the knots in my neck a little more. It’s a bit better, but still feels like I have to pop my neck and it won’t. Still have face numbness, hand tingling, vision stuff and headaches – though those are much less painful, but it’s still there. I have to give the chiro and massage lady some time to work before heading back to the doc to say – let’s look at that tumor in a CT scan and see if something has changed. Hannah wanted to do her last CC at the coffee shop, so we went there and I started on a collage of this drawing.

I took Jack’s not back to school pics, the girls will get theirs done tomorrow or the next day (they don’t start until Tuesday.)

I scored tix to the Corteo Cirque de Soleil show for the me and the girls. It was amazing, we had to drive through a massive rainstorm to get there, but it was worth it.

Co-ops are being posted, I have a field trip to set up, an opera to put in numbers for and I’m waiting for the St. John’s music at noon schedule and the Fox theater cultural show schedule to come out. We’re doing something tomorrow, hiking somewhere – not sure where yet. Then after some testing on Friday we’re heading out to camp – fun. And finally, here are some pics from the HR backcountry cam.



Joel is coming in.

Dog park.

Concerned Jack t the hair salon. Usually he just takes up residence under my chair and sleeps, today he was wary.

Happy Colorado day! (Aug 1), Buskerfest started.

Drummer guy here. Acrobats here. Hula hoops here.

Saturday we went to coffee, did some more cleaning, then James went to pick up the guys (4 of them) from the airport. I made gumbo for dinner and even though I fed 9 people, we had leftovers. Sunday I took Hannah to church, she worked the coffee shop (and made $11 in tips.) We started a new series on the prayer of Jabez. I Chronicles 4:10 Jabez prayed to the God of Israel: “Bless me, O bless me! Give me land, large tracts of land. And provide your personal protection—don’t let evil hurt me.” God gave him what he asked. I had a headache all day, I go for an MRI on Tuesday to see if there’s anything physically making my head hurt, eyes go wonky and making me dizzy. After church we had lunch at Panera and walked around the shops.

Jack got to play with his ball pit and we watched a Charlie Chan.

James grilled and we watched a Columbo. The guys had been out all day at Elitches, Hannah and M walked to Target and Grace and Brooke got to hang out. The week looks pretty busy.

Last week


Jack got shots on Monday, he was a brave boy and it didn’t seem to hurt him as much as they did last year (maybe because he’s bigger.) Bethany and Grace got in from CA and Jack went nuts, running back and forth, slipping around curves, standing still for a second, then screeching off again – you’d think the girls had been gone for a month!

Tuesday I went to a library event on Chinese calligraphy, I learned a few words and made a quick brush painting. The lady teaching us had her own stamps and came by to stamp our best work.

I wasn’t home for long before heading off again to TNO. It was at Adelita’s (taco Tuesday) and we were on the patio. James came and we had a good catch up conversation with the Dolence’s.

Wednesday was park day at Washington park. They got a new playground and it’s very nice.

Someone did show up, but we never saw them, so Grace made chalk art, Jack chased squirrels and Hannah walked around. I had to go back to my doc for another mammo, ended up that everything is fine.

Thursday Jack had a grooming appointment at Petsmart. I thought they were only taking off an inch, but he looks like baby Jack (but he is soooo soft.)

The girls had to go get shots and then I dropped them at the library to make bath bombs and lip balm.

Friday was Creativity club at the Parker library, no one showed, but Grace made some digital art and Hannah and I played Trivial Pursuit.

We had lunch at the house, then went to Golden for henna. I walked along the creek with Ann and then we sat and chatted for a while waiting on the girls.

Saturday Bethany came with us for coffee.

Later, James and I went to Globeville for the Orthodox food fair.

We had some drinks, a Russian crepe thing with meat in it and baklava. It had gotten a lot smaller than the last time we went. We lucked out on the weather, it was cloudy with a nice breeze. We took Jack by Petsmart for ice cream, then back home

Sunday we went to church, the message was on Jehoshaphat – How we handle admonishment and adversity will determine our influence and impact. Without good judgement we will find ourselves in places or relationships that are ultimately harmful to us. God is waiting to help, just let Him know that you don’t know what to do next and He’ll step in.

2 Chronicles 20:12…We don’t know what to do; we’re looking to you.

I finished reading The Leper Spy –

Started and finished this book the other day. It is a pedestrian book (like his others), but it’s wildly different. This book deals with the capturing of the Philippines, the angst of war, the liberation and freedom of the people there and how one small Filipina woman helped the US against the Japanese. There is a lot of lost history, obviously there are many individuals who were spies, resistance fighters and just average American soldiers who went above and beyond, but we don’t know everyone’s story – the story of Josefina Guerrero however was widely known in the US, but seems lost to time. I warn you though, you will have to stop reading at points to gather your emotions, the horrors of war are not glossed over (and yes, Americans also did horrible things during the war, but this book is specific to the Philippines, the Battle of Manilla, the Bataan death march, and so on.)

Joey (as she was known) had something special that allowed her to get close to the enemy and report back – leprosy. Her faith was very important to her and rather than sit in apathy at her disease, she risked everything to help free her country. She was small, but defiant, little but hugely brave in the face of danger, she was caring, bandaging wounded, closing the eyes of the dead, scrubbing the leper colony clean. She was adamant – she called on others to provide for her leper colony facilities and they came through. Hardships like leaving the country, coming to the US, getting treatment, divorcing her husband, leaving behind her daughter, just made her stronger. This woman lived so much and buried so much that when she died, no one knew about her heroism during the war. Great read to learn a little snippet of history about WWII.

M was coming over to spend the night, so we left everyone at home (except for Jack) and went to City Park Jazz. We got an awesome parking spot, the clouds rolled in so we weren’t burning up and the music was neat. Listen here or here.

Park day, Golden Gate canyon SP, Platte river photo/sniff walk


Monday Bethany came with us to Paco park. The climbing part was still closed (and I’m betting will be all summer.) Look, I have children that don’t have fur!

Bethany and Grace went to Skate city, Hannah got dropped at home and Jack and I went to Golden Gate for a hike.

It was windy and chilly.

The many faces of Jack.

30 seconds of Ralston creek chill.

Jack and I went to the Platte river while the Grace was working at church. 30 seconds of Platte river chill.

I dropped the girls at youth group Taco Tuesday and Jack and I walked around Michaels.

Then it was play time in the back yard – I can read a book while throwing a ball to Jack.

Water sampling on Wednesday, still downstream. Hannah and her friend hung out, Grace drew, I read.

Park day, books, balls and glasses


Someone set the top of the climbing structure on fire, this is why we can’t have nice things.

New books to read.

Jack’s balls came in for his ball pit – but they are a bit small, so I ordered some more.

Tuesday I took the girls to the eye doc and guess who’s getting glasses?

Turns out she has almost the same scrip as Grace, same bad right eye too. Yes, I am a horrible mother who did not get Hannah’s eyes checked until now. Jack was bored.

Hannah tie-dyed her camp shirt (for a few weeks from now) and Jack was really tired all afternoon. I’ve been binging on Blue Bloods most of the day getting caught up on it. I missed a lot.

Tooling around, Ghost town museum


Jack ran errands with me after dropping the girls at the mall. Walmart – check, he sat stoically while I did a return. Krispy Kreme – check, he ate part of a doughnut. Greenwood Village police dept – check, he ate goose poop and then sat while I dropped off Hannah’s ride along request. Mall – check, he’s allowed in Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and the mall (and other stores in the mall too, we just didn’t go in.)

Later we dropped the girls at the library to make Vietnamese food and Jack and I walked around Santa Fe.

I think the Santa Fe arts district is about to experience some needed growth. The old gas station is now a fancy restaurant that sounds like they have amazing food. The library is slated for renovation in 2020 and 1/2 the block next to that is about to be torn down. Hopefully they’ll do what Englewood did and build condos with retail on the bottom.

Thursday was my Ghost town museum co-op, Jack spent the day at puppy daycare.

We ate at Fargo’s (big surprise there) and the girls got a swim in at the rec center before a storm blew through. I read my new book (an NPR suggestion.)

Grace gets to hang out with friends tomorrow (they couldn’t make it on her bday), Hannah has an eye doctor appointment that will hopefully go well and I have a regular doc appointment.