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Nothing to do today, so I went to NIA. It was good even though I’m still not 100%, so it kind of wiped me out. I picked up some stuff from the $1 store, new towels and new glasses.

We went by the mall to walk around and shop some. It’s the first Tuesday, so jazz at Englewood Grand was nice.

Wednesday was NIA in the morning and park day in the afternoon. It was nice to get out, it was so warm with the sun out.

James and I went to the gym when he got home and it was then that I realized that the new ear buds that I won from the library don’t fit my phone. At least I can use the case to put my other ones in, when I find them.


New Year’s hike {Fox Run Regional park}


This park would make a nice Summer hike, it’s heavily shaded, but that’s not the reason we came here. The girls and I have seen Ute Indian trees in the Springs, Manitou and elsewhere in the area as we have hiked around. But, this park has a huge number of prayer trees, directional trees and a prophecy tree. I missed out on the lecture about the trees when the guy came to HR historical society to talk, but I made note of the park. So, we took off and hiked on our own, both to ring in the New Year and to see the trees.

Some of the goal post trees line up to Pike’s Peak (when there was fewer trees around.)

We missed our trail turn, but we did end up seeing that nice peek at Pike’s. My Alltrails app wasn’t connecting, so we decided to take the road back to the car rather than backtrack. You really have to watch the trail marker signs on the Rollercoaster trail!

My word for the year is – Effort. I will put in the effort for whatever needs to be done, but I will also consider my effort a gift and not worry about the response of others.

Frisco Fun


Hannah and I got medicated up, she’s got a cough and I have sinus implosion, and we headed to the mountains for some cold and fresh air. I always love the snow covered views on the drive.

We stopped at Whole Foods for lunch, something we wouldn’t have thought of doing before the diets we’re on (James and I are on different diets right now.) Fueled up we went into town to stop by the fudge shop and look around at the other shops.

Then off to Officer’s Gulch to hike around. We thought the pond was frozen over, but James fell through after a few steps, just enough to get his shoes soaking wet….so we stayed on the path.

Wednesday, Thursday


We took the guys to Sherpa House for lunch, Nick met us there.

Hannah had a heaping helping of food, but it’s because she was excited to go back (they had a fire and were closed down for a bit.) I was more sensible.

We went up to Buffalo Bill’s grave and museum. The guys went through the museum so fast that we didn’t meet them in there. It was very windy, but I managed to get a few mountain pics.

I was tired and flu-like when we got back home and my throat hurt. I felt better the next day, but Hannah was coughing and had a sore throat, so she stayed home while I took Brooke, Gwen, Michael and Grace to the MCA for a teen art event.

I used my time to hand out the rest of the homeless bags we made plus some cookies and candy canes near the Capitol.

We may have stopped at LM’s on the way home….

We took the guys and Bethany to the mall to check it out. The Mills mall was closed after the flooding from the hail storm and recently opened. They aren’t finished with the flooring and don’t have every store open yet, it looks very stark with cement floors and white walls and ceilings, but it’s coming along. The guys stayed up late since it was their last night here.

Last day


The guys didn’t get in until 6am, so they slept the whole day. We picked up my Mom and Tony and headed down to the Molly Brown house for the tour. I picked up library passes so we didn’t pay $68 for 6 people for the tour, we paid $0 (thank you library!)

We had some time to waste before the tour, so we went next door to Pablo’s coffee for some drinks.

I think Christmas is the best time to visit the house, it’s decorated up and looks so cheery and nice.

We’ve never actually been on the tour before, we did go into the house once for a Night at the Museum, but we just wandered the first floor. We learned a lot about Margaret Brown’s life and her family, some stuff we knew, some stuff was new.

From there we went over to Pho and had a late lunch.

Then it was home for a last minute cookie decorating contest.

I win.

We woke up the guys so Joel could say goodbye, the shuttle came earlier than expected, but I think that will be a good thing (bags to check in.) Grandma and Tony had a good visit, I’m glad we had some snow, that Joel was able to come to stuff and that Bethany made some family outings too. Tonight we’re all going to see The Greatest Showman. 

*ETA – That movie was great! It’s a musical, I didn’t know that going into it, everyone liked it, Hannah said it was the best movie ever, we cried at parts, we laughed and I’m going to look for a book about P.T. Barnum’s life because I want to know what was true and what was made up. Definitely go see it on the big screen, it will lose something on a TV.




Advent day 25 – Merry CHRISTmas – Isaiah 42:1-4 “Take a good look at my servant.
I’m backing him to the hilt.
He’s the one I chose,
and I couldn’t be more pleased with him.
I’ve bathed him with my Spirit, my life.
He’ll set everything right among the nations.
He won’t call attention to what he does
with loud speeches or gaudy parades.
He won’t brush aside the bruised and the hurt
and he won’t disregard the small and insignificant,
but he’ll steadily and firmly set things right.
He won’t tire out and quit. He won’t be stopped
until he’s finished his work—to set things right on earth.
Far-flung ocean islands
wait expectantly for his teaching.”

John 1:1-2 The Word was first,
the Word present to God,
God present to the Word.
The Word was God,
in readiness for God from day one.
3-5 Everything was created through him;
nothing—not one thing!—
came into being without him.
What came into existence was Life,
and the Life was Light to live by.
The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness;
the darkness couldn’t put it out.

The guys opened their present first since they needed to know why we had them make no plans for the day. Tickets to the Penn and Teller show in Vegas – tonight!

I made latkes and cinnamon rolls for breakfast and started on Christmas dinner (ham, sweet potatoes, cornbread sausage stuffing, quinoa with spinach and cranberries, pumpkin bread and eggnog cheesecake) so that the guys could eat before heading to the airport.

I took a break and we opened presents, Joel got us a record player and some records. I got two book lights and one of them had the same pattern as my crockpot and toaster.

The girls (and Joel) each got a fire tablet. There were socks, webkinz, hats, baking stuff, books, a fish tank, tickets to see Dan and Phil and more.

I got James (and me) tickets to the Speakeasy soiree with our fav gypsy jazz band.

I got new pots, a ‘best Mom ever’ pillow, necklace, silver platter, snowman and cash.

James got a boatload of coffee, a new book and tree ornaments. Maisy got a new baby and was so happy about it.

Hercule got a new tank.

We saved Bethany’s presents for her to open when she got off work. We had an early lunch, the guys went off to the airport, we watched It’s a Wonderful Life and then Bethany got home.

We roasted s’mores in the backyard and then took off to see Christmas lights.

We ended the tour at the courthouse per our traditional looking at the nativity and lights.

We kept getting updates from the guys, they saw the Bellagio fountains and got pics with Penn and Teller after the show.

Joel bought two Colorado pins and gave them to Penn and Teller as a Christmas gift, he said they looked very surprised at the gift. They are going to have a long night (they come come early in the morning, so I guess they will sleep in tomorrow.)