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Grand Junction


It used to seem so far to drive to the other end of the state, about 4-4.5 hours, but now it seems to whip by. Even with extra stopping for Jack (it’s not really that extra, we still stop for food/bathroom breaks for humans so…) The ‘just past Genesee’ picture.

Jack fell asleep instantly.

We stopped at Subway for lunch, they had weird pictures on their chip bags that were begging for a photo. But, I got Sun chips instead.

We enjoyed our lunch by the creek and a little bird came to the table to hang out.

More stuff we normally pass that I take a pic of, though everything looks better draped in snow.

Almost there.


We met up with Bethany and ate dinner at Pablos pizza. The street was closed off for a Thursday night farmers market, so after dinner we looked around and bought a few things.

We went back to the hotel and closed off the day with the (new) Willy Wonka movie. Jack was up (because of the movie) until after 10pm, so a late night for him.

Jack woke up too early on Friday morning and had a nap while we ate breakfast.

James and I dropped off Jack at the Wag resort, went to park and walked around.

The girls went shopping after breakfast, getting stuff for Bethany’s dorm. She wasn’t supposed to move in until Sat morning, but she asked and they said she could move in early. We met her at the new dorm with a trunkload of stuff. Here are the before shots, everything was just lying around. She has the end room in a pod of 4 rooms. The end rooms sleep 1 person, the 2 middle ones sleep 2 people (so 6 people total.) There is 1 bathroom/shower they all share and a common area with couch/TV.

We went to an Indian restaurant for lunch, then went to the antique store. There are 3 or 4 of them on Main street, but Robin’s Nest is the biggest and best one.

We went back to the room to swim and Bethany went back to her dorm to fix it up. We left about 6:30pm to pick her up and head over to Palisade for the peach fest. I’ve heard about the Palisade peach festival for 14 years, but we were never willing to drive 8 hours roundtrip for it. It’s only 20 min from GJ, and since it was so hot we decided to go in the evening (and it’s the main reason Jack was boarded, they don’t allow dogs.)

They were using buses to shuttle people to the festival – this was the first time my girls ever rode a school bus. Hannah was not impressed, but she was excited to get on.

Riverbend park.

Hannah won a tiger, we got some free stuff, ate dinner and looked around.

I had a BBQ sundae, beans, coleslaw and brisket in a cup – it was delicious.

Sunset was beautiful (I should have run back to the water, that would have been a pretty picture.)

It was lighting up the mesa on the other side too.

I really thought there would be more peach stuff at this festival – just because Palisade is the peach growing capital of the state and I hear about it all the time, but really the Lafayette peach festival is bigger and has more peach stuff and less ‘random festival’ type stuff. But, now I’ve been. We dropped the girls at the dorm (they were going to see a movie) and then went back to the hotel. Grace spent the night with Bethany, which meant that Hannah got a whole bed to herself.

Saturday morning we had a late breakfast and started to while the time away. We went to Walmart, some more stores and checked out the Cross orchard museum. I still don’t think we actually saw the museum though, we saw some outside trains, an inside model train setup and a few old cars. There wasn’t anyone around to ask about an actual museum, but we didn’t see the barn, an old house and some other stuff – so maybe next time.

The model train set was very detailed, a huge Mt. Garfield loomed over the set. We could see Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, parts of Denver, it was cool.

We went to Starbucks to play a card game, get drinks and cool off. Then, one last trip to the store/mall before having a late lunch with Zack’s parents at Old Chicago. We had a good lunch and great conversation, they live about an hour or so from GJ and have an amazing view from their house. They told us to come by some day to laze around on their pontoon boat in the lake. We dropped Bethany off at a coffee shop with Zack, went to pick up Jack and headed home. In Glenwood canyon.

I think Jack played hard and ate no food all day at the resort because he went to sleep instantly and every time I offered food he wolfed it down and had more at home.

We got home about 8:30pm and the guys were all gone. Joel and Timmy had an early morning flight and I guess Mike and Chris decided to sleep at the airport for an early morning Sunday flight. We let Jack play some ball for about 30 min and then went to bed.

Sunday I took Hannah to church and she worked in the coffee shop. Grace drove herself to church and then came home to tie-dye her shoes.

We picked up lunch and went to the park to eat, then Hannah and M hung out, I went to the library, we went to the grocery store, then we chilled the rest of the evening. Jack broke his new ball, either this ball was a bad lot or he has really gotten good at chewing in just the right spot to split the ball.

The week – co-op postings start, Clear creek tubing, Destinations picnic, roller skating co-op, kid-sitting, nbts photos, Corteo cirque show, on-line school testing/scavenger hunt/making sure OLS is set up, Rainbow falls hike, arcade, heading out to Rye for camping, Bishop castle, hiking, St. Elmo ghost town, church, coffee shop (Hannah), swimming with friends.

Dinners – This week is easy due to some evening activities that either include dinner or eating out. Tacos, picnic dinner, Hawaiian chicken with broccoli, something downtown, orange beef and fried rice, hot dogs/s’mores, make your own pizzas.



Joel is coming in.

Dog park.

Concerned Jack t the hair salon. Usually he just takes up residence under my chair and sleeps, today he was wary.

Happy Colorado day! (Aug 1), Buskerfest started.

Drummer guy here. Acrobats here. Hula hoops here.

Saturday we went to coffee, did some more cleaning, then James went to pick up the guys (4 of them) from the airport. I made gumbo for dinner and even though I fed 9 people, we had leftovers. Sunday I took Hannah to church, she worked the coffee shop (and made $11 in tips.) We started a new series on the prayer of Jabez. I Chronicles 4:10 Jabez prayed to the God of Israel: “Bless me, O bless me! Give me land, large tracts of land. And provide your personal protection—don’t let evil hurt me.” God gave him what he asked. I had a headache all day, I go for an MRI on Tuesday to see if there’s anything physically making my head hurt, eyes go wonky and making me dizzy. After church we had lunch at Panera and walked around the shops.

Jack got to play with his ball pit and we watched a Charlie Chan.

James grilled and we watched a Columbo. The guys had been out all day at Elitches, Hannah and M walked to Target and Grace and Brooke got to hang out. The week looks pretty busy.

Last week


Jack got shots on Monday, he was a brave boy and it didn’t seem to hurt him as much as they did last year (maybe because he’s bigger.) Bethany and Grace got in from CA and Jack went nuts, running back and forth, slipping around curves, standing still for a second, then screeching off again – you’d think the girls had been gone for a month!

Tuesday I went to a library event on Chinese calligraphy, I learned a few words and made a quick brush painting. The lady teaching us had her own stamps and came by to stamp our best work.

I wasn’t home for long before heading off again to TNO. It was at Adelita’s (taco Tuesday) and we were on the patio. James came and we had a good catch up conversation with the Dolence’s.

Wednesday was park day at Washington park. They got a new playground and it’s very nice.

Someone did show up, but we never saw them, so Grace made chalk art, Jack chased squirrels and Hannah walked around. I had to go back to my doc for another mammo, ended up that everything is fine.

Thursday Jack had a grooming appointment at Petsmart. I thought they were only taking off an inch, but he looks like baby Jack (but he is soooo soft.)

The girls had to go get shots and then I dropped them at the library to make bath bombs and lip balm.

Friday was Creativity club at the Parker library, no one showed, but Grace made some digital art and Hannah and I played Trivial Pursuit.

We had lunch at the house, then went to Golden for henna. I walked along the creek with Ann and then we sat and chatted for a while waiting on the girls.

Saturday Bethany came with us for coffee.

Later, James and I went to Globeville for the Orthodox food fair.

We had some drinks, a Russian crepe thing with meat in it and baklava. It had gotten a lot smaller than the last time we went. We lucked out on the weather, it was cloudy with a nice breeze. We took Jack by Petsmart for ice cream, then back home

Sunday we went to church, the message was on Jehoshaphat – How we handle admonishment and adversity will determine our influence and impact. Without good judgement we will find ourselves in places or relationships that are ultimately harmful to us. God is waiting to help, just let Him know that you don’t know what to do next and He’ll step in.

2 Chronicles 20:12…We don’t know what to do; we’re looking to you.

I finished reading The Leper Spy –

Started and finished this book the other day. It is a pedestrian book (like his others), but it’s wildly different. This book deals with the capturing of the Philippines, the angst of war, the liberation and freedom of the people there and how one small Filipina woman helped the US against the Japanese. There is a lot of lost history, obviously there are many individuals who were spies, resistance fighters and just average American soldiers who went above and beyond, but we don’t know everyone’s story – the story of Josefina Guerrero however was widely known in the US, but seems lost to time. I warn you though, you will have to stop reading at points to gather your emotions, the horrors of war are not glossed over (and yes, Americans also did horrible things during the war, but this book is specific to the Philippines, the Battle of Manilla, the Bataan death march, and so on.)

Joey (as she was known) had something special that allowed her to get close to the enemy and report back – leprosy. Her faith was very important to her and rather than sit in apathy at her disease, she risked everything to help free her country. She was small, but defiant, little but hugely brave in the face of danger, she was caring, bandaging wounded, closing the eyes of the dead, scrubbing the leper colony clean. She was adamant – she called on others to provide for her leper colony facilities and they came through. Hardships like leaving the country, coming to the US, getting treatment, divorcing her husband, leaving behind her daughter, just made her stronger. This woman lived so much and buried so much that when she died, no one knew about her heroism during the war. Great read to learn a little snippet of history about WWII.

M was coming over to spend the night, so we left everyone at home (except for Jack) and went to City Park Jazz. We got an awesome parking spot, the clouds rolled in so we weren’t burning up and the music was neat. Listen here or here.

The week so far


Early Monday morning Grace and Bethany left for VidCon, Disney and whale watching in California. Bethany drove the whole way through (stopping in GJ for breakfast with Zach and stopping for lunch/gas/dinner), they made it there at 9:30pm their time, so not bad. Hannah had her ride along today, so Jack and I dropped her off, then went to walk around Hudson gardens.


Then we went by Tattered Cover where Jack found a great book – but he wasn’t in it, so he took a nap.

Hannah had a great time on the ride along, they pulled over a driver with an out of date tag, drove by hotels and schools and removed debris from the freeway. She made tamale pie for dinner and it’s funny, whether there are 3 or 6 people eating tamale pie – there are no leftovers.

Tuesday we went to park day and – shock – there were 7 other Moms there! I didn’t get any pics because I was chatting or walking in the water with Jack. We went by Cafe 180 for lunch, then to Ross to shop.

I finished up my book about Tides, really good science book on tides, the ocean and everything related to that.

If you know nothing about the ocean and tides – or think you know everything about them, this book will take you across the globe and introduce the science behind the paradox of tides, time, the oceans, the pull of earth and moon and the fascination we have with water. Part science, part travel, part storytelling, Jonathan White takes you with him as he watches a tidal bore in China, goes mussel hunting under thick slabs of ice, navigates waterways, questions monks about the tides that take over their abbey and many more adventures. I like the science behind the tides, but also the personal stories, the respect that he gives the water. Ocean swells are no joke, his harrowing encounters and those of surfers battling 50 foot waves make you grit your teeth, as will his trying to outrun a bore wave. From ancient history to modern times of trying to seek out energy from the tides, this is a good read (not a good beach read though, because you should be looking out for crushing waves and high tides between pages.)

Wednesday was Hannah’s outing with the youth group to lunch and to see the new Spiderman movie. Jack and I went to see Grace’s art at the library teen art show and had lunch at Kendrick lake park.

Then it was back to our library to pick up some more books.

And then, the Highlands Ranch ice cream social. I sat on a bench with Jack and ate my dinner and enjoyed some jazz, Hannah was walking around with friends eating ice cream. Jazz here and here. 

Today is 7/11, so free Slurpee’s at 7-11 stores. I got Jack a blueberry lemonade, but he didn’t like it. I had blueberry lavender and it was really good.

I mowed the front lawn and watered it, Hannah and M walked to Code Poke for bobas, now they’re watching movies in the basement. Later Jack and I are going to Spoons and Tunes because -Blues Bros type music and the PB and J food truck (my fav.) Hannah and M have a teen Geeks who Read event at the library this evening, so pizza for them and PB and J for me.

Friday and the weekend


Friday Grace and I tooled around a bit, I took Jack out (he’s allowed in the library – who knew?)

We picked up Hannah from church and went straight to the eye doc to pick up her new glasses.

Jack played with his ball.

Saturday we cleaned, chilled, read, napped and watched Scooby Doo. Sunday was church (and the coffee shop), lunch at home and walking around the Cherry creek arts festival.

From church (we started a new series) – The King’s tree. Today, Solomon and what it means to be wise. What is wisdom? It is a discerning and listening heart. How do you get it? Ask God for help. Put it into action, that’s how wisdom works. Don’t be complacent, tolerating, coexisting, imitating – you can know who God is with your head, but if your heart doesn’t know Him then He is not the most important thing to you. Wise people are always learning, growing, and trusting in the Lord, but always giving their heart to Him first.

I loved this paper artist.

Random art.

This guy’s art was cool, he took random objects (drums, a karaoke machine, boom box, old TV), took out the guts and put dioramas in them.

This guy was from Georgia and used salvaged wood from barns and sharecropper houses to use as his canvas.

We saw this artist last year. He takes toys and random things, paints them and glues to them a canvas. Usually his stuff is all black, but this was a Pollock style gun.

It rained pretty good at the house, which meant I didn’t have to water the yard (yay me!) Hannah made dinner (week 1 challenge of a 10 week challenge from church camp) and we watched Ratatouille. Grace made stickers for Vid Con, she and Bethany leave tomorrow to drive there. Pray for safe travels!

Happy 4th


This was Jack’s first pet parade! He was super excited, waiting at the start.


Grace walked with her youth group and since the parade had already started, Bethany and James joined in with them and came to sit with me and Jack when they were done.

We went home to cool off, read a bit, had lunch, watched some TV, then decided to take a drive to FoCo for ice cream.

Jack waited patiently for his milk bone pup cone and we found out that Pizza Press went out of business. It’s a shame because the concept was cute and the pizza was great.

We went from sunny and beautiful to holy hail! Everyone on the freeway was trying to stop under the passes to wait out the hail, but only so many cars can fit under there and the water was starting to stack up, so we got out and got back on the freeway. We needed gas, but the first gas station was full of people hiding under the awning, so we kept driving to the next one. The hail was only pea and marble sized, but it sounds so loud when it hits the car. See this clip, but really to get the full effect put on headphones and turn it all the way up. We had a late dinner of breakfast when we got home, Jack was begging for cheese.

It was still raining when the girls and I went to see the fireworks, but the show went on anyway.



A boop on the bed.

Some pics from Friday – at Michaels –

I took Jack to Confluence park to walk around.

He wasn’t thrilled about the water, but he got in.

Saturday James and I went to a new to us coffee shop, Cafe Ole.

It was okay, no affogato there. Jack was good, like always, so we took him to a new Petsmart.

We took the girls to Mod pizza, then they hung out with Bethany while we took Jack to the Highlands street fair.

We found a new to us cafe, Mexican place and a few other eateries.

This was Jack’s favorite booth.

We got a metal coffee cup, frisbee, granola bars, beach balls, free doggy daycare, it was a good fest. We had dinner at Palenque, they have a nice rug on the outside patio that Jack felt comfy on.


Sunday we went to church, James Bbq’d for Fathers day and it was Jack’s gotcha day. We’ve had him for a year!
















I read my Margaret Feinberg book (ebook) Fight Back With Joy. 

James got 2 cards, a coffee kettle, coffee, Dad coupons and even though I felt horrible all afternoon we went on a drive in the evening.