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Should we skip school, ride with a friend up to Breck and see the very last day of the snow sculptures….well, of course we should!

My friend Ann wanted to see the sculptures, last week the weather was too snowy for my van, so she said she’d drive this week. It all worked out. It was a bit chilly, but not terrible up there. Jack was happy to have a higher seat to see out of, so he stayed awake for almost the whole ride up.

FIrst stop, ice sculptures, they were in the shade at this time of day.

Then on to the snow sculptures. I don’t agree with 2nd place over 3rd place, but I’m no judge.

2nd place Sphere and holes.

3rd place Hippo Ballerinas.

1st place, this angler type fish.

Jack playing King of the HIll.

Holiday high afternoon tea


Advent day 21

We took Brooke (because her birthday was the next day) with us to high tea. We went to Capital Tea (because it’s the last one I called that had something available for today) and I’m glad we went there. It’s small, so reservations are a must, but it’s all you can drink tea.

Which, we did. I had 4 pots, Grace and Brooke had 5 pots and Hannah had 6 pots of tea.

The scones, soup, sandwiches, meat pies and desserts were very good.

We stayed for 2.5 hours, so it was a nice relaxing meal. Then, since we were on antique row, we finally got to go to the shops and look around.

Then we went by the mall, then I took Grace to Skate City, then I crashed at home.

TDO and Constellation celebration


Advent day 6 –

I directed school, then I went to Castle Rock for a Teacher’s Day Out. As usual, I was alone, I tried out a cafe that hires adults with disabilities, the food was very good and I love their mission.

After lunch, I wandered the store and ended up buying some honey, lavender soap and 2 posters. Everything was decorated up for Christmas, so cheery.

When I got back to the house I had a little time to rest before we picked up a friend and headed over to the Eastbridge Christmas celebration. There was apple cider, cocoa, cookie decorating, s’mores, Santa, ice cream, ornament decorating and carriage rides.

Fresh air Friday


All the state parks were free today, but I didn’t feel like walking too far at a park. We had to run by the grocery store, go by the fish store and take Jack into the vet. When we got back we got Brooke and headed downtown to the ice skating rink.

While the kids were skating we took Jack to a pop up dog park – I love this idea! I had heard the Denver was doing this, but this was the first time I’d seen it. Jack played with another pup, then we walked to the Christkindl market.

James and I had schnapp shots (honey and apple and the honey was so smooth and honey tasting) and gluhwein (red wine mulled with spices.) It came in a cute mug and was very good. Even though that was the only thing we bought at the market, I had a good time sipping the wine while browsing.

That was the extent of our fresh air Friday, after watching some MASH episodes James and I went to bed early.

Pirate’s Cove and date night


I waited in line for 40 minutes at Krispy Kreme to get the special $1 dozen doughnut, but it was worth it, they were so fresh. I dropped Jack at puppy daycare and got the girls to go to the waterpark. There were 100 homeschoolers roaming around, but I found a spot to lie down and read and apparently hide (only 1 person spotted me.) I still wasn’t feeling well, so I sat and read while the girls swam.

We left just as it started to rain, again, I’m kind of tired of rain. We picked up Jack and he had a stellar report card. Pretty sure they just say that stuff to make me feel better about leaving him there. ‘

I told James and I needed a date night, even if I wasn’t still up to par. I forgot it was final Friday so EG had Taste Bud Bullies cooking for them. Shrimp po-boys with cornmeal crispy, warm, fresh shrimp – so good!

We went over to Devil’s Head where they were offering live blues music for final Friday. They had a delicious dessert coffee drink. Joel gets in tomorrow!

Sherpa and Lakeside


We had a hike for this morning, but it got canceled, so we went to lunch with James. We checked to see if Sherpa House allowed dogs on the patio, they do!

I cleaned some more of the basement and did the outdoor window wells and then had some time to rest before picking up M and G and heading to Lakeside.

I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t ride any rides. The girls ran around the park while I sat and read my book. I did get up a few times to take pictures.

We left right as the rain started and had a snack at Waffle House.

Both girls spent the night (because they were both going with us to Pirates Cove the next day. )

Dog parks, strange plants, Teen trivia, youth scavenger hunt


I have decided that our closest dog park is not the best for Jack. He could get through the fence if he really wanted to and it’s all sand. That never bothered Maisy, but Jack is closer to the ground and after running around and grabbing a few tennis balls his tongue was covered in sand.

A puppuccino fixed that.

I went to the Englewood dog park, mulch, much better. I bumped into Sam from Englewood Grand. She had her two dogs there running around, Jack borrowed a ball or two.

I went home, got the girls and drove to a Denver library for the Denver Botanic Gardens strange plant talk. They learned about pitcher plants, venus fly traps, a plant that has roots like tarantula legs and more, They went home with a purple bean plant – they had been hoping for a fly trap….Jack and I sat under the trees and chilled.

Hannah went to our library for a teen trivia night with her friend Malia (who also slept over.) Grace had a great time at her youth group on a photo scavenger hunt that took them to the YMCA (where they had to take a video of their group doing the YMCA dance/song), the park to take photos on a stage, the library to take a picture of a book and at the flag pole doing the pledge, taking a picture of a rotisserie chicken at King Soopers and much, much more.