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Jack flying over the tree root chasing after a squirrel.

I dropped the girls and friends (1 friend for each girl) at Elitch (thank you Denver Library for free tickets and thank you girls that you are old enough that I don’t have to go there with you.)

Jack and I went to Heron pond and a new park that used to be a water treatment plant.

They left part of the plant, the concrete runners that water spilled into, and put in a new sidewalk with wonderful quotes.

We stopped at Next Door for lunch and since it was right there, Constellation for dessert.

Snow bomb cyclone, snow day, dog park


Well, my field trip was cancelled, everything in Colorado was closed (or at least it seemed like it.) The wind was blowing like a Cat 1 hurricane, the snow was blowing, but we only got about 5 inches and not really any drifts here. More South and East though…..I’ve lived here 13 years and I25 has never been shut down South, but it was Wednesday and Thursday as they had to rescue stranded drivers and move all of the cars before the plows could get underway. It was a mess. We just stayed home the whole day, did school, let Jack out to play, read some books, watched TV and chilled. Day 13 – binge watch Blue Bloods because…snow.

Day 14 – It’s Pi day, bake a pie, eat a pie, calculate Pi. I wore my Pi shirt and made an apple pie Pi.

Jack broke his new ball.

I took him to the dog park for a bit.

Some of the wind damage in the area.

This is a tired Jack, who likes to sleep.

Day 15 – knit something for someone.

Friday morning we did school, got smoothies, went roller skating and I took Jack to his normal dog park.

Then he was dirty, so I gave him a bath.

I got some TV dinners for the girls and met James at WF for TNO. I had some spicy Indian food and a really good creme brulee. We had a nightcap at Phil’s before heading home. Bethany came home for Spring Break, hers not ours.



My friend Jennifer asked if we had seen the Dior exhibit at the Art museum, I said no, she said can you go today? As it turns out, yes! Grace didn’t have to work and Hannah was off dance, so after lunch we picked them up and went downtown. The exhibit was really well done, we spent 1.5 hours in it and could have spent longer, but my back was hurting and there were only so many places to sit in the exhibit.

A full day of dressing, a woman from the 40’s-50’s who was in the know might change up to 5 times a day. A different outfit for home, lunch, afternoon, evening, these colored examples show a full day with add ons like shoes, purses, jewelry.

It was a very interesting exhibit, I really like the older clothes, the newer outfits were kind of outlandish.

Week in review


I did well this week with doing neat things for each day of my birthday month and doing so in spite of being tired. Because of all the cold and snow and avalanches in the mountain, Monday was post a picture of Summer.

Image may contain: flower, plant, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

I love the firewheels that poke up along the Platte. Monday was observation day at dance, I didn’t take any pictures, but I did video Hannah’s dance so she could practice it next week (they are off next Monday.)

Tuesday we did school, Hannah had her ingrown toenail removed, I had a blood draw and we had lunch at Cafe 180 where they piled on the salad.

This days event was – see some art. We had free tickets to the MOA Natura Obscura again, so we went there and tried to find different things than last time.

My sleepy boy.

Jack was ready for Mardi Gras.

And so was I, we went to Phil’s for jazz, ‘Nawlins fare and drinks.

Wednesday was write a thank you note to someone, I wrote two.

We did school, dropped Jack at daycare and met Ann at the Butterfly Pavilion. We hadn’t been there in a while, they changed some stuff around and we got to walk around with the butterflies.

Thursday the thing to do was do something FUN (okay, most of my stuff might be labeled that anyway..) We did school, dropped Jack at daycare and headed to Boulder. First – lunch at Zoe Ma Mas. The potstickers were okay, but the steamed buns were really good.

Next up, go tour the Media Archeology Lab. It’s a house stuffed with old computers, music devices, typewriters, cell phones, game systems and more.

Grace found a digital Etch-a-sketch animator.

Hannah found a Gameboy with a camera, it needed a little help to make it print, and the print is not great, but it worked.

We went by Celestial (because when we are in Boulder we go grab more tea, they have lots of variety, more so than any store that carries it.) Then back to CU to the art museum. We toured the new exhibit, then headed upstairs to try watercolor glaciers. Watercolors are not my forte, but I have ideas for the next time.



Should we skip school, ride with a friend up to Breck and see the very last day of the snow sculptures….well, of course we should!

My friend Ann wanted to see the sculptures, last week the weather was too snowy for my van, so she said she’d drive this week. It all worked out. It was a bit chilly, but not terrible up there. Jack was happy to have a higher seat to see out of, so he stayed awake for almost the whole ride up.

FIrst stop, ice sculptures, they were in the shade at this time of day.

Then on to the snow sculptures. I don’t agree with 2nd place over 3rd place, but I’m no judge.

2nd place Sphere and holes.

3rd place Hippo Ballerinas.

1st place, this angler type fish.

Jack playing King of the HIll.

Holiday high afternoon tea


Advent day 21

We took Brooke (because her birthday was the next day) with us to high tea. We went to Capital Tea (because it’s the last one I called that had something available for today) and I’m glad we went there. It’s small, so reservations are a must, but it’s all you can drink tea.

Which, we did. I had 4 pots, Grace and Brooke had 5 pots and Hannah had 6 pots of tea.

The scones, soup, sandwiches, meat pies and desserts were very good.

We stayed for 2.5 hours, so it was a nice relaxing meal. Then, since we were on antique row, we finally got to go to the shops and look around.

Then we went by the mall, then I took Grace to Skate City, then I crashed at home.

TDO and Constellation celebration


Advent day 6 –

I directed school, then I went to Castle Rock for a Teacher’s Day Out. As usual, I was alone, I tried out a cafe that hires adults with disabilities, the food was very good and I love their mission.

After lunch, I wandered the store and ended up buying some honey, lavender soap and 2 posters. Everything was decorated up for Christmas, so cheery.

When I got back to the house I had a little time to rest before we picked up a friend and headed over to the Eastbridge Christmas celebration. There was apple cider, cocoa, cookie decorating, s’mores, Santa, ice cream, ornament decorating and carriage rides.