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It was James’ break too, so on Friday we braved the cold and drove to Ft. Collins to check out Littleman’s new ice cream shop up there – Churn. Jack was shivering, eating his ice cream and shivering some more (but not giving up that ice cream!)

Flatirons on the way home.

It was to cold to go walking from store to store, so we took the scenic way home. Saturday we lazed around, same for Sunday. We took Jack to his favorite store to get a cookie, they were all out of iced ones so he got a BBQ mailman instead.

Monday it started snowing, which made everyone happy (and made a shorter line at Dim Sum.) I got a call from my cardiologist while we were eating, upping my meds again, but I did enjoy my meal.

Bethany went to a friends house, we chilled out till it was time for fireworks.

Watching Peter Rabbit.

It was 8 degrees, so we bundled up and put a sweater and coat on Jack. The fireworks were very short this year, about 5 minutes, not sure why they were so short.

We headed home and watched some TV to stay awake till 12 to ring in the New Year with grape and apple champagne.

Tuesday was our first hike of the New Year, at South valley. It was 9 or 10 or something like that – cold. Even with the sun shining it was cold, there was a slight breeze. Jack walked part of the way, then we carried him so his paws could warm up, but he wanted to get down again.


We warmed up with some coffee and doughnuts and I was happy that was our big outing of the day.

I have no big plans for the next few days, just chilling, running errands, checking on things, getting movies from the library, and cleaning up for my Mom’s visit next week. I might have to find something to do this weekend though, too much chilling wears on one.

Our week


Flew by. With school going strong, Algebra, English, Digital arts, World history, Agriscience and Biology for Grace and English, Math, History and Science for Hannah. They changed how the OLS looks for the courses and it’s been difficult getting used to that, but we found a shortcut that shows you what is due on that day that seems to work better. In English Grace was reading depressing short stories and having to fill out 40+ questions on a reading guide (the questions were all the same, but of course depending on the story you would answer them differently.) So, she was glad to get a graphic organizer to fill out for The Bicycle Girl story instead of questions. Meanwhile Hannah isn’t too happy that all of her math now has the alphabet in it, there’s been years of just an x or a y, but now any letter will do (and I learned a long time ago to not use X for multiplication and instead use *, that way when X comes in as a variable they don’t say Hey!)

Monday Grace started a job babysitting at a CC class that meets at our church. Apparently the going rate is $12.50 an hour! Hannah had dance and her devotional is to find a Psalm about worship.

Tuesday was the Edgar mine tour from Colorado School of Mines. This is an experimental mine, not a gold panning mine.

Our tour took us 400 feet under the mountain where we saw lots of holes drilled by students learning mining, equipment old and new, the classroom, the rescue maze (which I could never do) and more. Our guide showed us how they blast the rock with timed blasters, we saw a mine cart, he talked about the Henderson mine (which James had toured before when he worked for SME) and lots of technical mining information was passed on to us.

Original mine in 1870 and some of the holes drilled by students.

New areas of mine carved and drilled by students.

This is hard to see, but it’s a vertical shaft and a platform, they would use ladders to get up to that point, then drill more, make a new platform, etc.

It was nice and cool (51F) underground a far cry from the 80+ outside (but it felt hotter.) After the tour the group (all 20 of us) went to Beau Jo’s for lunch. It’s rare that we have so many families with teens come to an event and even more rare that they would then all come out to eat – my girls were so happy! We got back home to rest for a bit, then I took the girls to the amate art at the library. Jack and I went in search of street art on Santa Fe while waiting on them.

Wednesday we did school, then drove to Nederland for a hike around Mud lake to see the aspen. The trees aren’t as pretty this year (probably due to lack of rain), but they smelled wonderful.

Jack is bad at taking selfies!

After the lake I let the girls ride the carousel  while Jack watched (they had the window open.)

On the way home we stopped at LM’s for sweet and salty week. I hope they keep the salted toffee truffle, it was awesome.

Thursday morning we met up with a few others families for a hike at Lair O’ the Bear. Jack had fun (Chloe the fox terrier was there), we walked a bit farther than usual and the kids played in the creek.

On the way back I saw a lady carrying her hairless cat in a pouch, Jack did not see it (thankfully.) We ate at Cafe 180 (they allow dogs on the patio) for lunch and then headed home. I went to TDO, alone, but I had a coffee and worked on some stuff. I didn’t have a dinner plan, so we ended up eating at Rock Bottom.

Today, catching up on school from yesterday and church night at the park.



Bethany and the girls left with a loaded car and started their drive to Grand Junction about 10am. James had a meeting to go to, so Jack and I went to upper Maxwell falls for a hike. We found lots of raspberries, Jack played in the water, we walked really slowly because the air was kind of smokey and I was having a hard time breathing.

Jack waiting for his puppuccino.

After dinner we went out and tried to go to In Tea, but it was closed, so we ended up on the patio of the Whisky Biscuit for drinks and dessert.

Into the weekend


Jack got a teething ring, hopefully it will help him and he won’t chew on everything.

Joel made it back to Ft. Drum, I think he has the weekend off and goes back on Monday. I spent some time drawing and reading and just lying around.

James and I got pizza for the girls and went out to Pappadeaux’s. They had some tasty watermelon drinks.

Saturday we took Jack to morning coffee, the sun was so bright (he looks like he needs coffee to wake up.)

We had errands to run, Grace was babysitting, Jack missed puppy playtime and we decided to go for a hike at Three sisters and then eat at Lariat Lodge in Evergreen. The first thing we saw on the trail was a deer, it just stood there as I got closer and closer.

Jack got dirty fast, he’s so close to the ground….We walked for a bit, then turned around and headed back.

The restaurant was dog friendly, you had to eat in the barkgarten, but it was nice and they had awesome BBQ. They had a guy playing guitar and he was really good, listen here. 

Sunday we went to church, then took Jack to Kripsy Kreme (just to get a hat picture, I mean we got doughnuts, he did not.)

That tired him out.

James and I went to Green Russell for drinks after dinner. The drinks were good, they still don’t have live jazz anymore, but the recorded music they were playing was nice.

My week – new tires for the van (things that make you happy as an adult), co-op/newbie chat, TDO Hudson gardens, Hannah doc, park day, Holocaust survivor lecture, meals meeting at church, Swing at Stanley (La Pompe), vet for Jack, swimming, TNO, girls leave for Grand Junction, hike, we leave for Grand Junction, moving Bethany into dorm at Colorado Mesa University, botanic gardens, Lumber Baron brunch (La Pompe)

Food – chicken kabobs, Stanley marketplace, TNO (Whole Foods for me, tv dinners for them), sweet potato masala and thai shrimp, Grand Junction eating out, pasta with chicken and asparagus, grilling stuff.


Clear creek, board games, hike


Wednesday was Colorado day, so we celebrated by tubing/swimming in Clear creek.

See some of it here. 

Grace made macarons for youth group, they were chocolate and good.

Thursday we went to Enchanted Grounds to play board games.

Grace went to a teen digital art workshop (part 2 is next week.)

Friday was our hike and play at Lair O the Bear. Jack met a new dog friend and we walked to the climbing tree. Then the girls and I walked around picking raspberries, then it was back to the creek to play.

It was a pretty lazy, rainy afternoon. Joel was at the range, Grace was making more macarons, I took a nap, made dinner, then went to pick up James.

We went out for a drink and some pinball, then made it back home in time to see Joel and his new gun. Jack is super excited for Grandma and Tony to come tomorrow.

Cereal box, St. Vrain state park, Celestial, Cheese shop


We offered to do The Cereal Box and Arvada art with others, but no one was interested, so we switched our day up. Jack is not a fan of places that don’t have dog treats….

From there we drove to St. Vrain state park, we have often passed the park, but since I have a pass now it was an easy decision to go check it out.

I made Jack walk instead of ride in the stroller.

It wasn’t quite lunch time so we headed over to Celestial to get some tea. I can’t believe I was down to one Sleepytime, a Green tea and an Earl Grey.

They had a cute room with a fake cat, fireplace and Celestial backdrop and they let Jack in.

My haul.

The cheese shop lets you have dogs on the patio. We had sandwiches and salads and cheese, Jack had food we dropped and some of his dog food.

He was pretty tired on the way home. Sometimes he sleeps with his tongue out and it’s so cute.

We let him run around and chase the tennis ball at home.

A good day, next time we’re in Longmont we’re going to play in the creek.



I cleaned up this morning, because, dang.

Then I went to Lair O the Bear for a hike. Everything is flowering, green, pretty.

I stopped by Red Rocks on the way to lunch because – views.

Then I had a nice lunch at Cafe 180, yes, by myself.

Co-ops are slowing trickling in, it’s going to be a slow session, but have you seen my Summer bucket list? Probably a good thing that it’s going to be slow.

Grace’s punny plant pot made at the library – it’s going to have a cactus in it.