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Sampler sewing, TNO, Creativity and Kindness, HS skate, sleepover


I found a sweet song to go with a poem, who knew Byron sounded so good?

She Walks in Beauty
By Lord Byron

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o’er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express,
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek, and o’er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!

We had a sampler sewing co-op today and I found out that – I suck. I was trying to make an IT crowd quote “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Yeah, read that outloud. Grace found a new stitch and made flowers, Hannah made something for a friend.

I can’t believe I did that. Anyway we had some time at home, I made a sweet potato hash, we watched some Once Upon A Time, then Hannah and I went to church. I didn’t realize that this was the last class! I only read one chapter, about hurts and judgements, the next chapter was about relationships. I had to leave early from there to get to TNO late. I’ll use some of my break going through the notes and chapter on my own.

Thursday was Creativity Club and Kindness Krewe rolled into one because this month was full. Hannah finished up her painting, Grace did some drawing, people were knitting and others were making cards for kids in the hospital.

We didn’t have very many people, but we made a lot of cards!

Grace made blondies with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts, there were good.

Friday – today – last day of school till the 27th. Grace finished up in Geometry and AgriScience, Hannah did math and science and needs to finish the Hobbit over the next week. I realized I don’t need a whiteboard upstairs.

We went to HS skate, but the girls only skated for an hour (their one friend they wanted to be there wasn’t there.) Now they are at a sleep-over birthday party while James and I get to go out (Hah! Looks like you got a raw deal there Jennifer!)

We went to Family Jones distillery (right next to Root Down, not surprising since this is another LM enterprise.) So, this place makes their own spirits (and a bigger distillery with tasting room is in the works for…Loveland  I think) and they are smooth.

The old fashioned was perfect. The food is small plates, salads and meat and cheese plates.

There aren’t too many tables, so you might want to make a reservation. The atmosphere is busy, with soft lights, plants on the walls and a view of the distillery equipment from any spot. There are tables, booths and a lounge area with shorter tables/chairs. The staff is excellent and the drinks and food are very good, and there’s even LM ice cream for dessert.


Chill day and park day


Tuesday was a chill day. The girls slept in, did some school, Grace did her unknowns and Hannah played Body bingo. B&W day 2 and a bonus.

I went to the library and stocked up on books.

Joel is out in the field, don’t know what they’re doing here.

After dinner James and I went to Phil’s for jazz and drinks, it was lightly snowing which added to the jazzy ambiance.

Wednesday we did school, picked up some friends and went to park day.

There were 15 or so Moms there, about 7 we knew, the rest were from the HS park day group so I don’t know them yet. It was so nice to have a park full of Moms and kids. B&W day 3.

Bible study was about pressure, pressure to be perfect. The pressure we put on ourselves and others put on us and how to handle it. Some people need more rest than others, but we all need rest. Yesterday was kind of a rest day for us, it recharged me, but getting out to chat with other Moms also recharged me – just in a different way. The book challenged us to guard our hearts, minds and schedules and to put Jesus first, be able to say no, take time to rest and know that we can live our lives without being stressed out all the time.

Totem poles co-op


We got some school done, Agri science, Physical science, English, Geometry and PE. Hannah made some borax crystals overnight, her solution was a bit too super saturated we had to break the jar to get them out….note to self, don’t try to put two in one jar. Boil water, add food coloring, add borax until solution is saturated, attach a coiled up pipe cleaner (or other object for the crystals to attach to) to a string and hang that down in the solution overnight. Glass jars work best, but use one you don’t mind throwing away in case the crystals stick to the glass.

I put these pics of Zoe on FB, she is going to be a meme.

Maisy is never going to be a meme.

At the library we read some books, talked about Totem poles, then set out to make our own.

Coloring pages –

Totem is the image, animal or human, some clans totems are the animals that they will not eat or kill, other totems are crests telling the lineage of the family. Some totems are inside the house holding up the roof, some are outside with a hole for the door into the house, some are for the dead, some are for chiefs, some are planted in the yard. Most totems in the open are under 100 years old, most in museums are under 200 years old. Some totems are copied as they deteriorate so that the family can retain the crest. Totems can up raised up at a potlatch where the family hosts a feast to introduce the carving. Until the 1900’s carvers were men, hired by the family or person to carve the pole. Colors are limited, blue, yellow, black, white, green and red. Some other colors are used, but these are the primary ones.

  • Red is the color of blood, representing war or valor
  • Blue is for the skies and waters, including rivers and lakes
  • White is for the skies and spacious heavens
  • Yellow is the color of the sun, bringing light and happiness
  • Green is the earth with its hills, trees, and mountains
  • Black represents power.

Chart of Animal Totems and Meanings

Animal Totems & Meanings


Alligator – Emotional understanding, cleansing &
Spiritual Healing

Animal Totems & Meanings Badger

Badger – Bold, out-going, good communicator

Animal Totems & Meanings Bat

Bat – Death and Rebirth and Guardian of the Night

Animal Totems & Meanings Beaver

Beaver – Creative and Artistic ability, builder, resourcefulness and determination

Animals Totem & Meaning Bear

Bear – Strength, Solitude, Motherhood, Teaching and to learn Humility Meaning of Bear

Animal Totems & Meanings Bobcat

Bobcat – Independence, Clear Vision and self reliance

Animal Totems & Meanings Bumblebee

Bumblebee – Honesty, Pure Thinking, Willingness and Drive

Animal Totems & Meanings Buffalo

Buffalo – A manifestation of the Great Spirit, Knowledge, Generosity and abundance

Animal Totems & Meanings Butterfly

Butterfly – Represents transformation and the ability to accept change

Animal Totems & Meanings Cougar

Cougar – Power, leadership, humility and encourages responsibility for life

Animals Totem & Meaning Cow

Cow – Represents Motherhood, contentment, fertility and nourishment

Animal Totems & Meanings Crocodile

Crocodile – Strong will, Emotional understanding, cleansing and healing

Animal Totems & Meanings Coyote

Coyote – Helps you recognize your own mistakes, Stealth, Clowning and Humor

Animal Totems & Meanings Crow

Crow – Find balance living in present, release past beliefs, Skill and Cunning

Animal Totems & Meanings Deer

Deer – Healing, Gentleness, kindness & compassion

Animal Totems & Meanings Dolphin

Dolphin – Interpreting dreams, Change, Wisdom, Communication,

Animals Totem & Meaning Dog

Dog – Guidance, Loyalty and trust

Animal Totems & Meanings Dogfish

Dogfish – Persistence and Strength A Born Leader

Animal Totems & Meanings Dove

Dove – Love, Gentleness and Kindness

Animal Totems & Meanings Dragonfly

Dragonfly – Dreams, Illusions, Ever-changing Life

Animal Totems & Meanings Eagle

Eagle – Great Strength, courage Leadership and Prestige

Animals Totem & Meaning Elk

Elk – Bravery, agility and independence

Animal Totems & Meanings Falcon

The Falcon – Soul Healing, Speed and Movement

Animal Totems & Meanings Fox

The Fox – Cunning, Stealth and Feminine Courage

Animal Totems & Meanings Frog

Frog – Spring & New Life, Sensitivity, Communicator, Stability

Animal Totems & Meanings Grizzly Bear

The Grizzly Bear – Strength and Ferocity

Animal Totems & Meanings Halibut

The Halibut – Life protector, Strength and Stability

Animal Totems & Meanings Hawk

The Hawk – Guardianship, Strength, Far Sighted

Animals Totem & Meaning Heron

The Heron – Patience, Graceful and Easy Going

Animal Totems & Meanings Horse

Horse – Energy, Power, Message carrier, communicates with other realms

Animal Totems & Meanings Hummingbird

Hummingbird – Love, Beauty, Intelligence, Spirit Messenger and Stopper of Time

Animal Totems & Meanings Killer Whale

The Killer Whale – Seas and the Underworld, Traveler & Guardian and Symbol of Good

Animals Totem & Meaning Kingfisher

The Kingfisher – Luck, Patience, Speed and Agility

Animal Totems & Meanings Lizard

The Lizard – Awareness, Conservation, subconscious hopes and fears

Animal Totems & Meanings Moose

The Moose – Headstrong, Balance and Longevity

Animal Totems & Meanings Mouse

Mouse – Observant qualities and diligence

Animal Totems & Meanings Otter

The Otter – Feminine Power, Playful, Trusting, Inquisitive, Bright, Loyal and speedy

Animals Totem & Meaning Owl

The Owl – Wisdom, silent and swift, ability to see things normally, a creature of the night

Animal Totems & Meanings Raccoon

Raccoon – Curiosity, Creativity, Dexterity, Disguise

Animal Totems & Meanings Raven

Raven – Creation & Knowledge – Bringer of the Light

Animal Totems & Meanings Porcupine

Porcupine – Safety and Protection

Animal Totems & Meanings Salmon

Salmon – Persistence, Dependability and Renewal – A Provider

Animal Totems & Meanings Seal

The Seal – Bright, Inquisitive, Organized

Animal Totems & Meanings Shark

The Shark – Remorselessness, Survival, Adaptability

Animals Totem & Meaning Snake

The Snake – Rebirth, Resurrection, Initiation and Transformation

Animal Totems & Meanings Spider

The Spider – Creativity, weaving the web of fate

Animal Totems & Meanings Squirrel

Squirrel – Planning and Preparation

Animals Totem & Meaning Turtle

The Turtle – Self-Reliance, Tenacity, Slow Progress

Animal Totems & Meanings Weasel

The Weasel – Encourages you to develop your sense of inner hearing and to pay attention to your inner voice

Animal Totems & Meanings Whale

The Whale – Ancient Knowledge, Awareness

Animals Totem & Meaning Wolf

The Wolf – Intelligence & Leadership – Strong Sense of Family

Totem Pole Symbols – Tribal Totems

  • The totem pole symbols of the Tlingit tribe included the raven, frog, goose, sea lion, owl, salmon, beaver, codfish, skate, wolf, eagle, bear, killer-whale, shark, auk, gull, sparrow-hawk
  • The totem pole symbols of the Haida were the eagle, killer-whale, black bear, loon, woodpecker, thunderbird (mythical), hawk, wolf, dogfish, owl, otter, grizzly bear, sea lion, mountain goat
  • The totem pole symbols of the Tsimshian were the raven, codfish, starfish, eagle, halibut, beaver, whale, wolf, crane, grizzly bear, bear, killer whale, dolphin
  • The totem pole symbols of other tribes included the beaver, frog, raven, dogfish, halibut, land otter, starfish and hummingbird

Identifying Totem Pole Symbols and Images

Totem Pole People

Men and Women are represented fairly realistically. People can be depicted upright but more often in a crouching position. People are shown with erect ears and women are distinguished from men by a labret (lip ornament) in their lower lip.

Totem Pole Top Figures

The top figures often identify the tribe, clan or lineage such as the eagle or the raven

Totem Pole Land Animals

The eyes of land animals are carved as two curves enclosing a circle. Four legged animals are usually depicted in a crouching position. The bodies of most animals are facing the front.

Totem Pole Fish and Sea Mammals

The eyes of fish and some sea mammals are carved with round eyes

Totem Pole Birds

Birds are usually carved perched with their wings outstretched or folded at their sides. Their legs have large, clawed feet. Beaks horizontally protrude from the figure or carved tucked against the chest. All birds have eyebrows and have ears on the top of their heads.

Totem Pole Natural Phenomena

Images from nature including the sun, moon, stars and rainbows are also depicted

Totem Pole Wolf Symbols

The Wolf are carved with tall ears, a long sharp muzzle, elevated snout and lots of teeth

Totem Pole Eagle Symbols

The Eagle is distinguished by its short, curved beak

Totem Pole Beaver Symbols

The beaver is distinguished by its two protruding teeth and round nostrils. The beaver is often portrayed holding

Totem Pole Mountain Goat

The Mountain Goat is depicted with slender, sharp horns and cleft hoof with two toes

Totem Pole Killer Whale Symbols

The Killer Whale has two spines above the round eyes, two prominent dorsal fins, a large head and a mouth turned up at the corners. Often has spots painted on its back.

Totem Pole Shark Symbols

The Shark is depicted with gills slits as crescents and a crescent shaped mouth, turned down at the corners and filled with saw-like teeth

Totem Pole Frog Symbols

The Frog is portrayed as if seen from above.

Totem Pole Halibut Fish Symbols

The Halibut has a continuous fin and is depicted with both eyes on one side

Totem Pole Octopus Symbols

The Octopus is traditionally depicted with a bird like head, hooked bill, suction plates and tentacles

Totem Pole Bear Symbols

A realistic depiction of a bear but with large nostrils, paws, and fangs

Totem Pole Raven Symbols

The Raven is portrayed with a short, sharp, protruding beak

Totem Pole Insects

Various styles are used in Insect designs and are carved in a similar fashion to birds making their species difficult to distinguish

Back at home Grace made some cookies for youth group.

James and I dropped her off, then went to Perry’s for a drink and talked while the piano lady sang. I keep hoping the guy that was there one night is going to be back, he was so good.

Fox theater DOTD


This year the show actually landed on Day of the Dead. I think this was our 11th year of shows there. There was a sweet old abuelita who told some stories and showed us her art.

Then there was a Native American storyteller/flute player.

Then the Aztecs dancers came out to open with the four directions, then they danced.

Then we went to SAME cafe and had some good food.

On the way home I saw this, I think it was a different quote last time.

After dinner Hannah and I went to church. Our Bible study was on purity. Priscilla talked about more than just sexual purity, there are all kinds of things that are temptations and can create a crack that the devil can work his way through. Our leader talked about watching for cracks, fixing them, noting that even a small fracture can create complications. We talked about guarding our hearts and asking God to remove things or situations that could cause us to fail. There were some things that I didn’t think about as we got into discussion groups, like gossip or jealousy, addictions, or dressing a certain way to improve ourselves in the eyes of others. Here is a link to her Fervent Friday post on it.

Sunset tonight.

Halloween park day


There were about 50 kids at the park, that must be a record. We took some cupcakes and popcorn to share, there were lots of good snacks.

Playing around.

Trying to get that many kids together for a picture, especially when some of them were not going to move from their doughnut spot, was hard.

We got home after going to Chipotle for $3 Booritos, the girls chilled for a bit, then Hannah went with her friends and Bethany and Grace went to the Dolence’s. I ended up taking Grace to the Mansion for the last call trick or treating and I missed a step and fell. I fell hard on both knees, my thumb feels broken, my ankle rolled, I put my right hand out so my wrist hurts too. It was bad, I’m going to have bruised knees for a while.

Fun Friday – a play and Daniel’s park


But first, it’s Joel’s birthday today! He got our package, but we missed his call, so he’s calling tomorrow. I can’t believe that I’ve been a Mom for 23 years now. I don’t have a newer pic, so I’ll just post this one.

A friend got our HS group into a student matinee at a local high school. It was free, it was Shakespeare and even though Grace is reading Macbeth, who doesn’t need to see a play by Shakespeare? If you haven’t seen a good one, you might think, meh, there are better things I could do with two hours. This play was great! It was pretty much pure Shakespeare and spot on acting, line delivery, sets, etc. Puck was the best character (of course) and there was even a brief dog encounter on stage.

After the play we were starving (it was 1:30pm) so we drove to Daniel’s park for a picnic. The bison were out. B&W day 5.

The views.

We had time to chill at home. We were going to a worship night at church, but the girls had friends over and I wasn’t feeling great, so they played and I watched it on FB. The live feed didn’t mess up once, which was a great change. James has to work from home in the morning, then we’re going to LM’s. Bethany got stuck with a double shift on Sat and an early shift on Sunday, so she’s going to be tired this weekend.