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Park day, Lollicup, MOA


I made a park day at Grant Frontier park – because it’s close to bobas. There was a weird storm, we got a bit of hail, then watched as the clouds moved left, then right, then left, it would have been nice to have shade, but I’m glad it moved the other way.

We dropped by the MOA to see their new art, it’s not really new, just some previous art set up until the next exhibit opens.

I’m trying to finish up some library books before vacation. One more to go.




Friday morning Grace did 2 of her remaining 4 finals (she’ll do the other 2 on Monday.) Then is was off to the last HS skate.

We took Gwen with us and went to the library to watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and have popcorn and root beer floats. We were the only ones there, which meant that we had to drink lots of floats.

The librarian kept saying, ‘Oh, I didn’t realize there was that much swearing in this movie.’ every few minutes. I didn’t realize it either, but everyone had already seen the movie at least once, so it wasn’t a shock. Then Grace got dropped at Gwen’s house, Hannah went to Malia’s house and Bethany went with me and James to The Stanley to eat and listen to Stephen Brooks jazz. We didn’t realize that Cheluna was just a brewery, so no food, you had to bring food from one of the restaurants. We went around and there was a wait everywhere except for Denver Biscuit Co, so we ate there. We got ice cream and sat down and listened to Stephen’s second set for a bit, then went home.

Saturday was pretty lazy, we picked up Hannah, ate at Urban Egg, went to Walmart, then back home where I finished up a baby shower gift. Grace, Hannah and I went to baby Theo’s blessing party (his Grandma runs the Fox Theater shows and we’ve known her for 13 years.) There was an Aztec four directions ceremony, followed by individual blessings. Theo is so cute!

Back at home James made chili (it was cool outside) and we watched A Series of Unfortunate Events.



Baby shrimp!

Today was our field trip to the museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. You couldn’t take any pics in the exhibit, so….

Image may contain: text

DMNS exhibit guide here. See pics of all the scrolls here. There were lots of artifacts, pots, coins, jewelry, even a piece of the wailing wall. The best scroll part I saw was Best one I saw today was of Psalm 121 – 1 I lift up my eyes to the mountain where does my help come from? 2 My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

From there we went into the Creatures of the Night exhibit, it was pretty cool.

That was really cool too.

Cinco show at the Fox


I was brought up (and living in a neighborhood with a high percentage of people of Mexican descent) believing that Cinco de Mayo was Mexican Independence day, but we learned today that it’s not. When I was a kid May 5th was a day where people would wear sombreros, play accordion music, and dance around while eating tacos. Kind of like our 4th of July, we play music, dress up, and eat – so I thought they were the same thing. But, really May 5th is the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla in which a very small band of Mexicans killed a bunch of the French who were invading for two reasons: to get back some money that Mexico owed France and to join up with the Confederate Army to help defeat the Union (so the cotton would flow again.) The Battle was not the end of the fight, it went on for 5 more years, but it was a symbol of Mexican resistance.

The dancers today were German – Edelweiss dancers (many German people immigrated to Mexico in the 1800’s and brought their accordions among other things), Mexican (Fiesta Colorado) and Aztec (Huitzilopochtli dancers.)

SAME cafe for lunch.

We stopped at the pet shelter to drop off extra food that we had. There was a cute little terrier there, sigh.

Dance, dandelions, Zentangle art, school, illustration class


We finished our dance! We have flags at the end! The end is very fast! We are going to have to run and throw down the flags super fast to get to our spots….we’ll make it. I got the Centennial movie (that was shot in Colorado and parts of it were filmed in Highlands Ranch) and we started watching it, it’s not bad. It’s a little dated, and Robert Conrad can’t keep a French accent going for very long, but I’m liking the fact that we can pick out the Platte river and different places as the movie goes along. We took Zoe outside for a dandelion photo shoot. She’s really hobbling now, we think she’s blind in the other eye and her left back leg is starting to go out. But, we decided as long as she’s not in pain (she doesn’t appear to be) and she can get to her water and litter box, we’ll just keep going like that.

Tuesday it snowed, we knew it was going to, but then it kept snowing after the ‘end’ time. We had a Zentangle co-op at the library, so it was nice to be there with the snow falling. We were doing negative space, so doodling on the outside of letters or objects instead of on the inside. We had great results.

Since it was still snowing when James got home we went to the mall to walk around. Hannah warmed up by the fireplace.

Wednesday, here are some screen shots and random books about school.

We worked through that stuff, then Hannah and I went to harvest some dandelions to make jelly tomorrow.

I think we have enough (and if we don’t there are a ton of them outside, so I’ll just get some more.) Grace and I went to Hudson gardens to field sketch and take pics.

I made naan to go with the sweet potato masala for dinner – this is a no yeast quick recipe, it turned out great.

Homeschool day at the Capitol, TDO, Teen nite


We woke up to a dusting of snow, Gimpy was hanging out in the food bowl.

CHEC did an awesome job on the posters that were inside the Capitol.

We were sitting in the House opening.

We started with a prayer, the pledge, the Anthem and reading of the HS day at the Capitol proclamation. Then it was introductions and watching the reps get up and talk about different things. Inside the Capitol.

We left there and headed over to Pillar of Fire church for music, a dramatic John Paul Jones enactment and lecture.

We had lunch at SAME, then I dropped the girls at home and went to TDO at the coffee shop. I was the only one there, so I worked on my folded book art.

James and I dropped off Bethany at Grace at teen night and we went to try Millers and Rossi, an art gallery speakeasy. At first we passed it up, it’s at the back of RiNo, not got a big sign and has a really small front space. The front is an art gallery –

the back is a dimly lit bar with Edison lights, a skylight, more art and great drinks.

We still had time to kill, so we went by Denver Central Market and had a scoop of vegan coconut creme brulee, a drink at Curio and a pizza from Vero.

It was luau night at the museum, so the kids were all wearing leis when we picked them up. Grace went off for a sleepover and Bethany went home with a friend (and then we picked her up at their house.)

Les Miserables


We saw the best musical today. Valor HS was having a free school day for their production of Les Miserables, it was just stunning. The cast, the music, the voices, the backdrops, the acting, seriously, I feel bad for those who couldn’t see it (and can’t now since it’s sold out.) The girls loved it and now we’re going to watch the movie version with Hugh Jackman, which will give more of the story for them. But, I am just blown away by how great the kids were. Hannah made pancakes and eggs for dinner, we dropped Grace at youth group and went to the store.

Bethany got good news.

Joel is out in the field for 3 weeks.

Friday Grace made Zoe do school with her.

Then we went to Skate city for HS skate.

Hannah begged me to assign her a research paper, so we went to the library to get books on the Titanic (her topic.) I got these,

It’s Nigerian beef stew for dinner and Ned tomorrow.