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The week so far


I posted this picture on Sunday, but I spoke too soon.

At the end of day 7 that ball was toast.

So, we start over.

Monday Hannah did her Earth science experiment about density, mass and volume. Basically she watched and took measurements as her ice filled rock tube fell apart.

It was Monday HS skate, which normally we would not be able to attend, but since we don’t have dance this semester we went. At first there was hardly anyone there, maybe 7 kids skating. Eventually it went up to about 23, still that is low.

Tuesday we put Jack in daycare, did school, then went downtown to the Ralph S. Carr Judicial center for a tour.

There were no cases going on in the courtrooms, but that just meant that our guide was able to talk and explain the purpose of the courts, tell us interesting things about the details in the room and note some historic people that practiced close to there (this is a pretty new building) such as Ruth Ginsberg who prosecuted a case not far from the building.

Since it’s a newer building, it has a green roof per the green roof initiative. It also has a lot of public art, since 1% of a buildings budget needs to be for art. We went up to the 4th floor, then down to the law library. The windows in the library are stained glass and each one has a historic document or type of law engraved in it (First Sumerian laws, Hammurabi’s code, Magna Carta, etc.) Also, some of the art has amendments lightly written over the picture.

The most interesting part of the tour is the learning center, a space that has interactive games and learning tools for introducing ideas about law and concepts of the same.

When we picked Jack up he had already tried to escape once – if I’m late picking him up he tries to sneak out under a big dog, sometimes he makes it, sometimes not.

Hannah and I went to an Explorer post meeting, but they just voted to change their meeting days to Wednesdays and Hannah isn’t keen on the idea of giving up every other Wednesday. So, we’re trying to find another post (looks like Parker will be our best bet.)

Wednesday was 9/11, we started the day with library school. I’m a woman of my word, they wanted a quiet space (away from Jack) to do school outside of the house once a week, they got it.

After lunch we grabbed trash bags, gloves and Jack and headed to Montbello for a Kindness Krewe day of service on 9/11. Sometimes on 9/11 we attend ceremonies, sometimes we climb stairs, sometimes we do service. I asked a friend if she knew of a place that needed cleaning, she quickly said, ‘Montbello Central park’. So, that’s why I chose that park. There were 4 other families, we grabbed bags and took off in different directions. I usually take an after picture with how many bags of trash we collected, but everyone threw away their bags before I could – but we had about 5 kitchen trash bags full and multiple small grocery bags full of trash.

When we were done we went by the Arsenal to see the bison, they just happened to be walking across the road as we drove up.

Then it was home to make dinner and off to youth group for Hannah.



Jack’s new balls came in and I swear he could smell them in the box. We put them on the kitchen counter and he kept going over and trying to jump up, then we moved them to the top of the fridge (still in the box) and he sat by the fridge barking for a while.

I’m not sure if we got a bad lot last time or what, the pink ball only lasted 4 days and I’ve been taking bets on the orange ball.

We’re at the start of day 3 today and it has a very small tear in the seam (but I count ‘broken’ when he cracks the seam so much he can get the crackle ball out.)

Hannah had a bunch of Class connects to do today, orientation, going over the OLS, it was a lot of review because we’ve been using the OLS for K12 for 14 years. The only difference is how it looks from middle to high school, but she went into each CC session and participated. I had a chiro appointment and then I went to the massage lady at Whole foods. The chiro gave me a front headache when he punched the activator thing on my neck, so I thought the massage lady could help work out the knots in my neck a little more. It’s a bit better, but still feels like I have to pop my neck and it won’t. Still have face numbness, hand tingling, vision stuff and headaches – though those are much less painful, but it’s still there. I have to give the chiro and massage lady some time to work before heading back to the doc to say – let’s look at that tumor in a CT scan and see if something has changed. Hannah wanted to do her last CC at the coffee shop, so we went there and I started on a collage of this drawing.

I took Jack’s not back to school pics, the girls will get theirs done tomorrow or the next day (they don’t start until Tuesday.)

I scored tix to the Corteo Cirque de Soleil show for the me and the girls. It was amazing, we had to drive through a massive rainstorm to get there, but it was worth it.

Co-ops are being posted, I have a field trip to set up, an opera to put in numbers for and I’m waiting for the St. John’s music at noon schedule and the Fox theater cultural show schedule to come out. We’re doing something tomorrow, hiking somewhere – not sure where yet. Then after some testing on Friday we’re heading out to camp – fun. And finally, here are some pics from the HR backcountry cam.

Days are flying


Tuesday I ran some errands, got the kids to take a picture (I should have turned the flash on.) Bethany was leaving today to go back to Grand Junction and I realized that I missed the opportunity to get a family pic with everyone (since James was at work already), so I just did the best I could.

I took Grace and Hannah to see the new Spiderman movie – it was pretty good, I think they made a good call casting Spiderman. Stuff is starting to show up for school, but don’t worry – we have plenty of Summer left. I can’t believe how early in August (last week) the public school kids went back to school, way too early. My Cuba book came in, yes it took me since last October to finish it. Part of that was Shutterfly’s fault. My pics were all on Google photos and for months the upload feature in SF from GP was not working, then when it did I still had to arrange the photos, add text, choose backgrounds and stickers. So, it just took a while. I do love Grace’s picture on the front – it’s pretty much screams Cuba.

Wednesday I took James to work, we stopped and had affogato before heading to NREL.

It was a gorgeous morning, so Jack and I stopped at Red Rocks on the way home.

This is my Boop eating a flower.

I dropped Jack at daycare (and finally got his picture from last weeks camp) and headed to the doc.

I had a chiropractor appointment (thought I’d try it as I wait on the neurology appointment.) He didn’t actually crack my neck, just moved it around, stretched it and used the activator – doesn’t feel any different, my face is still numb, still have dizziness, hand tingling, vision stuff, so….I ran some errands then came home for lunch. The girls and I had a co-op, game day, at Enchanted Grounds.

I didn’t know that they let you demo the games they sell there, so after 2 rounds of Tsuro I checked out the House of Danger (based on the Choose your own adventure book.) It was awesome!

I bought it and another game. We played House of Danger for 2 hours at the store and another hour at home. The only problem is that it’s just like the book, so you have to keep the cards in order because sometimes you have to go back to a card to choose another option. It was TNO night (a night early because we leave for GJ tomorrow), but no one showed up. After I ate I met James at Adelitas for a drink and dessert. Jack was in play mode when we got home (because when the girls watch him they let him sleep instead of keeping him awake.) It took him about 20 minutes to calm down and go to sleep, but once he’s out – he’s out.



It’s not fair, the older I get, the faster time flies. Jack was being a nut this morning.

Tuesday we had a co-op at the Chatfield botanic gardens, we went there to see the earth work art by Patrick Dougherty. This is the 5th installation of his that we’ve seen (and only 1 of those 4 are still around.) They are ephemeral pieces, so they don’t last forever.

Invasion of the Japanese beetles, I think they are pretty.

Around the farm and the small butterfly garden.

It was getting hot when we left, so glad we went in the morning. I had to run in at the doc and get some blood work done, I was supposed to have an MRi to check out my brain (headaches), but I volunteered the info that I have metal coils in my spleen and since the info wasn’t in my chart, they said no. Turns out I was supposed to get a card from the hospital that says that I have the correct kind of metal that can go through an MRI, but I never got it. It took the docs till Friday to get the info and (more on this later) by then they just told me to go to the ER.

Wednesday I had a newbie chat with some homeschoolers, Jack went to daycare and Grace retook her driving test (and passed!)

She made herself a celebratory lemon chiffon cake.

The Boop was tired.

My headache was getting worse, I call this piece ‘Fiery pain in my brain.’

This one reminds me of a very hot day here.

Jack thinks it’s fun when Joel plays with him.

Some more fluid art.

I really need to get a blowtorch to bring out the cells better.

Friday I went to the doc with 2 new worrying symptoms – face numbness (like when you go the dentist and they give you a shot) on the left side of my face and hand tingling on the right side. My face wasn’t drooping, it just felt numb. Well, given those symptoms, head pain of 8, vision problems, fatigue and dizziness, the doc said to go to the ER and get an MRI there (because if she had just ordered one it would have been next week.) So, I drove home and Bethany drove me to the ER, James took an Uber there, Bethany went home and Joel came up. I was there for 7 hours, 5 IV pokes before the 5th one was good, a CT scan and MRI, some IV meds and EKG. They came up with nothing on the scans, so I was referred to a neurologist. But at least I left the place with a prescription and enough meds to knock the pain down to a 3/4.

Looking much better on Sunday.

Hannah met a friend at the mall, so Jack got to go through Nordstroms. He sat quietly by my seat in the mall until it was time to go.

James was at work, so when I went to pick him up we had a date night in Golden. First stop, Golden Moon Speakeasy where I had 2 excellent drinks (and my new favorite – root beer and absinthe.)

Then we walked over to Tributary, a new food hall. I think they need one more dinner type food place (they had pizza and a raw seafood bar), but overall they have some good options for breakfast/lunch.

The Buffalo Rose was playing live music, so we went over there to listen. I had never been in the old one before, but the new digs they have are awesome. I love the pieces of history they saved/exposed and the open air bar is very cool (it has a sliding roof.)

This is the week that we follow Bethany back to GJ for school. Joel and company leave on the day we get back. They have: gone to the shooting range, fixed up a motorcycle, gone hiking/camping, ran errands, slept in, played video games, played with Jack and eaten some good food. I guess I missed my chance at a family picture because as I write this Bethany is about to head out (early because she has some job training to do before school starts), James is at work, so I could get a ‘just the kids pic’….

Week so far


Tuesday we had a real girls day. We had Kneader’s for breakfast, then Bethany had to go do something for work. In the afternoon we all went to get manicures (except for Bethany who got a pedicure.) Then back home for dinner, then the girls watched Jack so James and I could go listen to LAPOMPE at Union Station. Technically we can take Jack there, but we haven’t yet.

Wednesday was the Senses exhibit at the DMNS. The girls had already seen it at teen night, but I hadn’t. We had about 80 people show up for the field trip. The exhibit had some good information, some hands on stuff, a good show and a room that made me dizzy.

Jack was at doggie daycare all day, so he was tired. We had movie night with popcorn and candy watching the Basil Rathbone Hound of the Baskervilles – that is until Plex cut out about halfway through. Then we started watching Dressed to Kill (also Rathbone), but didn’t finish it.

Thursday was park day, we’ve never been to Majestic view park or nature center, it was okay. There are no bathrooms, lots of ants and not much shade at the park. But it does have a nice view. We wore Jack out playing ‘Jack in the middle’ and made some chalk art/sayings.

Creativity club, park day, Spoons and Tunes, chilly park day


I’m so glad a friend told me about Riize coffee shop, it’s such a chill place to hang out.

It was just the four of us for Creativity club.

Hannah wrote on my Jack doodle.

Grace made 2 more coloring pages for her coloring book.

Jack got a tiny Frosty when we got home.

We went to Westlands park and chatted/walked around, then to Park Meadows mall for dinner at the Spoons and Tunes. The band Raising Cain was really good. The girls were excited when Love Shack started playing.

Friday was another park day, but it turned cold and chilly.

Hike, dandelions, dog park, water sampling, LAPOMPE, TNO, HS skate


My boop in the dandelions.

Hiking at Corwina park.

Wednesday James took off to GJ to help Bethany move all of her stuff out of the dorm and back home. We went to the Platte to sample, then took Jack to a different spot to see if he’d get in the water if his ball was in it – yep.

We got sandwiches and bobas at Ba Le, ate at the park and went home. Hannah got to youth group early so Grace, Jack and I could go see LAPOMPE. While the concert was going on, David said between song, ‘I thought I saw our band mascot, out there, there’s Jack’ and I held him up for everyone to see (so glad I gave him a bath.)

We had a good time, then picked up Hannah and stayed up late watching TV.

Thursday we did school, just Grace now, Hannah was done yesterday. I took Jack to the dog park to wear him out.

Bethany and James got home within a few minutes of each other. The girls went to dinner and James and I went to TNO with Stacy. We had good food and a good time chatting.

Friday was the last HS skate for the year. They were selling the passes for the summer, but I don’t think we’d even go once – so I didn’t buy any. Hannah is going to youth camp with church, Grace is going to a camp for another church, Hannah is hoping to get into a youth police academy camp, Grace and Bethany are going on a road trip to VidCon, we have co-ops, hikes, library programs, park days, etc. My summer is filling up fast.