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Grand Junction


It used to seem so far to drive to the other end of the state, about 4-4.5 hours, but now it seems to whip by. Even with extra stopping for Jack (it’s not really that extra, we still stop for food/bathroom breaks for humans so…) The ‘just past Genesee’ picture.

Jack fell asleep instantly.

We stopped at Subway for lunch, they had weird pictures on their chip bags that were begging for a photo. But, I got Sun chips instead.

We enjoyed our lunch by the creek and a little bird came to the table to hang out.

More stuff we normally pass that I take a pic of, though everything looks better draped in snow.

Almost there.


We met up with Bethany and ate dinner at Pablos pizza. The street was closed off for a Thursday night farmers market, so after dinner we looked around and bought a few things.

We went back to the hotel and closed off the day with the (new) Willy Wonka movie. Jack was up (because of the movie) until after 10pm, so a late night for him.

Jack woke up too early on Friday morning and had a nap while we ate breakfast.

James and I dropped off Jack at the Wag resort, went to park and walked around.

The girls went shopping after breakfast, getting stuff for Bethany’s dorm. She wasn’t supposed to move in until Sat morning, but she asked and they said she could move in early. We met her at the new dorm with a trunkload of stuff. Here are the before shots, everything was just lying around. She has the end room in a pod of 4 rooms. The end rooms sleep 1 person, the 2 middle ones sleep 2 people (so 6 people total.) There is 1 bathroom/shower they all share and a common area with couch/TV.

We went to an Indian restaurant for lunch, then went to the antique store. There are 3 or 4 of them on Main street, but Robin’s Nest is the biggest and best one.

We went back to the room to swim and Bethany went back to her dorm to fix it up. We left about 6:30pm to pick her up and head over to Palisade for the peach fest. I’ve heard about the Palisade peach festival for 14 years, but we were never willing to drive 8 hours roundtrip for it. It’s only 20 min from GJ, and since it was so hot we decided to go in the evening (and it’s the main reason Jack was boarded, they don’t allow dogs.)

They were using buses to shuttle people to the festival – this was the first time my girls ever rode a school bus. Hannah was not impressed, but she was excited to get on.

Riverbend park.

Hannah won a tiger, we got some free stuff, ate dinner and looked around.

I had a BBQ sundae, beans, coleslaw and brisket in a cup – it was delicious.

Sunset was beautiful (I should have run back to the water, that would have been a pretty picture.)

It was lighting up the mesa on the other side too.

I really thought there would be more peach stuff at this festival – just because Palisade is the peach growing capital of the state and I hear about it all the time, but really the Lafayette peach festival is bigger and has more peach stuff and less ‘random festival’ type stuff. But, now I’ve been. We dropped the girls at the dorm (they were going to see a movie) and then went back to the hotel. Grace spent the night with Bethany, which meant that Hannah got a whole bed to herself.

Saturday morning we had a late breakfast and started to while the time away. We went to Walmart, some more stores and checked out the Cross orchard museum. I still don’t think we actually saw the museum though, we saw some outside trains, an inside model train setup and a few old cars. There wasn’t anyone around to ask about an actual museum, but we didn’t see the barn, an old house and some other stuff – so maybe next time.

The model train set was very detailed, a huge Mt. Garfield loomed over the set. We could see Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, parts of Denver, it was cool.

We went to Starbucks to play a card game, get drinks and cool off. Then, one last trip to the store/mall before having a late lunch with Zack’s parents at Old Chicago. We had a good lunch and great conversation, they live about an hour or so from GJ and have an amazing view from their house. They told us to come by some day to laze around on their pontoon boat in the lake. We dropped Bethany off at a coffee shop with Zack, went to pick up Jack and headed home. In Glenwood canyon.

I think Jack played hard and ate no food all day at the resort because he went to sleep instantly and every time I offered food he wolfed it down and had more at home.

We got home about 8:30pm and the guys were all gone. Joel and Timmy had an early morning flight and I guess Mike and Chris decided to sleep at the airport for an early morning Sunday flight. We let Jack play some ball for about 30 min and then went to bed.

Sunday I took Hannah to church and she worked in the coffee shop. Grace drove herself to church and then came home to tie-dye her shoes.

We picked up lunch and went to the park to eat, then Hannah and M hung out, I went to the library, we went to the grocery store, then we chilled the rest of the evening. Jack broke his new ball, either this ball was a bad lot or he has really gotten good at chewing in just the right spot to split the ball.

The week – co-op postings start, Clear creek tubing, Destinations picnic, roller skating co-op, kid-sitting, nbts photos, Corteo cirque show, on-line school testing/scavenger hunt/making sure OLS is set up, Rainbow falls hike, arcade, heading out to Rye for camping, Bishop castle, hiking, St. Elmo ghost town, church, coffee shop (Hannah), swimming with friends.

Dinners – This week is easy due to some evening activities that either include dinner or eating out. Tacos, picnic dinner, Hawaiian chicken with broccoli, something downtown, orange beef and fried rice, hot dogs/s’mores, make your own pizzas.

Week so far


Tuesday we had a real girls day. We had Kneader’s for breakfast, then Bethany had to go do something for work. In the afternoon we all went to get manicures (except for Bethany who got a pedicure.) Then back home for dinner, then the girls watched Jack so James and I could go listen to LAPOMPE at Union Station. Technically we can take Jack there, but we haven’t yet.

Wednesday was the Senses exhibit at the DMNS. The girls had already seen it at teen night, but I hadn’t. We had about 80 people show up for the field trip. The exhibit had some good information, some hands on stuff, a good show and a room that made me dizzy.

Jack was at doggie daycare all day, so he was tired. We had movie night with popcorn and candy watching the Basil Rathbone Hound of the Baskervilles – that is until Plex cut out about halfway through. Then we started watching Dressed to Kill (also Rathbone), but didn’t finish it.

Thursday was park day, we’ve never been to Majestic view park or nature center, it was okay. There are no bathrooms, lots of ants and not much shade at the park. But it does have a nice view. We wore Jack out playing ‘Jack in the middle’ and made some chalk art/sayings.



Saturday James and I went to get affogato, Jack sat in his circle of trust…

I read, we chilled, I took the girls to the MCA for teen night and James’ Jack sat.

I had dinner at Zoe Ma Ma’s, it was good, the best thing there is the buns and potstickers. They also had a really good looking pork bao bun sandwich, but I didn’t notice it on the menu until after I had ordered.

My new hair cut is settling in.

Sunday we went to church, then to Civic Green park to listen to some jazz.

Ran by the library to get some more books, James grilled for dinner, watched some TV and chilled.

Tooling around, Ghost town museum


Jack ran errands with me after dropping the girls at the mall. Walmart – check, he sat stoically while I did a return. Krispy Kreme – check, he ate part of a doughnut. Greenwood Village police dept – check, he ate goose poop and then sat while I dropped off Hannah’s ride along request. Mall – check, he’s allowed in Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and the mall (and other stores in the mall too, we just didn’t go in.)

Later we dropped the girls at the library to make Vietnamese food and Jack and I walked around Santa Fe.

I think the Santa Fe arts district is about to experience some needed growth. The old gas station is now a fancy restaurant that sounds like they have amazing food. The library is slated for renovation in 2020 and 1/2 the block next to that is about to be torn down. Hopefully they’ll do what Englewood did and build condos with retail on the bottom.

Thursday was my Ghost town museum co-op, Jack spent the day at puppy daycare.

We ate at Fargo’s (big surprise there) and the girls got a swim in at the rec center before a storm blew through. I read my new book (an NPR suggestion.)

Grace gets to hang out with friends tomorrow (they couldn’t make it on her bday), Hannah has an eye doctor appointment that will hopefully go well and I have a regular doc appointment.

Dino museum


Saturday we dropped Jack at daycare after having coffee at our favorite affogato place and drove to Woodland park.

We had lunch at the Southern Lily, great gumbo and fried okra – I will definitely keep that place on the list for eating while in town. Hannah has 2 dinosaur shirts, but didn’t wear them.

We arrived in time for a tour, our guide Haley was super excited about the museum, paleontology and spent 45 minutes showing us around.

3-D printing some dinosaur bones.

Sunday after church James and I went to the Boulder creek fest. We parked at a place that we never park at and walked on a trail by the creek. It’s nice and shady for the summer and leads to the playground at the library, lots of chutes and places to float in the water.

We wandered around the vendors, listened to some music and Jack got a treat.

These geese were heading right for Jack, then Mama got mad and was hissing at him when she landed.

We have a lazy week coming up.

Happy Spring!


Day 20 – Happy Spring and learn something new today. We’re going to the DaVinci exhibit and I bet we learn something we didn’t know before.

This was the day our field trip of the DaVinci exhibit got moved to because of the blizzard. I had people who needed a refund, people who showed up with cash – it was crazy. I thought the exhibit was good, but I was surprised at how much we had seen (and learned) at the exhibit back in December and that was just one guy (who had an extreme thirst and knowledge for DaVinci, but still.)

We picked up Bethany at home (she was in for Spring break) and met James in CR (he got jury duty this week) and had dinner at Black Eyed Pea. We haven’t been there in forever. I really wanted the fried green tomatoes, but I could only have 2, they were so salty. I will have to remember to get some and make my own. There was no youth group tonight (Spring break), so we ended up picking up Jack from daycare and watching TV.

Week in review


I did well this week with doing neat things for each day of my birthday month and doing so in spite of being tired. Because of all the cold and snow and avalanches in the mountain, Monday was post a picture of Summer.

Image may contain: flower, plant, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

I love the firewheels that poke up along the Platte. Monday was observation day at dance, I didn’t take any pictures, but I did video Hannah’s dance so she could practice it next week (they are off next Monday.)

Tuesday we did school, Hannah had her ingrown toenail removed, I had a blood draw and we had lunch at Cafe 180 where they piled on the salad.

This days event was – see some art. We had free tickets to the MOA Natura Obscura again, so we went there and tried to find different things than last time.

My sleepy boy.

Jack was ready for Mardi Gras.

And so was I, we went to Phil’s for jazz, ‘Nawlins fare and drinks.

Wednesday was write a thank you note to someone, I wrote two.

We did school, dropped Jack at daycare and met Ann at the Butterfly Pavilion. We hadn’t been there in a while, they changed some stuff around and we got to walk around with the butterflies.

Thursday the thing to do was do something FUN (okay, most of my stuff might be labeled that anyway..) We did school, dropped Jack at daycare and headed to Boulder. First – lunch at Zoe Ma Mas. The potstickers were okay, but the steamed buns were really good.

Next up, go tour the Media Archeology Lab. It’s a house stuffed with old computers, music devices, typewriters, cell phones, game systems and more.

Grace found a digital Etch-a-sketch animator.

Hannah found a Gameboy with a camera, it needed a little help to make it print, and the print is not great, but it worked.

We went by Celestial (because when we are in Boulder we go grab more tea, they have lots of variety, more so than any store that carries it.) Then back to CU to the art museum. We toured the new exhibit, then headed upstairs to try watercolor glaciers. Watercolors are not my forte, but I have ideas for the next time.