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Pueblo trip


After meeting up with a HS group board member (so she could show me how to navigate the boards for co-op for the upcoming week) we headed to Pueblo.

We were going to swim, but the weather called for cooler and rain, so we headed south where it was nice and sunny. First stop was Bingo Burger – it was so good. My burger had onion, tomato, patty, fried egg, green chile, bacon, cheese and I put some lemon rosemary aioli on it too. The burgers were huge and the dipping sauces for the fries and sweet potato fries were probably all good, but we tried: cranberry BBQ (nice and sweet), lemon rosemary aioli (tangy and savory) and curry ketchup (it tasted like Sherpa House!) Their malts and shakes were good too, I thought the malt was better.

Then we headed over to the Buell children’s museum.

The girls said they were too old for it, then went over to the sand pit to play.

You get into both the Buell and the Sangre de Cristo museum with admission, the stuff I really wanted to see was over there, but we started in the Buell just because.

Then we went next door and saw the Rembrandt etchings. Except for the religious prints, the etchings were small, maybe a few inches high ands wide, such detail in such a small space.

This is a blown up image of one of the tiny prints.

Outside this gallery were linoleum prints and tiled prints from Ramona Lapsley.

In another room wonderful examples of Mexican folk embroidery.

In this gallery there were lots of ‘Hey, we’ve seen that’ from the girls. The printed art of Gene Kloss. We saw a lot of San Francisco sites and a few from New Mexico.

Out in the hall were Tom Taylor gouache prints.

The last gallery was I think the coolest (although those Rembrandt’s were old, but the brass plates that these rubbings came from were older.) Brass rubbing is kind of like what people do here (when the cemetary person is not watching) and we rub gravestones. But, they aren’t stone, they are brass (which is better anyway.)

This brass plate was from the 1400’s.

More on brass rubbing here. 

We left the museum and went to the River walk to take a quick stroll. They had the gondolas out on the water instead of the regular boats.

Our final stop was the Nature and Raptor center. They must have been able to release the two bald eagles and an owl, they weren’t there. But, they did have a screech owl, Guffey (a great horned owl), three golden eagles, two vultures, some falcons, some hawks and another owl.

At the nature center we sat by the water for a bit, then went in the cafe to get a boba drink.

The squirrels were driving the cafe lady crazy, they were eating off plates, then they ran in the door and were headed into the kitchen! They didn’t care when she sprayed them with vinegar, they just kept coming.

We got home, I cooked dinner and we watched a Father Brown.


The week so far


Monday – the dentist went well for all (except for Hannah, one surface cavity that will be filled on Friday.) It rained all the way to Sweet Cooie’s so the art camp was inside. Today was cubism, we decided to work on one canvas (Bethany just sat and ate ice cream.)

It was still raining, so I cancelled park day and we went to Pho for lunch. We stopped by the library where the librarian was nice enough to waive some fines…..very nice. I ran some errands after we got home, looks like the wild turkeys are moving in from Lone Tree….

We potted some plants in some of the whale planters that Gwen gave Grace.

Tuesday was nice and pretty, perfect for the MOA, lunch and shopping on Broadway. The MOA has a temporary (well, all their exhibits are temporary, but this one is very short) exhibit by the design and build teams from the Summer.

Lunch was Cafe’ 180, I had an adult grilled cheese, spinach salad and potato soup.

I could not believe that Hannah ate her entire turkey wrap – it was huge.

We walked down the shops on Broadway, first going into the book store.

Hannah had picked out a science book and Grace got a cook book. Hannah wanted this other book, a cheesy mystery (literally, it’s about pizza), and I said no – then the lady behind the counter said it was buy 2 get 1 free for all the books. Hannah grinned and ran back to grab the book. I like that ReNew is now individual art shops selling crafts, art and more (even if I can’t afford anything there now.)

We looked in the Army surplus store (Hannah wants to dress up as a soldier) but we didn’t find anything used. We got a few small items at the bead shop, then we headed home right as some rain started up.

Back at home I made banana bread and peasant bread for the stew, the stew was….interesting. One ingredient was coffee and I think I added too much of that.

Today we’re heading out in a bit to watch some $1 movies at the theater. I cleaned up three cabinets in the kitchen (and found my canning jars) and finished up 2 books.

Lost Cajun, Broomfield depot museum, cute prairie dogs


We went to the Lost Cajun for lunch, we’ve been meaning to check them out and I’m glad we did. It’s rare that food evokes such good memories, the okra took me back to a fish fry place my Grandma and Grandpa took me to when they lived in Livingston. The crawfish pie brought back memories of the Crawfish festival in Spring and the lobster bisque reminded me of our anniversary dinner in the Caymans.

I don’t think there is a bad thing on their menu. When you come in the first time they bring out a tasting board with 6 different items to try. They have spot on drinks (watermelon margarita, hurricanes and more) and the beignets reminded me of Cafe’ Du Monde in Louisiana.

We are going back with Bethany (she stayed home and hung out with a friend.) From there we went by SAME to pick up our art from June and then we headed to the Broomfield depot museum (free and only open on Saturdays 11-3pm.) The depot was moved here from Old Wads and 120th, but the stuff in it and the windows and outdoor paint are from 1909 when it was built.

Coming up there was another old house from a bee farm and to my surprise the grave of Shep the toll booth dog.

I knew about Shep (thanks to Roadside America) but James and the girls didn’t (find out more about him here and here.) I knew the grave was moved when 36 got bigger, but I didn’t know where it had gone, so that was pretty cool. Inside we had a tour guide lead us through the rooms and talk about things like: the y shaped poles that were used to deliver messages to the train as it passed by, the depot manager would stand by the track with the pole and the engineer would grab the message tied onto the top as the train rolled by.

There was a hand crank phone, town safe, telegraph machine and coal heater in the office.

The living area had a creepy old doll on the couch and some books from the original room. The kitchen was small, nice stove and icebox though.

We went upstairs, cool windows and I think that’s the same trunk that we have in our front room.

The waiting area had some Broomfield history and things from the toll booth days on 36, like these toll booth coin bags.

That was a cute little museum with a lot of history in it. Outside there was a grassy area full of prairie dogs, so we walked over to say hi.

They were so cute, when we drove by in the van I think they liked the music because when we stopped they came running right up to the doors.

We’re back home and we’ll be watching some Wallace and Gromit in a bit when dinner is ready.

Mother’s day weekend


Stop one, Saturday – making terrariums at the MCA.

Teens only, so Hannah, James and I wandered around Union Station.

Once the terrariums were done we took them to the car for safekeeping. Grace’s has shells and Bethany’s has Army guys.

We went to Tupelo Honey for brunch, they are behind Union Station and if you want to eat outside go after 12 so the building casts some shade on you.

OMG – cathead biscuits (so named because they are so big.)

Winner of the best sweet potato pancakes with praline bacon, fried chicken and pralines on top with 2 fried eggs and a baked apple – Tupelo (says me.)

James had an omelette with crispy fried potatoes, so good.

Grace had the fried chicken BLT, Hannah had the Mac and cheese and Bethany went for the triple burger with 2 beef patties and a duck confit patty.

She did not finish it…the drinks were amazing and they had so much food that sounded so good, it was hard to choose just a few items to eat (but, we’ll be back, so hah!) Tupelo is southern food with a twist (like chicken and sweet potato pancakes instead of chicken and waffles), good service, nice atmosphere, great for eating outdoors after 12, good brunch items too. After stuffing ourselves we went home took a nap and later I made dinner while we watched Dr. Blake.

Happy Mother’s day! Joel texted me very early to wish me a good day. I got doughnuts, a vase and picture holder, licorice soap, a green shirt and skirt and that was all before church!

We went to early church, got our picture taken there, then Grace, Hannah and I helped out in the 3’s room while Bethany and James went to the Farmer’s market. After service was over we went home to change and grab picnic supplies, then we had a picnic at a park near Castle Rock. There was nobody there but us.

I’m glad that we did brunch yesterday, think of the crowds we missed today…we drove to the Springs for a hike at Red rock canyon open space. James had never been there before and though the rest of us had, we took a different trail this time and it was so nice. The sun was out, but the wind was nice and cool as we hiked through the rocks.

Grace took these.

We could see Garden of the gods in the distance (and you know it was packed with people there, our spot was very sparse with people hiking.)

We took the mesa tail back down and then went to Starbucks for a happy hour frappacino. Back at home we dropped the girls off and they had potstickers for dinner. James and I went to GR for jazz and drinks, then to Bistro Vendome for dinner (they have a good chicken crepe there.) My drink at Russell had gold in the ice cubes!

Then we went to LM’s for dessert and waited in line for an hour. LM’s is all about community, in line you can chat, sing, dance, people are never upset that they are waiting – the ice cream is great to get at the end of your wait – but getting to chat with people or enjoy the music is just as nice too.

I would say that was possibly the best Mother’s day weekend ever!

A-Viking, Botanic gardens


Tuesday we had a co-op at the DMNS about Vikings, or not ‘Vikings’ since they went ‘a-viking’ but weren’t called Vikings….anyway the Scandinavian museum that loaned bits and pieces of Norse life had a bunch of great stuff, don’t know what the dates are since they catalog them differently, but still cool to see lots of old stuff.

They had paper helmets, the girls didn’t want to wear them, so I did.

There was a lot of stuff to read, not a lot of hands on things and it was quite small for such an advertised exhibit. Still, the $5 school group fee was well worth it (the $27 and $18 fee for just walking into….not so much.)

‘The Vikings were a seafaring people from the late eighth to early 11th century who established a name for themselves as traders, explorers and warriors. Many historians commonly associate the term “Viking” to the Scandinavian term vikingr, a word for “pirate.” However, the term is meant to reference oversea expeditions, and was used as a verb by the Scandinavian people for when the men traditionally took time out of their summers to go “a Viking.” While many would believe these expeditions entailed the raiding of monasteries and cities along the coast, many expeditions were actually with the goal of trade and enlisting as foreign mercenaries.

The Viking Age references the earliest recorded raid in the 790s until the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. During this time, the reach of the Scandinavian people extended to all corners of northern Europe, and many other nations found Vikings raiding their coasts. The farthest reported records of Vikings were in Baghdad for the trading of goods like fur, tusks and seal fat.

A Viking raid on the monks of Lindisfarne, a small island located off the northeast coast of England, marked the start of the Viking migration from Scandinavia in 793. This location was a well-known abbey of learning, famous throughout the continent for the knowledgeable monks and its extensive library. During this raid, monks were killed, thrown into the sea or taken as slaves along with many treasures of the church, and the library itself razed. This single event set the stage for how Vikings would be perceived throughout the Viking Age: savage warriors with no respect for religion or appreciation for learning.’

The girls got to chat with friends (and me too), then we went home. Wednesday we went to the Botanic gardens to see the signs of Spring.

A short hike {Platte River} and MCA cakes


I love that I get to learn things with my kids. I’m peeking over Bethany’s shoulder for Medical terminology, so that’s what that word means! She thought the particular set of words today sounded like Harry Potter spells, so she’s going to write them in her fan fiction and see what the nurses at work think.

ankylosing spondylitis!
percutaneous vertebroplasty!

We were kid sitting a friend’s daughter, then met up with her other daughter (and 2 other families) for a short hike. But, first – we played in the sand and water table.

We had a short jaunt down the messy side of the S. Platte river trail.

Friday we did school, James had to come home early to sign some papers with a notary, then we headed downtown to eat at PS 303 before Grace and Bethany went to the MCA to decorate cakes.

Maisy was sad she couldn’t go.

When they were done we headed to LM’s where there was NO line, but somehow the flavor I wanted was taken down and replaced right before I ordered. I screamed like a little girl – NOOOOOOO! Then I ordered vegan rocky road.




Thank goodness the Internet guy fixed us up, turns out it was unplugged at the box where they plug in all the people – yep, someone hooked up a new person and unplugged us. James and I took a walk to the coffee shop, then took a nap. There was an MCA teen event at night, we brought C and B with us and picked up Meskiel on the way. James and Hannah went to the mall while we were gone. I sat in Union Station and waited while the girls had fun with their friends. There was music, cotton candy, art, and ramen station (that was disgusting, for noodle toppings they had PB&J, marshmallows and honey – I guess they were going for weird, we got Chick-Fil-A on the way home.) I wish the MCA would just order pizza when they are offering food….