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Grandma visits, Bethany is 20, Money musuem, Stock show


Monday Bethany and a friend got to hang out, I ran some errands, made some art, Mama and Tony got in late so they went straight to the hotel.

Tuesday was Bethany’s 20th birthday. She and Meskiel went to the tea shop and then to the antique stores. The rest of us went to St. John’s for Music at Noon. The cathedral was still decorated from Christmas and it was so pretty.

Jack stayed at puppy daycare while we were gone. We ate lunch at SAME cafe and they were doing another taping for their future fundraiser and I think we were too loud at one point.

Bethany wanted to go to Saltgrass for dinner they had a new apple sangria that was so good, my pork chop was huge, everyone had way too much food (but it was good.)

She opened presents at home, a B&N gift card, calligraphy set, crystal jar, candle, yoga dice and Zelda book. She had picked up some books at the antique store, so she’s got enough books right now.

Wednesday we went to the Springs to see the Money museum, they still had the WWI exhibit, but that’s cool because I got to see some things I didn’t see last time.

I thought it would be a good stop for Mama and Tony because they’d never been there before and they do a lot of metal detecting and coin collecting. We got a late start, so we ate at Fargo’s before the museum, I hadn’t noticed the napkin art before, but Grace left a piece of napkin art for them.

Hannah wanted to go swimming, so some of us did. I had beef stew waiting in the crockpot when we got back, I’m glad it was hot and ready, everyone is always hungry after swimming.

Thursday was their last day in town, we went to the Stock show parade, I think it was shorter than last year (and had fewer cattle), but it was still neat (and we had good seats this year.)

We had lunch at Cafe 180, they put the reuben sandwich back on the menu, so I had that and my usual salad. Back at the house we played Uno until the shuttle driver came.

A quick trip, but we managed to put a lot of stuff in it.

Spot the Elf


Advent day 4 –

After school we drove to Lafayette to do Spot the Elf. They made it easier this year by putting hints and a picture of the elf you were supposed to find in the booklet.

We kept the booklet, there are about 6 other places that we want to visit.

It was jazz night and, a bonus, a new bistro opened up right next to Phil’s.

One Barrel was amazing. Baked brie, creamy onion soup, James had the fish and I had the duck. The dining room is gorgeous and intimate, the bar is well stocked with spirits and wine. The menu rotates, which I like, so you could go every few months and have a different meal. Of course, you could go for a while and try everything on the menu too.

School, art, dance, poe-tea, 3-D jewelry, jazz!


Monday we did some school, Grace went to church to work, Hannah went to dance and Grace and I made some art.

We had pizzas for dinner, I tried my new balsamic fig on it – it was good.

Tuesday the fireplace guy came over to look at it and see why it won’t stay on. It’s old, he thinks a main part is rusted through and they don’t make that fireplace anymore, so we’re looking at getting a new one. The girls both had money (Hannah sold a $4 Webkinz on Ebay for $54), so they went walking while the guy was here. They went to Target, lunch, Michaels and then home, about 3 miles. A friend texted me saying she saw them walking and wondered if they needed a ride, nope, let them walk. We did some school and then had our poe-tea. No one came to the last two so I uninvited people to this one.

We read two poems and I know the first one tell you to enjoy poems and not take them apart too much, but the second poem we did try to figure out what ‘caxtons’ were (and we did, clever.) We had dolmathes with balsamic fig sauce, puff pastries with brie and berries and pumpkin tea cakes. Tea was sleepytime, apple cinnamon and peppermint. Poems were “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins and “A Martian Sends a Postcard Home” by Craig Raine. Our poetry was blackout poems. Pumpkin hazelnut teacake recipe here.  Baked brie and berries recipe here. 

Introduction to Poetry
By Billy Collins

I ask them to take a poem
and hold it up to the light
like a color slide

or press an ear against its hive.

I say drop a mouse into a poem
and watch him probe his way out,

or walk inside the poem’s room
and feel the walls for a light switch.

I want them to waterski
across the surface of a poem
waving at the author’s name on the shore.

But all they want to do
is tie the poem to a chair with rope
and torture a confession out of it.

They begin beating it with a hose
to find out what it really means.


A Martian Sends a Postcard Home
Craig Raine, 1979

Caxtons are mechanical birds with many wings
and some are treasured for their markings–

they cause the eyes to melt
or the body to shriek without pain.

I have never seen one fly, but
sometimes they perch on the hand.

Mist is when the sky is tired of flight
and rests its soft machine on the ground:

then the world is dim and bookish
like engravings under tissue paper.

Rain is when the earth is television.
It has the properties of making colours darker.

Model T is a room with the lock inside —
a key is turned to free the world

for movement, so quick there is a film
to watch for anything missed.

But time is tied to the wrist
or kept in a box, ticking with impatience.

In homes, a haunted apparatus sleeps,
that snores when you pick it up.

If the ghost cries, they carry it
to their lips and soothe it to sleep

with sounds. And yet, they wake it up
deliberately, by tickling with a finger.

Only the young are allowed to suffer
openly. Adults go to a punishment room

with water but nothing to eat.
They lock the door and suffer the noises

alone. No one is exempt
and everyone’s pain has a different smell.

At night, when all the colours die,
they hide in pairs

and read about themselves —
in colour, with their eyelids shut.

Grace’s –

suffering was more
lined with the strain of hardship
on the bodies
of human beings.

Mine –

I’ve seen peans and assurance
I see it in time and eternity
I know God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear
I struggled
I rushed and looked up
With a word
we saw love,
it was such a joy.

Hannah’s –

In and out of the watchmaker shop,
eight clocks
eight o’clock
what a way to start day
with the
clock hour
the clock vibrating bass
a dozen chorus hummed a little time.

We went to the library where the girls made Celtic knot 3-D printed jewelry.

I took Jack to Joe Maxx coffee and we sat inside (it was cold outside.)

Back at home I made tacos, when James got home we went to Englewood Grand for jazz and drinks and then to Adelita’s for Taco Tuesday.

And Jack’s new bag came in.

Breathe in music and art


I got a call from my doc, the chest scan was normal. She said any leftover crackling that I hear (feel) is just me getting over the pneumonia I’m old, it takes a while. But, she said the scan caught 2 nodules that are calcified on the ‘splenic artery aneurysm’. Don’t Google that, I did. So, a vascular surgeon consult was ordered, I have to make another CT with contrast scan, this time for my abdomen. It won’t happen till after vacation, so 2 weeks at the earliest. I take it that if the nodule are small, they just leave them and if they are big they take them out. So, they first have to scan and see where they are and how big they are.

I needed some peace after that, so it’s a good thing it was Music at Noon at St. John’s. They switched out Denver East choir with Opera Colorado, Grace and Hannah were not thrilled about that. But, still, you can’t beat the venue no matter what the music. Music here and here.

From there it was lunch at SAME cafe.

Then off to the Robischon gallery to see the new art. See some of the John Buck pieces here.

Then to the MCA to see the new exhibits and get snacks at the cafe.

I dropped the girls at home, picked up a script, went to the store, picked up Jack from puppy daycare and then make dinner (chocolate chip waffles and sausage) at home. I needed that art today.

Jack is better


Jack got neutered Monday, he was quite loopy when we brought him home. I think he was still under the effect of the anesthesia.

His tongue was sticking out an he couldn’t move anything, eventually he twitched his ears and by the evening he was wagging his tail. He was pretty uncomfortable all day, didn’t sleep and when we went to bed at 9:30pm he sat in his crate sitting up, moaning and licking. He fell asleep about 12:30 (because that’s when I fell asleep.)

He was much better the next morning.

We did some school, then Grace and I went to St. John’s for music at noon (Hannah stayed home with Jack.) It was a nice place to sit on a day of remembrance (9/11) and hear some beautiful music.

We lunched at SAME.

I didn’t have long at home before we left for the library block printing class. Grace was able to make 3 blocks, Hannah messed up her ‘N”, so she’ll redo it later. Jack and I wandered around while they were creating.

Last day with Grandma and Tony


And we let them sleep in (as did the rest of us.)

We played some board games, went to Cane’s for lunch and then went to tour the Highlands Ranch mansion.

Dogs aren’t allowed on the lawn, but apparently if you put them in a stroller……

We have been on the tour before so the guide walked around with Mama and Tony and gave them a quick tour. Hannah and I took Jack out of the stroller for a few quick pics.

It’s pretty cool to see the mansion in person and then see it in the movie Centennial (which they are going to try to find when they get back home.)

It was getting hot, so we went to get snow cones after the mansion, then it was back home to chill for a bit with music and games. We played the longest game of Uno ever (due to someone changing the rules), in the end they changed the rules again and we finished the game. Tony took one more photo before the Super shuttle came.

Joel and I went to get James while the girls stayed home with Jack. We took Joel to Phil’s for jazz and drinks, then over to The Whiskey Biscuit for dinner.

Hannah kept sending me photos of Jack’s evening.

Joel spent the night at a friends’ house and we called it a night when we got home.



Puppy nap….

then puppy play! Jack finally got his day at puppy playtime, he had a blast – it wore him out!

Grace went with her youth group to play disc golf, Hannah met friends at the pool to swim, James and I did some errands. We got back and remembered that the Rockies had scored 7 runs last night, 50 cent tacos!

We went by our closest Taco Bell only to find out they went out of business (we don’t usually go to that one – that was a surprise.) We went by another one and got tacos for us (and pizza for the kids.) Hannah had one person sleep over.

Sunday morning Grace and I worked in the 2’s room, we had 13 kids in there. I think there was some confusion about how coloring works.

Also, I didn’t get a picture of the craft, it was gluing eyes, ears, nose and mouth onto a face – yeah they came out Picasso like. Did you know Home Depot has treats for dogs? I guess there are a lot of places we didn’t take Maisy.

Grace made these clay Dan and Phil sculptures.

Two words – dog…stroller.

We went to Lazy Dog for brunch, I knew they allowed dogs on the patio, I didn’t know they had a dog menu!

Chicken and biscuits.

Jack had the hamburger patty with brown rice, peas and carrots. He was stuffed. We came home and relaxed before heading out to City Park Jazz to hear La Pompe.

The wind blew hard and rain threatened, but it blew over and left us with a rainbow.

Dinners – today picnic at park, Korean BBQ ribs, Chick-Fil-A, food truck fare, Italian chicken, pizza, grillin stuff, TV dinners (TNO for me at Whole foods.)

The week – swimming, park day, church of cupcakes at library, Chick-Fil-A cow day, youth groups, 7/11 Slurpee day, HR ice cream social, Jack gets a shot (😢), Teachers day out, Kindness Krewe, DMNS teen night, Putt crawl on Broadway, church, TNO.