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The sunny days before the storm


The weather was so nice and since James was working from home and Bethany was still here from the weekend (no class today) we had a picnic lunch at Fly’n B – of course we checked out the baby owls, Jack got dirty and Grace saw a muskrat.

James and I took Jack to the patio of Solid Grounds while Hannah was at dance. I did some art, read my book, James read his book and Jack sat.

Tuesday we did some school while Jack slept.

He had fun chasing a squirrel and barking at it.

We left him in the crate and went to St. John’s for some Bach by violin.

Lunch was SAME cafe.

Grace’s stickers came in the mail – cute!

This was the verse on Biblegateway for today –

Hebrew 1:3 Going through a long line of prophets, God has been addressing our ancestors in different ways for centuries. Recently he spoke to us directly through his Son. By his Son, God created the world in the beginning, and it will all belong to the Son at the end. This Son perfectly mirrors God, and is stamped with God’s nature. He holds everything together by what he says—powerful words! [ The Son Is Higher than Angels ] After he finished the sacrifice for sins, the Son took his honored place high in the heavens right alongside God, far higher than any angel in rank and rule. Did God ever say to an angel, “You’re my Son; today I celebrate you” or “I’m his Father, he’s my Son”? When he presents his honored Son to the world, he says, “All angels must worship him.”

No matter if you read the Bible straight through, in year, one book at a time, just verses at a time – there will be things that pop out when you see them. I must have read these verses before, but when I read them this morning I found a deeper level to them. “The Son perfectly mirrors God, and is stamped with God’s nature.” I love that! Since we are made in God’s image and Christ lives in us we too should mirror God and are stamped with His nature. Lofty goals and a good reminder.




Day 23- I give you permission to celebrate. It may be a tiny celebration, maybe you got the day off of work and you’re spending time with family. Maybe it’s a gorgeous day where you live and you’re spending it outside,. Maybe it’s rainy, snowy or cold and you’re stuck inside, but playing games with your kids. Maybe you’re reading a book, petting your cat or maybe you are working – and for someone without a job, that would be something to celebrate. Maybe someone just smiled at you and you smiled back and that was a start. Whatever your day looks like, find something to celebrate.

I woke up older, but really I wake up older every day.

Brunch was a surprise, I mean I knew what was coming, but not the actual food. David was a chef before he was a musician, and we’ve had his food (dinner at Lumber Baron), so I knew whatever he made would be good. It was weird having people cook food in my kitchen, with my pots and pans and my wonky stove. Kudos though, David made eggs in a basket, sausage, fruit and a roasted red pepper sauce.

David said chefs don’t have to do dishes, so the rest of the band cleaned up.

Then it was time for music. The girls have never heard LAPOMPE live, they loved it. We have great acoustics in our kitchen. Here’s a snippet and here’s another. 

Presents –

Cake – vegan chocolate with chocolate buttercream and toffee bits.

Dinner was Ethiopian food at Megenagna.

That was a very cool birthday!



Day 8 – nurture yourself with some nature. We went out to Cherry Creek SP for a hike at Cottonwood creek. Jack wasn’t too happy about the water, but I bet in the summer he will be.

I dropped the girls at home and Jack went to Kinko’s with me, then Grease Monkey, then Office Max, then back home.

The girls watched Jack while James and I went to Lumber Baron for dinner (made by David from LAPOMPE) and some new tunes off the not yet released album that they made with their Kickstarter money. Dinner was amazing, paella, salad and good drinks. The music was so good, they did a few old tunes, but mostly new stuff that was just amazing. The talent of the guys, the music writing ability, it’s really cool to see that up close.

We had good conversation with the couple across from us and the amount of happiness and joy that filled the room from all the friends and family wishing these guys well on their journey was so good.



So a few weeks ago I went all Marie Kondo on the house, it started in the closet. Does this spark joy? Moved to the bathroom, then the laundry room, den and kitchen. I have to say after listening to a podcast about the book – no, I could never live like that. Sure, get rid of crap, but do stuff like put away the soap every single time! After thanking it! Taking your soap and shampoo into the shower, then out of the shower every single time! Nope. But, I do remove the charger cord when I’m done with it, put the blender away when done with it and there is less stuff (especially on the kitchen counters) so it look cleaner.

Grace didn’t have to work today, so we just did school, then she stayed home to put stuff into her new vanity while Hannah did ballet and dance and I took Jack to the dog park. Jack finally found some dogs to chase him, that’s his thing, He just wants someone to chase him as he runs – then when he needs a break he ducks under one of the wolves as ‘base’

James and I went to DU for a jazz recital. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was cool. It was jazz guitar and a funk saxophone ensemble, the students were dressed in 1970 attire with funky glasses, they were having fun. I thought it would last longer, it was only 30 minutes, but it was free, parking was free and that gave us some time to have dinner. We went to Devour the 303, we saw it on the way, they had good drinks and my quesadilla with pulled pork was really good. The dessert, a cinnamon bundt cake with whiskey topping was very good.

MOA, Walk2Connect, Fire and Ice fest, Kittehs


I am so behind.

So, last Monday ballet and dance started for Hannah. They aren’t offering adult classes (again) and I think that the season for dancing as an adult with CMA is over. The teachers have gotten married, had babies, moved, have other jobs, there just isn’t the teacher or time for it right now. That could change, but I doubt it.

Tuesday we had our free MOA Natura Obscura exhibit on Tuesday, it was a (very) mini Meow Wolf type exhibit. But first, lunch.

We had black lights that lit up areas on the floor, we used an app on our phone to turn on things or see things that weren’t there in real life.

There were things to touch, a swing, things to listen to, it was pretty cool. Tuesday night I took the train downtown to meet James for LAPOMPE jazz at Union station.

It was great. Then, we had a double jazz night with jazz at Phil’s.

Wednesday I had said we were walking with Pam at Walk2Connect in Montbello. It was snowing, but she (and one senior) were still walking so….we loaded up and drove out there. We made 1.5 miles before the snow really started coming down and we ended the walk.

I wish I could say I was smart and went home, but we were close to the Wildlife refuge so….we drove there.

We were leaving when the snow started coming down even harder and blowing so much that I could barely see the road (they don’t really plow out there.) It took us just over an hour to get home, it was very slow on the freeway, but the roads were plowed and not slick. Wednesday evening we left James at home with Jack and went out in the snow (and cold, it was 7 degrees) to the Fire and Ice festival.

We made s’mores before I thought about the fact that the chocolate was just sitting there, frozen, I chomped down and guess what? A hot marshmallow doesn’t melt chocolate that is frozen. I just had one s’more.

There was a huge block of ice with fire inside of it, some sculptures, the art inside, a min-theater, dancing lights and fire dancers.

It started snowing again as we left, but even though the snow was blowing the roads were fine.

Thursday we dropped Jack at Petsmart and were about to take the train downtown for the symphony when I got a call that it was canceled because none of the school buses could make it there on time with a delayed start due to snow. Why that is MY problem, I don’t know. They don’t think they will reschedule it either, so that sucked. So, we grabbed laptops and did coffee school.

Since it was tamale Thursday, we went to Adelitas for that, then I made a 50 cent corn dog Sonic run (Hannah didn’t want tamales.)

We picked up Jack and a new shirt (The guac is extra and so am I), he loves it (not really, but I don’t care.)

Friday we did school then headed to the Rocky Mt. Feline Rescue to see what was up there. We have a group coming in April, so I wanted to make sure they were cool with it an what kind of supplies they needed. It’s a free roaming shelter, though they do have a few rooms set up for sick or shy cats to keep them safe.

Due to the dander, we lasted about 30 minutes before having to leave, but it was nice. The evening was crazy. Bethany was coming home and her car stalled pretty close to home, meanwhile I was picking up Aaron and Grace and driving them to a library cupcake war in Arvada while James was driving Hannah to a different library for a murder mystery. James waited with Bethany for a tow, then took her home (I got someone to drive Hannah home), meanwhile Jack and I were exploring Petsmart in Arvada while waiting on the kids.


Grandma visits, Bethany is 20, Money musuem, Stock show


Monday Bethany and a friend got to hang out, I ran some errands, made some art, Mama and Tony got in late so they went straight to the hotel.

Tuesday was Bethany’s 20th birthday. She and Meskiel went to the tea shop and then to the antique stores. The rest of us went to St. John’s for Music at Noon. The cathedral was still decorated from Christmas and it was so pretty.

Jack stayed at puppy daycare while we were gone. We ate lunch at SAME cafe and they were doing another taping for their future fundraiser and I think we were too loud at one point.

Bethany wanted to go to Saltgrass for dinner they had a new apple sangria that was so good, my pork chop was huge, everyone had way too much food (but it was good.)

She opened presents at home, a B&N gift card, calligraphy set, crystal jar, candle, yoga dice and Zelda book. She had picked up some books at the antique store, so she’s got enough books right now.

Wednesday we went to the Springs to see the Money museum, they still had the WWI exhibit, but that’s cool because I got to see some things I didn’t see last time.

I thought it would be a good stop for Mama and Tony because they’d never been there before and they do a lot of metal detecting and coin collecting. We got a late start, so we ate at Fargo’s before the museum, I hadn’t noticed the napkin art before, but Grace left a piece of napkin art for them.

Hannah wanted to go swimming, so some of us did. I had beef stew waiting in the crockpot when we got back, I’m glad it was hot and ready, everyone is always hungry after swimming.

Thursday was their last day in town, we went to the Stock show parade, I think it was shorter than last year (and had fewer cattle), but it was still neat (and we had good seats this year.)

We had lunch at Cafe 180, they put the reuben sandwich back on the menu, so I had that and my usual salad. Back at the house we played Uno until the shuttle driver came.

A quick trip, but we managed to put a lot of stuff in it.

Spot the Elf


Advent day 4 –

After school we drove to Lafayette to do Spot the Elf. They made it easier this year by putting hints and a picture of the elf you were supposed to find in the booklet.

We kept the booklet, there are about 6 other places that we want to visit.

It was jazz night and, a bonus, a new bistro opened up right next to Phil’s.

One Barrel was amazing. Baked brie, creamy onion soup, James had the fish and I had the duck. The dining room is gorgeous and intimate, the bar is well stocked with spirits and wine. The menu rotates, which I like, so you could go every few months and have a different meal. Of course, you could go for a while and try everything on the menu too.