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Cleaning and river sampling


I spent the morning cleaning out kitchen cabinets. We needed to make room for Grace’s blender, a shelf fell down and had to be taken out and there was just general messiness. I got everything done before anyone woke up, so that was nice. Grace and I went out to grab some water samples, to test. I had 1 packet left for the DO, so we won’t be able to do January before we go to the site test, I was hoping to show up with everything for the month, but we’ll just have to come back and drop them off.


Right/left banks

Extra pics.

We finished up, then I took Jack to the dog park. He ran around and when he wanted to rest, he stood under one of the wolves and the other dogs left him alone.

Then he patiently waited for a puppuccino.

River sampling, The Meg, Jack watched TV


It was a nice day for river sampling.



Right bank/left bank (I didn’t wade in.)

Dangerous icicle.

I spilled the DO sample on the paper, but it makes it look like  a ‘real lab.’

Note, we need another potassium chloride bottle.

I prepped dinner, took Hannah to get her hair cut and then she and I went to see The Meg. It’s about a megalodon shark that comes up through a layer of what should be the bottom of the ocean – but it’s not – and a sub increases the water temperature allowing the giant shark to pierce through the layer and bad things happen. Hannah got jump scared a bunch of times, so it was worth it.

We took Jack to the vet because he twisted his ankle.

Dinner was really good.

I dropped Hannah at youth group and James and I watched a documentary on squirrels. Jack started watching it too, he even dropped his ball and sat there staring at the TV. Then he barked at it, went under the table to see if the squirrel was coming out that side, then sat back down again. He’ll watch Scooby-Doo and movies if there are dogs in them, but I guess if there are squirrels he’ll watch that too.



Saturday we went river sampling, since we were running out of September.


Right bank.


Left bank.

Deer and racoon prints.

A katydid that landed on the sample jar.

From above, the dam and gulch have pushed the Platte all the way over to the right bank (when looking upstream.)

Grace and I took Jack to the Chatfield off leash dog park where he got very dirty.

I gave him a bath and then it was time to go to the Not Back to School Party. A little later than in previous years, but the weather was nice, the company was wonderful and the cake was good.

We had dinner at Lincoln Station Pizza. Their stromboli was very good, better than the pizza in my opinion.

Grace made a clay narwhal, this was her first attempt, she is looking to see how to get a clip on it to make a pendant.

Sunday we picked up Hannah from church, the retreat was nice, she made some new friends and they had a big bonfire and s’mores. We lazed the day, went to the store, watched some TV and turned in early.

Slow week – school, doctor, kid sitting, worship dance, teen poe-ty, jazz and drinks, dentist, youth group, JASON lecture, testing unknown water samples, dog park, pumpkin fest, concert (Grace), church.

River sampling and apple picking


After school Grace and I went to grab some water samples. She didn’t have to do metals, so it was a quick trip to grab the samples (but still took time to do our own tests.)

It was cloudy, so hard to see upstream.

Right bank.


Left bank.

Bethany got home just in time to go pick apples with us.

We got done just as it started to rain. I made crock-pot apple butter, it was easy to make and tastes really good.

The girls had a pj night.

Creativity club, park day, RiverWatch, Jack meets new friends


One other family came to CC, wish it were more, but I guess a few is better than none.

Park day was also low, 2 families and though you can have dogs there (I looked) a ranger told my friend that her big dog wasn’t allowed, so they sat under a tree near the street. We tried to get Jack to sit still for a picture, finally!

I worked on the basement, a few hours over the course of a few days and a final day to clean the window wells outside, it looks so much better.

Before (after I took down everything on the wall…)

I’m hoping to entice teens to come down and play games/hang out this year. Finished my air plant decoration.

Jack got a backpack and chewed up Bethany’s favorite flip-flops.

Wednesday Grace and I went sampling and because of all the recent rain the river was up too much to do a composite (without having a bathing suit on), so we did a grab.


Right/left banks.

I took Jack with me to drop off the samples and he got to meet a RiverWatch dog.

River run park.

Then it was off to my friend’s house to drop off supplies for her domestic violence bags and Jack played with her 2 dogs.

We went to the Walk2Connect glow walk and it started raining just as we started walking. We walked in the rain for about 20 minutes, then it let up. Jack was running, I think he thought if he ran he would outrun the rain drops….it was funny. We got back to the car and were soaked, so we ran by Starbucks for a warm drink (and a puppuccino.)

Jack gets his swimming in


Thursday was HOT, 105 in Denver, 101 in Highlands Ranch, an aberration (for sure, considering that a few days later it will be a high of 77.) We don’t usually go to the chutes this early (too cold), but 56 feels good when it’s 101 out. Jack did not agree. He can swim (and does the doggy paddle when you hover him over the water) but even the extra insulation of the life vest didn’t make him want to repeat his performance. The girls got used to the water and flow (actually low for right now, 256 cfs) and I was on Jack duty. We had friends meet us there early, then some more showed up at 12, then more showed up at 1:30 (when we were leaving.) Oh well, we’ll catch them next time. Tubing here and Jack swimming here. 

Of course it wore Jack out, the water, the sun, so much fun, but so tiring.

It was so hot outside that Hannah tried to fry an egg in the street (because the blacktop is hotter than the sidewalk.) It sort of worked.

Grace made watermelon sugar cookies for youth group, they were cute.

A nice sunset.

Sometimes Jack’s tongue sticks out when he sleeps.

Friday morning it was time to water sample.


Right/left bank.


Heron flying off.

Jack “helping.”

Hannah and I took Jack to the pond for a swim. They  had a side blocked off, probably weren’t supposed to be there, so next time we’ll head to a different pond.

Grace got picked up for her Dan and Phil show (with Gwen) and the rest of us went to Salsa Brava to eat, even Jack.

Our dinner ended abruptly when James choked on a piece of meat. He could breathe, but this is the 3rd time in 6 months that this has happened. It is not the same thing as his peanut allergy, that causes his throat to close up, this was the inability to swallow. I dropped the girls at home and took him to the ER. They gave him a drug that relaxes the throat, but that didn’t work, so they ended up doing an endoscopy. That removed the piece of food and let them look at the esophagus, which looked normal. He has to go back for a recheck with the GI doc and I’m sure they will be more in depth about why this is happening and if it’s at all connected with the breathing issue with allergies. While he was back getting scoped I ran downtown and picked up the girls, they were so hyped (Gwen was sleeping over) they stayed up till late talking about the show. Grace really had a good time, I’m glad she got to go.

Random rest of the week stuff, Neighbor Network, CPW banquet


Cleaning fish tanks, washing clothes, watering the lawn. Had to take Bethany to the ER after she sneezed and burst a blood vessel. Going from humid to dry (and the horrible pollen here right now) was probably the cause. She made art out of her bloodstained cloth.

Hannah thought I was funny.

The girls and I watched A Wrinkle in Time, it was good. James and I went to Salsa Brava for flan and the sunset view.

Joel arrived at Ft. Polk and apparently was on gate duty with time on his hands.

Saw this pic of him and couldn’t figure out where he was, Polk isn’t near water….turns out he was offloading cargo and trucks in Port Arthur.

I took Grace for b-day pics, we had Cafe 180 for lunch and she doodled.

Too many people knocked on my door, so I made this handy flow chart.

Grace and I still have colds and horrible allergies (see this video for pollen flying everywhere.) But, that didn’t stop me from overbooking my Saturday morning. First up, taking Hannah to church to help with Neighbor Network, we were pulling weeds, trimming bushes, pouring rocks and spraying weed stuff for a nice old lady near Roxborough.

Then it was off to Golden with Grace to represent River Watch at the CO Parks and Wildlife banquet. They had a slideshow going with about 30 or so pictures and Grace or our river were in 9 of them (they must have not had many pics from volunteers, they asked, I gave, I just didn’t expect them to use all of them.)

We had a good lunch, volunteers were thanked, we got a waterproof notebook, fire starter and pins.

Now I’m resting at home, James will be grilling tonight, then we’ll dance in line at LM’s.