This is mainly for me to keep track of what we do for school.


Joel (24) SPC Army Combat Medic

Bethany (20) Student at Mesa University Grand Junction

Grace (16) 11th – Station #83 manager for River Watch, Destinations Career Academy of Colorado AgriScience path, likes baking, youtubers, makeup, LPS, taking photos, drawing, painting, swimming.

Hannah (13) 8th – Uses K12 PT through CODA, likes LPS, taking photos, reading, music and dancing.

Volunteer activities, hiking, co-ops, Creativity club, Kindness Krewe, teen events at library, youth group


Joel is SPC Carberry 68W Army Field Medic

Bethany (12th) works PT at Littleton Adventist hospital in the Nutrition dept. Uses K12 through Destinations Career Academy of Colorado. Is writing a novel for publication, likes music, art and reading.

Grace (9th) station manager for River Watch station #83. Uses K12 through Destinations Career Academy of Colorado. Likes dance, swimming, art, music and anything related to the ocean.

Hannah (5th) uses K12 part time through CODA. Likes drums, dance, art, making LPS videos and riding her bike.

Volunteer activities, Presentation club, co-ops, hiking, Water Warriors, Creativity club, DDC and teen events at the library, youth group and church.


Joel – Graduated 12/11, has Pilot’s license, EMT cert with IV cert
Bethany (9th) – Insight (K12)
Grace (6th) – COVA (K12) – math, English, literature, science, Latin, Coursera
Hannah (2nd) – COVA (K12) math, English, literature, history

Presentation Club: Sep 13 – What I did for Summer vacation, Oct – animals, Dec. Holiday traditions, Jan speakers choice

B-GS, dance, H^3, art gallery entries
G-GS, dance, River watch, Stream team
H-GS, dance, drums, art

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